Sunday 29 August 2010

Ongoing Projects

Haven't been updating for a while now I'm afraid, that's because I have been rather busy, with returning to work this week and some other stuff. I have been painting a little though, currently I try to finish three Flagellants, one troll that almost only needs a coat of Quickshade and five empire handgunners that just need the finishing touches with the brush and some work with the basing.

So here's some WIP photos of the stuff I'm working on now.

Three of my flagellants, the one to the left is repainted and just need a coat of Quick-
shade and the other I've just started to repaint. Its more fun to repaint miniatures in
in my opinion as the base colours is already there.

Another model that just need a coat of Quickshade, and some finishing touches afterwards especially with the base.

Wednesday 25 August 2010


As I have wrote in an earlier post and in the My Projects column I currently paint some of my Flagellants. I think this unit will be devastating in 8th edition, I've heard that a lot of other Empire players have much success with them anyway, I still haven't played a single game of 8th Edition. But I hope I can do some gaming soon and maybe even an "Tale of four gamers" thing.

Anyway, I want a unit of thirty with a prophet, I think the unit needs to be large because they die fast with no armour and no Toughness 4 like in 6th ed. I will use them as a large tarpit unit and in some cases try to get in a charge with them in horde formation dishing out a hell lot of attacks at Strength 5 first round of combat. Another reason I love them is because I think they look awesome, and as I try to make a Witchhunter army they fit into the army fluffwise perfectly.

So here's some pictures of the first twenty Flagellants including a unitfiller, which I actually won a conversion contest with on the largest Empire forum; Hope you like them as well.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Revenant Command Finished!

My command group for my Revenant's is finished at last, and now I have a total of six finished in my unit. At the moment I will take a little break from them and continue on adding more Flagellants to my existing unit, will show you pictures of the ones already done soon.

Now on to my Mantic miniatures, for the first time it actually start to look like and regiment of Undead Revenants. This really boosts me to paint more of them, but I would like to paint some other stuff first. I also have been converting some of my Ghouls to make some of them look a little more unique, but first some pictures of of the first rank of Revenants.

As always, click on the pictures to get larger versions and comments and criticism is always welcome.

Sunday 22 August 2010

Space Marines Squad

Today I finished painting five handgunners and the musician and sergeant for my Revenant's. I used the splash on method with the Quickdip so they need to dry over night before I post photos of them. In the meantime I'll show you some photos of my earlier work, and this time it's Space Marine time. These ones was also painted (and the only ones in my GotC force) using Army Painter's Quickshade Strong Tone.

They are fairly easy to paint, the only thing that takes some time and skill is the hand painted shoulder markings with the crossed swords insignia. They don't always look exactly the same but they look good anyway I think. One little mistake I've seen later is the left kneepad markings, the last two marines I painted the colours the other way round. Haven't fixed this yet, will maybe do this later on. Anyway on to some photos.

As always, to get larger versions click on the images. And if you have any comments please post them.

Saturday 21 August 2010

Mantic Ghouls

Hi there, here's another update on my latest undead painting/converting project. I made a larger base using four mantic bases and gluing them together, and then made a scenic base with what is supposed to look like old ruins with ghouls climbing and almost jumping from them. I tried to make it look like they want to come in to combat and feast on their prey as fast as they can.

Unfortunately I made the mistake again of spraying them when it was wet outside and I sprayed them to much with the purity seal. On the bright side I didn't spray as much as I did the last time this happened, and I have tried to cover this with paint and think I managed to do a decent job.

Well, see for yourselves here's the pictures.

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Jade Wizard Finished!

Haven't been painting a lot today I'm afraid but I have been starting to paint the four Ghouls I've shown earlier so they will probably be finished in a couple of days hopefully. I have also painted the last of things that needed paint on my Jade Wizard (Lore of Nature). I have shown this earlier as well, I did a little more greenstuff work and added some bits like the leaves and painted with a lot of paint. This miniature was fun to paint because I used colours I normally don't paint as much like green and yellow, okey I paint green quite a lot but I don't often paint miniatures in this combination at least.

