Sunday, 27 July 2014

Warzone: Imperial Command Group finished!

Well we don't really have command groups in WZ:R... yet anyway. But I thought it would be a fitting name as these two guys will alternative as Warlord/Lord and NCO in my Imperial force.

Really nice to paint as always and soon I consider myself finished painting my Imperial for now, just need one more commander and Rist to be finished as well. 

The banner fell off because I was clumsy, I re glued it and it hold quite well but then I was clumsy yet again and then I could not get it to stick properly so I magnetized it instead. I thought it will hold better in transport anyways as standard bearers are always a paint to transport safely. 

Anyway they are. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dwarf King's Quest Interview With Ronnie From Mantic Games

Check this out, a new Mantic Kickstarter that will start the 4th of August. A Mantic version of the old Hero Quest / Warhammer Quest games. Sounds really promising and I will most probably back this as soon as it starts.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Unboxing/Review: Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter Exclusive card set

Did find a little hard to call this a unboxing as there is no box! It's just a bag.. with cards... Well I went with the title anyway as the principle is the same.

So this is about the 30 card Exclusive card set you got in the KS if you participated at a certain level. Seems this won't be allowed in most tournaments, but it's nice to have none the less.

So what it is then? Well it's some chosen cards from across the different faction decks in one deck to be use with any faction. Some really nice cards as well and I especially like the resource cards. Well on to what we are dealing with here.

You get four Strategy cards, I especially like Aerial Barrage, Field resources and Seize the Initiative which I think can work really good in some lists.

I don't see any game breakers here really but all decent cards. 

We have some really decent cards here which can work wonders in some lists. One example is for a Blood Beret (with Plasma Carbines )  heavy Imperial list I would love to have the Thermo Instability card. And there's plenty of other useful cards here. 

These cards are also quite useful as you in Advanced games sometimes don't have enough with just your eight Starter Set resource cards. Well here's a good alternative then, the beautiful Exodus cards. 
 Well that's all. The firs that I thought when I first saw these cards is that they probably are best looking cards in layout and looks. Nice and clean and well I really like how they look. Other than that it is a nice addition and cool KS exclusive to have even if it won't be allowed in most tournaments. The Exodus cards though for example you can use how much you want and they are really nice cards to fill out your resource cards with.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Miniature Monday: Imperial Force progress and Trenchers

I have had these finished for a while now but did the basing just the other day so now they are totally finished. Awesome miniatures to paint just as the first five, I did some weapon swaps to get some more variation in poses and weapons. I also post two pictures to show you my progress of my Imperial Force, it's quite large now but you might see that I severely lacking Warlord choices, so that is what I will be focusing on for now and paint up 1 Imperial Commander, 1 Commander/NCO with Banner, Brigadier Rist and I'm also toying with the idea of doing a custom 'Hero of the Solar system' and if so I will do an Blood Beret commander with an upgraded Charger.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Conversions Corner: Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Conversions Corner is my posts where I show you.... yeah you guessed it. Conversions. They may be simple kit bashing sometimes or more complicated stuff, but I post something up when I think someone might find it interesting.

So on on to this conversions then. It will be my Daemon Prince of Nurgle for my WH Fantasy Warriors of Chaos army. I already have a more standard looking DP already so wanted to do something else with this one. So I bought the old Necron C'tan Shard called The Nightbringer. Really awesome model and always has been, I always wanted to do something with even if I don't want to collect Necrons.

So I made into a Nurgle DP, my version as well as the original sculpt really is something to look like death incarnate. I added wings from an old zombie dragon kit, shoulder pads from the Chaos Knight kit and shield and skull (on the scythe) from Wulfrik the Wanderer.

Did some minor greenstuff work here and there but the biggest work was to pin the model and the heavy parts (the body and wings are all metal as you can see). The base is mostly made up of a part of the Arcane Ruins set.

That is all really, not that difficult but I think it will look really nice when painted up and all. So do visit the blog again in the future to see the painted and finished model.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Warzone: Resurrection - Card protection, what to use?

Well this isn't something you need to have really for your games even if you do use Advance Rules and shuffling your decks. BUT! Your cards will take some damage when you have shuffled them a couple of times so if your like me and want to protect your cards, you have to get some card protection sleeves.

Fits very well as you can see. But putting several hundred cards in their sleeves is time consuming though. 
There's a lot of different brands out on the market and many different qualities and sizes. The WZ:R cards are a little odd size that isn't that common (when I measured I got 67 x 93 mm ) So what to use then, many suggested a quite common size of  70 x 110 mm but then you have to cut the excess part on top. I want to have sleeves on most of my cards so doing this on 500-600 cards was a no no for me.

I then found a post on the Prodos Forums about this and there a member called MiSiO gave the tip of these card sleeves. Swan Panasia Games makes sleeves in 70mm x 100mm so works very well for our WZ:R cards.They are thin though and I prefer thicker but couldn't find any. These work very well anyhow and you can shuffle your cards all you want and wont damage your cards.

I ordered these vi the link above, they were sent from the US so I did get some postage so I ordered seven bags of 150 sleeves. No problem at all ordering them, took like 5-6 days to arrive in my mailbox. It will have to do until Prodos starts to make their own :)

Already used three of the bags, so 600 cards is already sleeved! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Miniature Monday: X-Wing repainted!

