Tuesday, 30 April 2013

News: Faeit212 and BoLS down?

Suddenly Natfkas rumour blog Faeit212 just vanished and it also seems like BoLS is down. It seems we got some confirmations about this from both Larry over at BoLS Lounge as well as from Natfka.
"Hi guys,
A formal heads up.
We are working with Blogger to figure out what's up with the frontpage.
The domain is fine, and the Lounge is (obviously) in fine shape.
We are still proceeding under the impresison that we are dealing with an internal Google IT issue.
We have received no takedown requests, or any emails from any parties regarding any IP related issues.
We are treating this outage as out top priority and working on it round the clock.
I can not speak to the outages of any 3rd party sites, or the timing involved with them.
Thanks and feel free to visit the Lounge even more in the hours ahead.
Natfka also posted this in the BoLS Lounge
"the notices I have received from Blogger are for individual posts, and declares that those particular posts are removed to draft status. Nothing from either Games Workshop or Blogger about the removal of the blog itself.
I will continue posting, and things will continue. so stay tuned.
until then I will be posting up on my youtube channel."
So it seems like there's isn't a big problem for any of the sites, but according to this site Faeit212 is having some trouble with DMCA.

So what does this mean for us who post rumours on our blogs? I don't know really, my blog is probably to small but Iv'e have heard of other blogs that has got warnings from google about these things. Read this for example and more info about this. So I'm not worried for my blog but I don't like how this is treated and in the end I think GW is hurting themselves more than anything.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter

I had to write something about this KS as well as it will probably be the second KS I ever make an pledge for. Anyhow, Robotech was the first anime I watched back when I was a little kid and I loved it. I still do (well all Macross atleast) so it where a pleasant surprise when I found out about this KS.

Prepare for invasion! Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game. Take command of the brave men and women of the United Earth Defense Force to valiantly defend Earth from annihilation. Or, command the alien armies of the Zentraedi Armada to recover an alien artifact of immense power and enslave humankind. Collect your forces from an expanding range of world class game pieces. Relive the massive battles on your tabletop at home to enhance your Robotech® RPG adventures or as a stand-alone game.
And this is what you get in the box.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Boxed Game
Full color, 90+ page, softcover rulebook
12 Zentraedi Faction Dice - UNLOCKED!
12 UEDF Faction Dice - UNLOCKED!
40 color game cards (unit cards, etc)
31 Game Pieces!
  • 1/285th scale (40-70mm), high quality, multi-pose plastic game pieces. 
  • 4x VF-1A Veritech Vakyries in Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid modes (12 game pieces) 
  • 1x VF-1J "Officer" Veritech Valkyrie in Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid mode (3 game pieces) 
  • 2x Destroids that can create any combination of Tomahawks or Defenders (2 game pieces) 
  • 12x Regult Zentraedi Battlepods (12 game pieces) 
  • 1x Glaug Officer's Battlepod (1 game piece) 
  • 1x Reconnaissance Battlepod (1 game piece) UNLOCKED! 
In addition, once we reach our funding goal we have a whole host of fantastic upgrades and new unit add-ons to unlock!

So we how have pledged to get the box will get some really great stuff and a lot of freebies. Like the latest stuff which was unlocked.

This was unlocked because they got 2200 backers, there will be freebies at 2400 and 2600 as well as the ordinary stretch goals. A great way of trying to convince more people to pledge. They also hit the $400.000 stretch goal in the same day which means a new add on.

So a good deal of pledgers already so we can probably expect some more freebies which means that the game boxes will have even bigger value. So if you're like me and really like Robotech and Miniature based games, check this one out here.

Friday, 26 April 2013

WZR: Dark Legion Necrobeast Rider

Yay, now when we aren't getting updates every day like we used to in the end of the KS (we where very spoiled), every time we get an update now I get super excited. And now we got a render image of one of the models that I have included in my pledge, the Necrobeast Riders. And it also looks like they will be bigger than first anticipated, we who will buying them trough our KS will get two for £13:30 where they later will cost £13:50 for one! So a great deal, and the model is looking really great and with head options for both rider and the beast. Hope to see another update soon.