I'm quite happy with the result as well, like this old miniatures, you just need to pay a little more attention to the details and the use of several layers of paint to make it stand out as there isn't as much details from the beginning on these older ones. But great miniature nonetheless, and I think he turned out well. Tell me what you think of this, and what do think of GW's older miniatures?

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Is it a Troll? Is it a Stone Troll? No it's a Forest Troll!

Hey there! At last I'm satisfied with how my Forest troll turned out, I had the idea of having tattoos on him as the rest of the brown greenskins but somehow I forgot this until after I had already splashed on all of the Quickshade on him. Clumsy of me but I think think he turned out great anyway in the end. Have painted some more highlights after he was splashed as well, I think it really pays of to work a lot with the colours and different layers of shade and highlights even if you use the Quickshade. Hope you like it as much as I do.

A little extra close picture of the eye, which I am especially happy with. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Monday 16 August 2010

Orc Shaman and Night Goblin Archers

As promised, here is some photos of my latest work for my ungreen Orcs and Goblins army. Also dipped my troll today so he just needs to try until tomorrow and I will show you how he turned out.

First off, my Night goblin archers, the first seven in a unit of twenty archers. I think this kind of cheap goblins regiments with bows will be quite successful as kind off detachments for my larger units.

Next up is my Orc Shaman, really happy with how he turned out and really love this model. He really looks like an old grumpy orc shaman with his huge bone staff.

Sunday 15 August 2010

What I do at the moment

Okey, a fast little update. I have as always many projects going on at the same time. Currently I convert and paint stuff for my Orcs & Goblins army, my Empre army and my Undead army.

So first of my forest troll, this is a WIP but the base is pretty much finished.

Next up is some early WIP photos of my unitfiller/large base with Ghouls.

And lastly, my Lore of Life Wizard Lord, just an early stage where I have made most of the greenstuff work.

There you have it, are going for larger updates tomorrow with pictures of seven of my finished Night Goblin Archers and my Orc Shaman.

Thursday 12 August 2010


Today I took some pictures of the first repainted Dwarfs I have. I have quite a large army of Dwarfs but not many are painted, even if they are really fun to paint. I also took quite a lot of time getting the bases look really snowy, using Bicarbonate. First I tried GW's modelling snow and thought it looked good, but when I saw bicarbonate in the supermarket I thought I should try that out. I'm not getting back, sure it is a little bit messy working with but with bicarbonate you get that real snow effect and it looks so much more realistic.

Hope you like them and as always, comments are very welcome. First up is my eleven (so far) thunderers, I think I have at least forty thunderers, some of them is from 5th ed. I believe it is. They look really nice I think, didn't have any command for them though so the command is from 6th ed.

The next one is my old Runelord/Runesmith also from 5th ed. I think, quite nice little model the reason I painted him was to try out my new colour scheme and he was quite easy to paint. I think he turned out quite well.

The last pictures is of my first Longbeard mostly as a testmodel especially the shield design, just love these old shields. I like the look of him, the 6th ed. Longbeards models looks totally awesome in my opinion but they need quite some painting time to give them justice.

Revenant Standard Bearer

Okey, so I didn't travel to Stockholm on Tuesday because I got sick :/. But I think I needed a little break from the blogging anyway so haven't updated until today! So what have I been doing these days except being sick. I have been painting a little actually, the standard bearer for my Revenant unit is completed. The reason for it taking so long to paint as well as the other in the command group is because I really neeeded to paint something else , you know I had already painted a whooping three Revenants so you get a little tired of painting them ;P.

Anyway so more on the stuff im currently doing, I'm painting up six Night Goblin Archers, the Troll which I showed you in the previous post as well as the Orc Shaman, and they are coming up nicely I think. I done with the campaign in Starcraft II so that won't be taking so much time from painting and stuff in the future, great game by the way. Also finished the game Uncharted 2: Among thieves which also is a fantastic game, may be playing a little more multiplayer because that what a great fun, but now I'm beginning to play Batman: Arkham Asylum on the Ps3 which I bought a couple of weeks ago, so far it seems to be a really good game as well.

So enough of Ps3 and Pc games for now and on to some pictures, here's my long awaited (for me anyway) Revenant Standard Bearer. Please tell me what you think.

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