Monday 13 December 2010

Warriors of Chaos

It's been one month since I updated the blog! I'm sorry for this, but I have had a period when I haven't been painting or been much into warhammer. But that has changed now luckily. I think probably everyone have their periods when their don't want to paint, play or read about warhammer sometimes for long and sometimes for shorter periods of time.

So what changed my mind, changed is the keyword here. I got into paint my Warriors of Chaos, and I didn't went into the path of grandpa Nurgle, I decided to go for the Changer of Ways, Tzeentch. I haven't seen much painted warriors in Tzeentch theme, not in WD or the Armybook so I went hey I try something on my own.

My first draft I wasn't very pleased with, I painted it chainmail with a wash of Leviathan Purple with a little mixed in Mordian Blue. It looked okey, but not Tzeentchy enough. So I went with a Dark blue theme, with strong light blue highlights and I liked this a lot more and looked more "Tzeentchy" as well as a more sinister look to them. So far I have painted three Warriors, they take some time, luckily they are pricey in point costs so I don't have to grow tired on painting them before the regiment is done.

I could've posted some pictures of them but I didn't because I can't get the right light for them with my current lamp, but I have a new lamp which I hopefully will find tomorrow (I have totally lost it somewhere in my apartment) so then I will show you some pictures.

Friday 12 November 2010

News: Stormraven pictures leaked

I found this on Beasts of War, pictures of the the Storm Raven for the Blood Angels. We are not sure if this is the real deal but I think it is. The scenery looks like the ones GW uses as well as the the other Blood Angels on the picture. So what do you think? I don't know, it pretty much looked like I imagined it but if it looks good? Nah, to fat in the front in comparison to the tail I think, but I guess its because it can transport a dreadnought back there. Anyway, tell me what you guys think.

Saturday 6 November 2010

Angels of Redemption, painting some 40k stuff again

As always nowdays, I want to apologise for the poor updating. I have recently not been painting much. It's one of those periods when I don't really feel like it and I do other stuff like playing computer and video games. Also I'm a little fed up with the armies I have like I always get after a while and is for the moment not sure what I want to paint.

But I actually think it will be a little more 40k stuff. Continue with the Guardians of the Covenant and maybe paint some of my tyranids from the Space Hulk box. I also tried out to paint another unforgiven chapter, the Angels of Redemption. They are certainly not the fastest and easiest to paint up but they colour scheme looks damn nice in my opinion.

If I continue to paint these guys up it will just be a little force that will accompany my Guardians. Maybe a 1-2 TAC squads, a dreadnought, a rhino and something else.

Down below you can see my first unfinished AoR spacemarine, need some work with the base, shoulder markings and some minor tweaks here and there. The picture are not good at all, thats becouse I don't have any good light in the room where I take the pictures and It's already dark outside here in Sweden so can't use the daylight either. Will try too take some better pictures when he is finished. In the meantime tell me what you think.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Mantic Zombies painted

Well, the first three zombies are done. Actually they have been done for a couple of days just haven't had the time to take pictures of them. But now there are! The models was easy enough to paint, and I could probably painted them faster than I did but the extra highlights and blood just add that much more flavour to the models. Anyway, will paint the converted zombie ghouls next and here's some pictures of the painted Zombies.

Monday 25 October 2010


First of all sorry for the poor updating of the blog lately, hasn't painted much the week after I came home. Why do you ask? Well there's a couple of of things, but one thing that have taken up a lot of my time lately is a game called Minecraft. My brother showed me the trailer which I will post here and sure the graphics look like crap but god it's addictive and very fun. Unfortunately that leaves not much time for painting at the moment, but one of the Zombies should be done in the next days and then I will post some pictures of it here of course.

Also the new White Dwarf arrived at my house today, haven't read it much yet but there is a lot of stuff for you Dark Eldar fans out there. You sure deserve a updated codex and some new models, and I really think they are gorgeous. Well more about that in the next posts, look at the trailer now and decide if you think the game seems to be worth my time.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

News: Ultramarines Second Movie Trailer

Okey I'm back from my holiday going from 30 °C on Gran Canaria to 7-4 °C back home in Sweden :( Anyway it was warm and fun there but it's nice to be home again despite the fact that it's so god damn cold here right now. As you may understand I haven't had any time to do anything Warhammer or Kings of War related yet, but I'm gonna start painting some zombies and some of the converted ghouls asap. In the meantime you can look at the new trailer of the animated Ultramarines movie.

I'm afraid it looks just as awful as the first one though, the voice acting seems to be all right but the animation just looks really old. I mean the old Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within looks a hell lot better and that movie came out nine years ago! Sure they probably don't have a huge budget (especially when compared to the FF movies) but I really think a Wh40k movie deserves better. Well, look for yourselves if you haven't seen it below.