Deadzone: Another Kickstarter from Mantic Games

Yea Mantic continue to do Kickstarter and here's their fourth one, and in my opinion the best looking KS from Mantic so far. Down below are what info we got in the mail on what we can expect from this KS. Check it out, also as Im typing this we are already at $120k of the initial of $50k so this KS looks to be a great success already. You find the Kickstarter here:

From the e-mail from Mantic:

The Counter has hit zero, now lead your faction to victory in this new 3D futuristic skirmish game!

Deadzone is a two-player tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in the Warpath universe where players control one of four unique factions, battling it out over scarce resources by combining deadly actions to lethal effect.

There will be four initial factions for Deadzone including the Enforcers, the Marauders, the Rebs and the horrific Plague!

We’re launching Deadzone through Kickstarter where with the help of the community we hope to be able to expand the range of unit types in the core box as well as fund the tooling for these miniatures. In addition we hope to be able to great new additions to the scenery range, introduce new factions and create a strong community so you’re always supported!
We’ve got a great range of rewards including Strike Team ($150) where you get all four factions, a heap of scenery sprues, game mat, Rulebook and loads more besides!

Not only this but we’ve created a number of limited edition “Early Bird” specials just for you guys allowing you to get Strike Team at a reduced rate – a little thank you from us for getting in early!

Those of you who supported the DreadBall and Kings of War Kickstarters – of which DreadBall Season 2 is now shipping and the second wave of Kings of War miniatures are in tooling and have been nearly completed - know that we pack our rewards full of goodies and this Kickstarter will not be any different. If we can surpass our goal then Recon and Strike Team will be getting very tasty indeed!

We hope that together we can make the best miniatures skirmish game possible. Please pledge your support and spread the word - we appreciate any help we can get!

The sci-fi backdrop of Deadzone is brought to life using the new plastic modular Mantic Scenery Range adding a vertical dimension to your games and incredible customisation to your battlefield. No game need ever look the same!

In addition to the band new miniatures and stunning new scenery, the game also features a high quality Deadzone Rulebook, a grid-based gaming mat (removing the need for a tape measure and speeding up core gameplay mechanics like movement and line of sight!), Faction Card Decks, Dice and Counters – all packed in a beautiful high-quality box!

News: Better Quality High Elves photos from WD

Now when we are hearing more and more solid rumours regarding the rules for HE we also get some more and better photos for the next WD. I got these over from HERO's Gaming Blog.

Comment: Like this release more and more, still don't like the chariot but I like the Eagle pulling it.The Phoinexes looks cool and I really like the new Shadow Warriors, really awesome looking. The Maiden guard looks quite nice as well with their magic bows.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WoC: Rusty Nurgle Warriors

First time I showed these they where clean, no rust, mud or anything. Many commented that that is not the look of a follower of Nurgle. And well, I totally agreed. So here's the updated and final version of how my blue rusty Nurgle warriors will look in army. Hope you like them and don't think I overdid it.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

News: High Elves video clip and rumours

So GW released a new video clip yesterday, and last time when we got the Tau teaser it was pretty cool. This one however not so much, it looks like Batman will join the fight against the forces of destruction in Warhammer world and that would have been awesome! But sadly I think 'Reborn to fight anew' means the we just will Phoenixes in our HE armies, which by it self aren't that bad.

Made by Luigi over at Warseer, just had to include it here

On to some more fun stuff for HE then, the blog Hero's gaming blog posted up these rumours yesterday, and well it is an interesting read:

Source #1 - Source says from the WD
Some rumours for you all.
New Sea Guard character type. Can ride flying chariot
Hoeth Loremaster is a Lord choice and is L2 mage that knows all signature spells from battle magic.
Phoenix gets buffs based on winds of magic. If it dies, comes back on a roll of a 6
Reavers and Silverhelms core
Bolt throwers are rare
High Elf lore attribute "Shield of Saphery" grants 6+ ward save, if you have a 6+ ward save already it increase by +1
White Lions and Swordmasters still have ASF...
Phoenix can be ridden or unridden. Flame Phoenix is anointed of Asuuryan, Frost is anointed of Caradryan
Sisters of Averlorn, magic bows. 
Source #2
I have contacts that have confirmed 2 things for me
A. Lord level lordmaster is in the game in some capacity(knowign 1 of each lore which is sig)
L2 wizard high elf hero stats but 3 wounds.
B. Looks like ASF is staying contary to all rumours, however whether it is speed of asuryan style with great weapon im yet to find out, however i highly doubt it and think it will flick to initiative order rather than asl. Looks like great weapons in initiative order. Also new rule partial prowess across the entire army!
C. Lothern Sky cutter chariots are the new chariot pulled by a swift feather rock! Eagle eye bolt thrower on back (possibly an upgrade)
can be a character mount for new character Lothern sea helm which is the guys you have seen with bsb in rumour sections. This guy can alos be on foot and or armed with trident.
D. Sisters of averlorn are rare choice with magical bows using wytch fire.
E. High elf core will be reavers and silver helms and high elf militia(i dont know details of this)
F. Sms and Dps WLs(characian hunters) same stats have no idea if they have extra armour or not yet.
G. Flame Spire Phoenix does a slash attack, wake of fire (like abomb it can get back up), soem type of ward, attune to magic rule.
H. Lion chariots same stats will be stubborn.
I. Shadow warriors plastic kit sold in 10s.
J. Anointed of Asuryan is character that can ride phoenix.
K. Banner of world dargon possible without bsb though i dont know what it does.
L. Sms 6+ ward possibly only vs shooting
M. RBT still in rare
N. Everqueen has an upgrade or a second character is called her hand maiden appears to be a body guard
O. High magics
Lore attribute you gain +1 to ward saves
signatures *2
Soul quench 8+16+ 18 inch
2d6/4d6 s4 magic missiles
Drain Magic is an augment and hex 7+ remians in play (not sure on details)
Spell 1 Apothesis 5+
single model 18inch
recovers a wound or boosted 12+D3 wounds
Spell no? Hand of glory5+/10+
Increases ws,bs,i,m by 1 or d3
Sorry thats all i have
Thats all I have guys hope that helps confirm or dispel some rumours, watch this space if you want the truth.

Source #3
1) High Magic Lore attribute is 6+ ward save on friendly units if you cast a spell on them. If your already have a ward save, this gets better by 1 point.
2) Stubborn Lion Chariots.
3) Frost and Fire phoenixes can go alone. BUT frost phoenix can only be ridden by Caradryan and fire phoenix by the Anointed of Asuryan.
4) Loremaster of hoeth is L2 Lord option with WS6 W3 A3. Knows all signatures from rulebook.
5) New Lothern Sea Guard hero character. He can ride a flying boat.
6) New Lord option: Anointed of Asuryan. He can ride a fire phoenix.
7) Silver Helms go core.
Sisters of Avelorn will have magic bows (but we do not know if any other bonuses)
9) Three army rules: Speed of Asuryan, Valor of Ages, Martial Prowess. We do not know yet if they remain the same or they have changed (apparently the latter option).
10) Flying boat name is Skycutter. LSG hero can be built on foot or as a crewmember from the Skycutter sprue. Phoenixes' names are: flamespyre/frostheart; Anointed of Asuryan and plastic Caradryan can be built either mounted or on foot from plastic sprues of phoenixes
11) Deductions: Phoenixes WON'T be MC, for they go either alone or are a hero mount. You may expect heros from other regions (avelorn, caledor, chrace)
All those things can be already considered facts, AND they are today's leaks all of them.

Source #4
New Range Items
Warhammer: High Elves
· 96 page full-colour, hardback Warhammer armies book written by Mat Ward.
High Elves Flamespyre Phoenix/ Frostheart Phoenix
· This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Flamespyre Phoenix or a Frostheart Phoenix, two completely new monster miniatures for Warhammer, along with two mighty warriors of renown that can ride them.
High Elves Lothern Skycutter
· This completely new flying chariot is a multipart plastic kit that can be assembled in one of three different ways. Either as a flying chariot drawn by Swiftfeather Roc, upgraded to include an Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower or a mount for a Sea Helm a new High Elf Hero.
High Elves Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn
· This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either ten Shadow Warriors armed with Longbow and Sword or 10 Sisters of Avelorn, a new High Elf unit armed with magical Bows of Avelorn.
Loremaster of Hoeth
· This clampack contains a new High Elf warrior mage, the Loremaster of Hoeth as he charges into battle casting a fireball spell on a sculpted base.
Repackaged High Elf Battalion
· Contains 20 Spearmen, 20 Archers, 8 Silver Helms and a High Elf Chariot (that can be assembled as a Tiranoc Chariot or a Lion Chariot of Chrace).
Uniforms and Heraldry of the High Elves Book
·72 page full-colour, hardback Uniform and Heraldry guide detailing the colour schemes, crests, banners and blazonry of the ten realms of the High Elves. 
New Finecast Releases
Alarielle the Radiant
· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Edgar Ramos. Alarielle is the Everqueen of Ulthuan her miniature strides forward with roses bursting to life beneath her feet as she strides over a piece of Chaos Warrior armour.
Handmaiden of the Everqueen
· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Darren Latham. The Handmaiden is a warrior champion of the Everqueen
Available While Stocks Last
These Items are highly limited, please request the quantity you require and we will supply you as close to this number as we can.
Warhammer Battle Magic: High Elves
·Eight cards that define the unique effects of High Elf spells and are great to help keep track of the spells used by each of the wizards on the battlefield.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: Mars

