Thursday 28 May 2015

News: New Space Marines stuff, pics from White Dwarf

So Space Marines next, we see a new Assault Squad and some chapter specific upgrade sprues to use with these or existing Space Marine kits. Would love to see this kind of sprue for some of the lesser chapters as well, maybe in the future.

Pics is from Bastion on Facebook

Thursday 21 May 2015

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Morten Oakenfist

The result of an aristocratically arranged marriage between the fifth daughter of the second son of the Murdoch Chieftain and the dim-witted heir to the Oakenfist Clan, Morten Oakenfist is a blessed man indeed; he has gained the wisdom and shrewdness from his mother’s line and the brute strength and martial prowess of the Oakenfists. He is additionally advantaged with a natural understanding and control of the runic magicks. Oakenfists are normally stout and stocky men and Morten initially appeared to be following that trend, but in recent years he has nearly doubled in size, growing to over seven feet tall and four foot wide. This increase in bulk is not adipose driven, this man is not fat. His body is ripped with muscle. His arms are rounder than most men’s thighs. Morten puts his mammoth girth down to his magickal aptitude and strict training regime, which in part is true. He is blessed but not in the way he believes. The real reason is far more complex and mystical than he could ever imagine. 

The young Oakenfist joined the Wolfbanes as soon as he was of age, and his leadership skills were quickly noted as he ascended through the ranks. For a time, he dabbled in the ways of the Pathfinders and even the Headhunters, but he found his calling when he joined the Warhounds. He had been fighting alongside them in a small, but critical, campaign against Mishima on Mercury. The Warhounds had been blasted to oblivion by sustained fire from an advancing trio of Meka. 

The remaining Wolfbanes had no answer to the armoured walkers, and were being massacred to the man. Morten charged them, his pack in close support. The lead Meka ki-blasted him from his feet and his blade and firearm melted to slag in his hands. As he picked himself up, he grabbed for the nearest weapon he could find. The mud-caked warhammer his burned hand closed around sparkled with magickal discharge as if it too had found its destiny. Morten smiled and roared anew, before re-charging the walkers. The first Meka was ripped from its legs with the initial hammer blow, the second crumpled as Morten obliterated the driver compartment with a backward swing. The leader of the Meka unit was out of his reach, and as the Wolfbane roared in frustration, a magickal blast shot from the hammers head, detonating the machines engines. He finished off the ki-user with a mighty downward swing as he closed in on it. 

All the Meka lay wrecked around him, and he turned his attention to the remaining Mishimans. As he rushed towards them, they turned tail and fled! Since that day, Oakenfist has been a Warhound, and inseparable from his adopted warhammer, now called ‘The Tribane of Fukido’. It wasn’t long before he was leading his own Warhound pack, and then the Warhounds in their entirety. The First of the Warhounds, Morten Oakenfist is now the undisputed leader of the Wolfbanes. A softly spoken bear of a man, that roars in battle. To see him in mêlée is to gaze upon a perfectly honed fighting machine in its element. Each swing of his mighty warhammer is counterbalanced by his fur-laden bulk. Everyone that stands in its way is pounded to splinters of what they once were. His commands from the front, leading by example and all in his command follow without question. For he is the Great Wolf, the mightiest of the Warhounds, strongest of his kind, leader of the Wolfbanes, second only to the Serenity. He is High Chieftain Morten Oakenfist.

Text is taken from the Prodos Shop.

So now you know the background to this beast of a man. He is a new addition to the Mutant Chronicles universe and according to Prodos will have a lot of attention in the fluff as the WZR universe evolves. So what do you get in this kit then? 

Here's all the things you get, 40mm base, stat card and of course the miniature itself in three parts.

Three parts and very easy to assemble.

Morten is described as a really tall and broad man, and so is the miniature.  

He has some really interesting rules, mainly a melee guy he can also do his Runic Blast with STR 15 and AVV 8! He melts vehicles to pieces even out of melee range. 

He has some nice special rules as well, like making 1 squad of Warhounds (Elites of the Wolfbanes) into a troop choice, nice!