Monday 11 October 2010

Mantic Zombies!!

The zombies are here! I finally got my hands on the zombies as well thirty more ghouls on Friday. Been quite busy last weekend and I won't do much updates until next week as I travel to Gran Canaria tomorrow. But atlest you will get a small update today and see what I have done to my zombies and ghouls the last couple of days.

As I have mentioned earlier I wanted to kitbash the zombie sprue with the Ghoul one to get more variation to the units. There are no problem combining the two sprues to make Zombies, but making Ghouls was a little bit trickier. The main problem of making Ghouls with the zombie parts is that they look to decayed which results with them looking like Zombies anyway, so I decided to do some Greenstuff work to make them look a little bit more alive and human. You can see the result below.

As you can see (hopefully) there isn't any major GS work. I made clothes for the torsos on two of them and I needed to fill up some places where the skin is missing with greenstuff. Particularly two of them around the knees and lower legs. The hardest bit was probably the one that got an nose job and the one to the left where I needed to sculpt the right portion of his face. Not anything really hard, but hard to tell if it will look good until they get some paint on.

And then there was the Zombies. I used almost only the Zombie sprue for these guys, and I didn't need to do any GS work on these as I want them to look decayed, they are Zombies after all. Just added some more intestines and some maggots.

So not much done yet I'm afraid but there will be more, well next week anyway. I will also make a decent review of the Zombie box and pretty much all of the undead from Mantic in the near future as I now have all of the undead range that has come out. So stay tuned for more!

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Eleven ghouls sitting in a tree

Eleven ghouls finished, god knows how many more there will be. I've just finished three more ghouls and it actually starts to look like a unit which is always nice. The latest of the bunch have some minor greenstuff work done to them to make them look a little bit different from the rest. I am especially keen on the one with the long hair, just add a electric guitar and he would look like belonging in a Heavy Metal band. Cool to see how such small changes actually makes them really different from the rest of the bunch, which is needed as there only are three head options.

I won't convert everyone of them though, my order from Mantic with 60 Zombies and 30 Ghouls was dispatched yesterday, and when they arrive I will have plenty of options of kit bashing the two boxes and make more different looking ghouls as well as zombies, really looking forward for this.

I have also taken some pictures (although not very good ones) of the whole bunch of maniacs so far, and I must say I really like how the unit looks ranked up, really ragtag and crazy looking, decide for yourselves.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

More flagellants, soon a horde of forty maniacs

So I've finished more of the flagellants, really happy with how they turned out. Especially the old Zealot models from the Mordheim Range, love those models. I have actually finished three more ghouls as well but will show you them tomorrow, as I wasn't happy with how the pictures turned out. Still struggle with the new camera. Not much more for now as I need to get to bed, but here is the pictures of the latest addition to my flagellant horde unit.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Ghouls and Flagellants

Okey not much updates lately, have been quite busy with renovation of the bathroom and stuff. But here is a little update of what I'm doing right now.

As you can see I wanted a little more variation on my ghouls so I added little bits of greenstuff on them, not any major stuff but it makes them a little bit different. I have also ordered new stuff from Mantic, I choose to buy 60 zombies and 20 more ghouls, as they are interchangeable I will kitbash these quite extensively.

I'm also in the process of painting more Empire Flagellants, the two Mordheim Zealots to the left and in the back just need some Quick Dip. The one in the front is in the converting stage and my intention is to make him into an Prophet of Doom, I will take more pictures of him when I finish him up.

On a other note I have finally bought a new camera as well, still need to learn a bit more how to use it properly but these two photos is taken by it and I think they look quite decent, down below are a picture of one of the old ghouls which I hadn't any good picture of, this one looks better and I even took it with flash turned on.

Thats all for today, will try to post more updates in the future. Until next time.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

News: Warhammer Forge

A long time there have been a rumor about a new Forgeworld divison focused on WHFB, and now they have showed their stuff at Games Day and I'm quite impressed I must say. The name is Warhammer Forge and they are going to do pretty much what Forgeworld does but focused WHFB instead of WH40k. They will release miniatures in resin alongside the normal Citadel Miniatures and I hope upgrade kits to your normal miniatures.

So far they have showed a lot of stuff, much Nurgle (large toads, ogres etc.) many Chaos Dwarf war machines, Dragons, some empire stuff (which I love, but rumours says they may never be released :.( ) and more! I never where at Games Day I'm afraid so I can't post my own pictures but down below are two links where you can find plenty of pictures, also if you want to check out the latest rumours and discussions head over to warseer.