I continue the tradition of making these late it seems. But as they say, better late than never. So what happened last month then, well firstly I made a lot of posts regarding the Warzone KS and that made a little less time for the ordinary Wh40k and WHFB updates. This will change a little now when the KS has ended and we don't get as much updates from Prodos at the moment. 

But enough of that, I actually got some painting done as well in Mars and below are the stuff I finished painting and therefore counts for the Painting Challenge.


5 Outriders (Repainted) w. Musican 115 Pts

Warriors of Chaos

1 Daemon Prince 235 + 40 for the wings so 275 Pts (will most often be a lot more though)

1 Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Unit filler 34 Pts (Counts as two Tz Warriors with shields)

Total:  424 Pts

Not as good as Jan but close and to be fair the Daemon Prince will almost always be more points than this, but the challenge is to have the units/heroes without equipment and magic items if they aren't modelled as a something that pretty much requires it, like Tz Warriors, the wings on the DP etc. Anyhow, I think next month will be even better :)

A big dude was finished in Mars

Review & Unboxing: Warzone 2nd Edition Starter box

Last week I got my much anticipated starter box of Warzone 2nd Ed from Prince August, and quite cheap as well, especially when choosing the Swedish version (or Spanish). €33.80 for those versions or €39.95
for the English one is a steal really. Not only if you are interested in the game and the IP but if you just want a lot of really nice models for a cheap price, to use as Imperial Guard for example. When the box arrived it was a little mangled on one side but otherwise the it was in good condition and when we open it up there's a lot of stuff.

First a short history lesson. If you are a regular reader of this blog you should know this already but if not, Warzone is a tabletop miniature wargame just like Wh40k and the like. It was produced by the Swedish company Target Games who later also made a fantasy based miniature game called Chronopia. Warzone was actually the main competitor to GW's Wh40k back in the day and still has a big following all over the world. Target games later got some major economical problems and the rights to the Warzone brand were acquired by Paradox Entertainment in December 1999 in the wake of a complicated restructuring of Target Games and its child companies. After this Warzone pretty much died, the license went to other companies (Excelsior and later Fantasy Flight games) but without any real success.

That is about to change hopefully with the Prodos version called Warzone: Resurrection and their successful Kickstarter which I'm a proud contributor too as well.


But let's rewind again. This box is the starter box for the second edition of the game, and now we will look on what we get in the box.

You get three books in the box, on called Chronicles of War (fluff, 48 pages), The Rules of War (the rules, 64 pages) and one called The Forces of War (94 pages) presenting pictures and rules/stats for each army in the game. All of them are full colour except the rulebook and I don't really think it needs to. The quality of the books is high, sure you see that the layout is from the nineties but that isn't necessarily a bad thing for a nostalgia junkie like me.

Some of the artwork is just amazing the main reason I got into this IP in the first place. The pictures is good and the miniatures are nicely painted, although some of the actual models really shows their ages and the quality is really up and down. That doesn't matter much for us though as the models we get in this box is some of the better ones sculpted for the system. I won't delve deeper into to the actual rules for this edition as I haven't played it my self.

There's the history of all the Mutant Chronicles in the Chronicles of War book, including for each of the factions. There's not as much fluff as in the old RPG books however but you get the most important parts. Some fluff was changed in this edition though, something many disliked back then. It will be interesting too see what route WZR will go with, I think back to 1st ed.