And here he is in all his glory. Really cool model I must say and the detail is extremely crisp. I haven't glued on the hammer handle and his right arm here to make it easier to paint later. 

Nice fur on his back here, overall a lot of nice details but nothing over the top.
Conclusion, really nice sculpt. I like the character a lot and works really nice in the Wolfbanes background and with the new Wolfbanes models. I think I will have a lot of fun painting this dude up and test him on the battlefield as he looks to be a real beast in the game. Tell me what you think of him in the comments below and be sure to come back for more Warzone Resurrection unboxings. 

Monday 18 May 2015

Miniature Monday: Star Wars Imperial Assault Stormtroopers, Royal Guard and Probe Droids

Iv'e been busy painting up more stuff for Star Wars Imperial Assault. It's just such a fun game to play (currently running two campaigns) so I really want to finish painting these models up. Al tough the quality is superb for a boardgame, it's not like the miniatures you the in your typical miniature wargame (not far off though). So it's a little harder to paint them up nicely (not all, some are really easy). But in the end I think it does pay up if you try to do a nice paintjob on them, and it's awesome to see them on you board tiles as you play.

So for this Miniature Monday I have several new models to show you, hope you like.

Royal Guard

Probe Droids

Stormtroopers (more on the way)

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Special Forces

Here's a new unboxing of one of the new units for the Imperial Corporation. This unit 'Special Forces' is really a generic term, because it can be tooled up and customized to be used many types of units either as a made up Special Force or one of the many existing ones in the Imperial Corporation like the Black Berets, The Rams, Terror Eagles etc. (they have tons of different Special Forces and you can read about this in the fluff, for example their latest PDF)

This is quite awesome, and even though don't have all the options in this box like Iron Mastiffs you have the different heavy weapon variants in here. Anyway, on the the actual unboxing.

All the contents you get, the five models, five 30mm bases, and the stat card. 

First sprue, amazing details and I just the love the look of these guys. 

Backside shows us the backpack which which can do some neat things.

You might have noticed that some models have like a small chimney on their right side and some not. That is becasue some had sadly fallen off in transport. So three where off but I could just find one of them in the box. Have contacted Prodos about this and they will sort it out as they always do. I might cut off all of them in this unit or something... not a huge deal even though I like the steampunky look to them.

Statcard, these are just for the basic troopers though. Depending on how you upgrade them and what warlord you use they get different stats, so might not need this card as much. I would had preferred three cards for all the types of units (CC, Ranged and Tech/psych) so we at least get the right stats. All the other upgrades can't understandably fit on the cards. Beautiful new artwork though.   

Here's them all assembled, I haven't glued much here though as I prefer taking arms off when painting. So you will see some blue (white) tac on some places and that the arms aren't perfectly fitted yet. 

Really cool stances overall, and the details are so crisp.

Here's the guy who can wield the different Heavy Weapons, here's the Gehenna Puker.

The ordinary Invader Assault Rifle if don't want a flashy weapon in your unit. 

The Mandible Shotgun

For last, the Charger HMG. I will try to magnetize these as the unit can function so totally different depending on what warlord you use and what upgrades you choose. This one will be the hardest magnetize and it's only two pieces so I think I can get it to work. 

Overall I'm really in love with this unit, both in terms of rules as you can do so much with them, CC rapid deployment, with puker, a Ranged unit with better armor and Long Rifles and a Charger HMG or a Tech variant with Iron Mastiffs that can be your Warlords bodyguard just to name a few of the choices you have.

The look of the models is spot on as well, really cool steampunk feel to them and yet work perfectly with the rest of the Imperial range. Can't recommend this unit enough, now I just have to work out how to paint them up.

Monday 11 May 2015

Miniature Monday: AT-ST from Star Wars Imperial Assault

I'm currently painting up as much models as I can for our ongoing Imperial Assault campaign (love the game btw), one of the first models I had to paint up was the AT-ST. This model is probably best of them all and could work in any miniatures game quality wise.

Really fun to paint it up as well (tutorial is coming) and I went with quite a lot of weathering on this one and I'm really keen on the end result. Hope you like it as well and see you next time.

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