One of the best things with X-Wing: The Miniatures Game is that the ships comes pre painted, for a lot of people anyway. For me this is still the case but as a painter I have to paint some, despite the original paintwork being okey at least.

I will not to any massive re paints though, I will not strip the paint (don't see the reason for this at all to be true) and will not spray over the whole miniature to start from scratch. Might do this later on with some ships but for the majority a little re painting will do the trick for me.

And that is what Iv'e done here. I used the original colors and shaded it and then highlighted it up to this result. Will upload a Tutorial on how I went on soon!

Not sure about how this looks, might need a redo for the engine lights. 

Comparison with an model without any repainting. 

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus GBT-49 Grizzly Tank

I'm going to do quite a lot of new Warzone unboxings now when my Wave two of the Kickstarter stuff arrived some time ago. First up of these are the Heavy vehicle for Bauhaus and one of most iconic vehicles in the Mutant Chronicles universe, the Grizzly Tank. There was an old model for this back in the days that was crazy big and did not have that a lot of details, it's also very rare to get hold of.

But from Prodos Games we now have this new version, smaller to fit better with the rest and better details of course. 

Here's all the parts you find in the box, did not receive any cover as this isn't the retail version.

In the first bag we have these parts. Nice details as to be expected. 

The sides with the tracks and also the lover part of the main chassis. 

First the six standard cards, one stat card, two tactical cards, two strategy cards and one gear card. All these are of course geared towards games using Heavies.
You also get six mission cards for using your Heavies in. One is for both players to use Heavies but the rest is actually for one player to have a Heavy and for the other player to react to in different ways. All sounds really fun and this makes it more useful having a Heavy as you can play games with it even if your play mate does have one.

Here we have it in all it's glory. Easy to assemble and everything fits nice together, just might need some green stuff in back but that is all. I actually did an little conversion here. I weren't that fond of the LMG looking in every direction so I cut out and placed the two side mounted looking the same way instead. Need to do some filling with green stuff but I think this looks better. 

Not as easy to attack from behind either as it has two LMG:s here as well and the two 45 mm Cannon Mini-Turrets. You can see on this picture that it needs some filling but it won't be a problem at all. 

Here's just a size comparison with an Wh40k Razorback.
As a final word I must say I really like the kit, easy to put together and it's a really nice looking model based on one of my favorite vehicles in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Will have a fun time trying to paint this up with my airbrush, hopefully the paint job will do it justice. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Miniature Monday: Savage Orcs greenskinized!

Strange title but if you saw an post I made a while ago (found here) you understand what I mean. I have made my ungreenskinz green, not by that much though in my opinion and I do think I like this version better and I think it will make the the whole army more diverse. Also I feel much more inclined to work on my greenskins now, even though I have several other projects I need to do before I start to work more on them.

Not much more to add really but big thanks to you who helped me decide. I much appreciate it and I hope you like the result (the ones who wanted me to change that is :P).

I kept the old skintone on the Savage Ogre here to make him stand out more. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tutorial: How to make concrete barricades

Obviously I had one main ingredient in this tutorial and that is the actual barricades themselves. In this tutorial I use left over resin from Prodos Games Warzone: Resurrection kits, and I have a lot so I thought I wanted to do something useful it. I know you get similar left overs from Forge World and what not so that might work as well (although my FW kits have smaller "left overs")

Anyway on to the actual tutorial.

Here's how the raw material looks, the block I use as the actual barricades. I then cut off some here and there to make some "battle damage" and those left overs I use for rubble to place on the base. The 'bases' is from a normal thin tree based board (sorry don't know the English name for this) which I cut into these shapes. (don't mind the green 'stuff' on one of them, that was just some left overs for another project)

I put on some PVA and sand the base, I also glue on some rubble here and there. 

I use these to make trees and plants on these bases, this is because I want to have a jungle theme on these (for my Warzone: Resurrection Venusian Jungle board ). I bought them out of eBay so don't now what they are for, but probably some kind of plastic plants for aquariums or something similar. I did repaint the middle one and washed the others. 

I also added a oil barrel from an old Wh40k terrain kit. Then I starter to paint. First I primed them black and then I airbrushed the barricades with Vallejo Air Concrete (71.131)

I then airbush on Citadel Skrag Brown on the dirt areas. I made another tutorial on how I painted the barrels go and check that out here if your'e interested.

I then make one highlight on the dirt with a mixture of Citadel Longbeard Grey, Citadel Zamnesi Desert some and Skrag Brown. For the concrete I made a highlight with a light grey color, in this case Warpaints Ash Grey. 

If you don't want any grass, bushes or trees you can stop here and just add anything you like really. As I wrote earlier though I go with a jungle theme so I will add some vegetation. 

So last and final step, some trees and plant I had lying around. I repainted them to make them fit better with the rest and I added some static grass and green clump foliage (these are from Gale Force Nine) and for last some Jungle Tufts and Highland Tufts from Army Painter. 

That's it, quite happy with how it turned out in the end and didn't take to long to make. Hope this tutorial may prove to be useful for some of you out there. Cheers!
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