More pictures

Sunday 26 September 2010

Lazy days

Well, not a major update at all despite the fact that I haven't updated for several days. Been rather busy a couple of days and on Friday Civilization V was released so have been playing that quite a lot lately. I haven't totally forgotten to paint my miniatures though, I have finished a large horde movement tray for my flagellants and I'm in the process of converting a Prophet of Doom and paint more of the flagellants as well as a couple of goblin archers.

I haven't forgotten you Mantic fans either, I'm gonna paint some more ghouls and another Revenant Knight, but as you may understand I have quite much to do so don't expect it in the next couple of days. I'm also considering buying the Island of blood set, partly because you get that small rulebook and because I really like the miniatures in it, even if I don't have Skaven or High Elves armies I really want to try out and paint some of them in my own kind of way.

In the meantime you can take look of the chaos that is my painting/computer area :P Until next time.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Undead Revenant Knights Review

As you may have seen I finally got my Revenant Knights last week, and now I want to give you a little review of my first impressions of the miniatures, how they are to put together and to paint etc.

So when I first opened the package I got in the mail there was two of the ordinary boxes that all the miniatures from Mantic comes with. There was no box art which is a shame because most of the other boxes have some cool box art, not a huge deal though and I think they will change this to the “real” release with the plastic versions of the knights.

Anyway inside the boxes there was the normal foam and a lot of parts for both horses and knights. The first thing that came to my mind was that the horses looks quite small, even smaller than the undead Pegasus for the Vampire Lord. I didn’t like this at all in the beginning, I am a Warhammer player/painter first and foremost and in comparison with GW’s heroic style horses they look like ponies and when you play with them in Warhammer games that may look a little strange. But with no one will notice if you just do a good paint job. Also when thinking a little more about it they don’t look strange when just looking at them and their riders. And they actually should look a bit smaller as they are rotting decaying corpses of horses. So now I don’t think this is a huge problem.

When it comes to details I think they look really nice, the decaying muscles, skin and bones have good details and really looks good when painted. The knights looks really nice as well, good details and cool armor and much better looking shields than the Revenants on foot.

But there are some problems with them as well. The lance are very thin, it doesn’t look strange but because of this they bend extremely easily which can be a problem if you aren’t careful, this problem gets solved automatically when they are in plastic though. The other thing is that they all look similar, there are just two different looks on the knights, which I think is quite bad. But as you get different arms you can make them quite diverse anyway, I’ve would have liked some more helmet options and hopefully they fix this with plastic release.

  • Nice details
  • Cool looking
  • Fun to paint
  • Decaying horses instead of just bones

  • They are metal and some parts are really thin
  • More different heads for the knights
  • No extra bitz or pieces to choose from
  • The horses are a little small in my opinion

So all in all they are nice boxes and the knights looks really cool when painted. I do have high hopes for the plastic version Mantic has promised to produce, and hopefully there will be more bitz and stuff when there is a plastic kit instead.

Monday 20 September 2010

Revenant finished at last!

At last the first of my Revenant Knights is finished! He was really fun to paint and I'm really happy with how he turned out. Actually not that hard to paint either so I will paint more of these next along with some more Flagellants probably..I do think that these knights are some of the very the best looking undead knights I've seen. But enough text, there will be plenty of it in tomorrows post where I write a review of the knight boxes. So on to some pictures, hope you like how he turned out as much I do.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Knight on the way

I'm not done with my knight just yet, but I'm almost done with the painting and I just need to splash on some Quickshade on him. So not much of an update I'm afraid but I'm confident there will be pictures of the knight tomorrow.

One thing I can say though is that he was very fun to paint and I'm quite happy with the result so far. Also I'm considering what deal I will buy from Mantic next, I am considering the Undead Army Set, with a stunning 110 minatures for £45 including the rules for Kings of War, there I would get some more skeletons (40) and Revenants as well as the miniatures I want the most, more Ghouls and 30 Zombies!!! Yeah, I think it will be this deal, anyway see you tomorrow and you will see how the knight turned out.

Thursday 16 September 2010

At last Revenant Knights!

Today I finally got my Revenant Knights, they look really great in my opinion and it will be a lot of fun to paint them. I've just put together the first five of the ten to models I got. They take a little bit of time to assemble as they are in metal, but they actually fits really nice just needed a little bit of green stuff to fill some of the gaps. The only real negative thing I have to say against them is that the hordes are a little bit small for my taste, being a warhammer painter/player for many years makes me used to the larger heroic style horses.

But don't think that is a large problem. They fit in well with the riders and I think there is a reason why the horses looks smaller and thinner, they are decaying horse corpses after all. I will post a larger review of the knights and assemble the remaining five knights including command group asap, in the meantime you can look at the first five knights I've managed to get together.