Anyhow all the books looks nice and is fun to read trough. We also get some more stuff in the box so you can start up a game as soon as you have put together your miniatures, this includes many different cardboard templates, counters and markers as well as the really important bit. The two D20 dices.

You get a large bag in the box with all the sprues, one sprue per model. Eighty in total.

You get a whopping eighty miniatures in this box, a lot of the has the same pose but remember this box is from 1998. The actually sculpt quality is really great for it's time and I think they have aged really well over the years. Above you can see the different sprues you get, you get four sergeants and four heavy machine gun specialists for each faction and the rest is normal soldiers with two poses for each faction. The miniatures looks really great and is sculpted by Bob Naismith, one of the sculptors who made of the original Space Marines.

Compared to today's miniatures they do lack details, they are there but quite hard to make out as some things like holes in the helmet masks disappears when you paint them. The design is great though and the models has a lot of character  They are easy to assemble even if the weapon arms can be fiddly to get right sometimes. They do have mould lines but they are not difficult to cut away with your modelling knife. I I have one complaint it is that it's hard to remove the model from the sprue without damaging the shoulderpad a little. This isn't a major problem though as you hardly see it when it's painted, an easily fixed with green stuff If needed.

Here are three of the Imperial Army Regulars, just under coated with black and dry brushed grey.  Also changed the bases for 30mm lipped bases, as WZR will use these. 
Bauhaus Ducal Militia, one of the normal soldier, one sergeant and one with an heavy machine gun.

The first painted miniature by me.

If I got this box in 1998 I would have overwhelmed I think, and I still think 15 years after that this box is really great and with great value. You get three really nice books, all the things you need to play the game with templates, rulers, D20:ies and what not. And on top of this 80 great looking miniatures that you can use in this 2 ed game, your WZ:R game or even 40k or any other Sci fi game. If you aren't interested in the IP or the rules (shame on you) or already have them and just want the models Prince August also sells just the bags of miniatures, so that's Bag of 80 Plastic Soldiers for only €24.94. A great deal if you ask me. I choose the box though as I wanted the rest of the stuff as well.

Rating: 4 out of 5

More nostalica, the stuff was even delivered in Target games boxes

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Capitol: AFT 210 Leviathan tank

Now we know what the big vehicle Capitol players gets and it's a big tank called AFT 210 Leviathan. A little surprising actually as most thought they would get a chopper or a fighter plane. Anyhow it looks really good in my opinion and I can't wait to see what more Prodos has in store for us.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Warzone: Bauhaus Ducal Militia test mini

One of my main armies in Warzone: Resurrestion will be Bauhaus MegaCorpororation (Imperial will be the main army when they are released) and as Imperial will take it's time I have to have some WZR projects before. And I choose Bauhaus, I didn't know what colours to use though so I painted up a first test mini of the a Ducal Militia from the 2nd Edition of Warzone from 1998 (I recently bought the starter for this and will make and Unboxing/review of it really soon). Well this is what I came up with. C & C is especially welcome here as I'm new to Warzone and how to paint them in appropriate colours.

WZR: Lord Inquisitor Hamilkar

So we get the first render update after the Kickstarter ended and it's Lord Inquisitor Hamilkar, don't really how this guy is but he looks badass exactly like the rest of the Inquisitors. So it looks like I need to add some more money on my pledge so I can get this guy as well.

Lot's of expression in his face, really like it.

Friday, 19 April 2013

News: Pictures of the new High Elves models

The High Elves release is soon here and because of that we are now getting pictures from the next WD. Check them out below, I got them from Bell of lost Souls Lounge found here.

Eagle Chariot


Shadow Warriors

Maiden Guard/Guard of Avelorn


Maiden Guard character

Flying chariots, Phoenixes and more 

Phoenix with and without riders

Phoenix box
Comment: The models looks decent enough, but I have never been a big fan of High Elves I must say. The models I like most is the Phoenix, Shadow Warriors and the BSB the rest looks quite meh to me. Also I don't really like the concept of the flying chariot and it just feels gimicky and another chariot for HE, the Eagle looks really nice though and I know many HE players want this kit just for that one. I'll reserve further comments until I see better pictures.
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