Monday 13 September 2010

Warhammer Skeletons

Just finished two new skeletons for my undead/vampire counts army. Just wanted to try out and paint some more of them, really excited over getting the new knights soon as well, they may even come tomorrow and I promise that I going to paint one up as fast as I can.

Anyway on to the normal skeletons. I've come up with an new design for the shields for them. They looks similar to some of the designs I've already painted for my Revenants. The design is supposed to be two serpents/wyrms trying to bite each others tails in an endless loop with an red eye in the middle. I'm in the process of coming up with the fluff for the army and I will try to write it down when I'm satisfied, I think I will have similar fluff in both Warhammer and Kings of War. Now on to some pictures.

These are the new ones I've painted, they are getting better and better paintingwise I think.

And a picture from the back showing the hair dudes shield with another design, don't wan't every shield to look exaclty the same.

And lastly, with the old dude as well now with the new shield design didn't like the old red one he had and I want the units shields to
have at least the same colours.

Saturday 11 September 2010

Kings of War Rules Closed Beta!

I got an mail today or was it yesterday? Anyway, it was the ordinary Mantic Newsletter but this time there was a little suprise, the Beta rules for the Kings of War! For who don't know it already, it's Alessio Cavatore who writes the rules and so far it looks to be fun to play.

I have just read it briefly as I have been quite busy today, but the first impression I got is that it looks pretty much as a simpler version of pre 8th edition warhammer. Don't hold me to this though as I haven't read it much yet even if it's only twelve pages. I also think that I need to playtest it before I give any deeper information about how I feel about it.

As it is a closed beta so far, but if you don't get the Mantic Newsletter you not totally screwed if you want to check out the rules, head over to Beasts of War where they have an new section dedicated to KoW. If you sign up there you can download the rules and army lists as well as participate in the discussions going on there.

No pictures today but for you who would like to see more painted Mantic undead will not be disappointed, well I hope you won't. It's not much but I currently paint two new skeleton warriors which are almost done just need a coat of Quickdip and basing. Also working on making a horde of Flagellants. Stay tuned for more about KoW and more picures.

Thursday 9 September 2010

New Raven Knight and Handgunners

As promised, even if a little late new pictures of my finished Raven Knight and Handgunners. The handgunners where pretty much speedpainted accept for the patterns on the trousers and i think they look okey. The knight on the other hand I've put some more time on, but I think it was worth it. I wasn't sure how he would turn out as I wasn't totally happy with the greenstuff work but when he got a little paint I think he turned out pretty nice.

On a other note I got an mail from Mantic today and apologised for the long delay of my Revenant Knights, they also said that I by way of an apology will get a couple of extra Knights :). All is forgiven Mantic! I have got good feedback from Mantic and they always reply my mails, and everyone can make an mistake, and adding a little bonus for the wait makes it even better. The knights was sent today so hopefully they will come in the beginning of next week, can't wait to paint one up. Anyway, on to some pictures of the Raven Knight and Handgunners.

Monday 6 September 2010

More Guardians of the Covenant

Hi there, it was some time ago I showed you some pictures of my Guardians of the Covenant, haven't been painting any of them lately though but I have taken more photos of some of the stuff I'm already painted. And first up is my Rhino, this was the first vehicle I painted in the GotC colours, and it was actually repainted from the normal Dark Angels colours, when I fell like and have the time I will probably paint it up a little bit more, with battle damage and such.

The next thing I'm gonna show you is my Attack Bike, really like how the GotC bikes turn out.

And because I like the bikes so much here is pictures of my Biker with a Melta Gun, I can actually switch the Melta for some other weapon if I would like to. I saw one thing that was missing when I took the pictures though. The backpack, *sigh* need to paint up one for him.

And for last in this update, two pictures of the dude I repainted to GotC, Asmodai.

This is all for tonight, I will make another update tomorrow hopefully, and then I gonna show pictures of my newly finished handgunners and as my third Raven Knight is soon finished as well hopefully him also, so stay tuned.

Friday 3 September 2010

The Forest Troll got a mate

Finally I have had time to take some pictures of my latest Forest Troll for my O&G army, I saw that he had gotten his nose down the static grass but I think you can see how he looks anyway.

Not been doing much painting for a while though, I started to play Diablo II again warming up for the release (whenever it is released). But I have also finished my handgunners, just some more work with the basing and they are done. Also mailed Mantic asking where my Knights is, which I haven't got even if I've had pretty much the rest of the Malak's Army Deal for over two months! Anyway they said that they will send as soon as they could seems to be a pretty high demand on those knights and I understand why, they seem to look really nice. Will post a review as soon as I get my hands on them.

Down below you can see the pictures of my new Forest Troll, I want a unit of six of these trolls I think they will look pretty awesome. Hope you like him.

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