Wednesday 26 February 2014

Warzone: First Bauhaus Hussar squad finished!

Right now it's all about the Dwarfs or my WZ:R Bauhaus miniatures, and this time I have finally finished the first squad of five Hussars with one MG-40 Light Machine Gun. There's actually some more stuff to do on these and I will show you the final result later but as of now I'm torn about if I want my Hussars to have their backpacks like the first finished model in this squad has. Or if I should drop them altogether, becasue I don'r really like them that much and they don't add anything to model really.

Another alternative is to use old 2ed ducal militia backpacks because they actually look better in my opinion and also adds some more details and stuff to the models. Just need to find some spares though. Please let me know want you think about this, because I need some advice :P.

An old 2 Ed Ducal militia, just to show the old backpacks.

Monday 24 February 2014

Miniature Monday: Dwarfs, Dwarfs and more Dwarfs

Okay first of all sorry for the lack of updates lately, much going IRL and well, I didn't have much to write about really. But I have done some painting, and it may not look like much but more stuff is going to be finished really soon but until then, here's five more HW/Shield Dwarfs and a pic on the unit so far.

Still unsure about the bases but I think I will go with an underground theme here (I even bought the expensive under-empire basing set so will try that one out soon).

Speaking of buying, I got my delivery of Dwarf reinforcements today from Element Games (awesome service and fast as hell) . And it's quite a lot of stuff, two boxes of Hammerers, one of Irondrakes and a Gyrocopter. The army book of course and three character, Belegar, a Runesmith and the Dragon Slayer.

Can't wait to put these together and start to paint them up, but want to finish my unit of twenty clansmen first and the Grudgethrower. That's all for now, more updates soon.

Monday 17 February 2014

Miniature Monday: Chaos Ogre Standard Bearer

Some of you may have seen the early WIP I posted a month ago or something (probably even more) that is now finally finished! Yep it took some time to finish, mainly due to painting on other projects instead. But I finally came around and did the last bits on this dude.

So as you can see he is a more or less an ordinary Irongut but painted to better fit into my blue WoC army. I also changed the shield on his shoulder to an old 4th/5th ed Chaos Warrior shield and added another banner to the banner. Why? Well I like banners :)

I'm happy with the end result and I hope you like it as well. Will probably take some time before this unit is done as I have ton of other stuff to do right now, but I will probably add a model or two here and there just because it's fun to paint them up.

Comments are welcome as always and if you have any tip on how to further 'Chaos:fy' the Ironguts please let me know.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Warzone: Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit finished!

I continue painting my new Warzone: Resurrection miniatures. And my second WZ:R miniature ever is the Vulkan Battlesuit. Really fun to paint and not that hard to paint either, and when I finished this model I realised that the colour scheme I went for with my Bauhaus army probably is the right one.

I did two minor conversions here, I changed the barrel for the Heavy Machine gun, the old one I thought was to puny and short. Second one is the Nepharithe looking skull, just made it from a GW skull (from some kind of Daemon kit I think) and three horn looking plastic parts. It is inspired from the totally awesome looking Paul Bonner art with an Venusian Marshal and a Grizzly Tank in the background.

All in all I'm very happy with how it turned out and looking forward painting up some more Bauhaus and later more of the other factions as well. I will paint up the Bauhaus Starter first though so nine Hussars and one Angelica Drachen model to complete that goal.

As always c & c is very much welcome.

Size comparison to an old metal Ven. Dreadnought

News: Imperial Knights Pictures & Rules leaked!

I'm not into 40k at all at the moment but damn these are really cool looking, might just have to buy one soon just to paint him up. 

Got the pics and info via: Plastic Krak

Thursday 13 February 2014

Dwarfs: Clansmen command group finished

I like to call the normal Dwarf Warriors, Clansmen like they was named before. It just sound more fitting for Dwarfs, anyhow... I have now finished the command group for the Clansmen and so because of this they are now ten men strong and is starting to look like a real unit. Tell me what you think, I'm a little extra proud of the free hand banner with an old design taken from the 4th Edition book (I think it's that old actually). It really makes the unit I think.

Please let me know what you think, or if there is anything else Dwarf related you want to talk about just post in the comments section below.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Review: White Dwarf Weekly #2 (Digital Edition)

A review of the last weeks WD weekly, this is also the first digital WD I have bought so some extra about what I think of that.

New Releases
More Dwarfs of course, this week we get Gyrocopters/bombers, a Runelord kit and Grimm Burloksson and the Dwarf Armybook. We also get some books and digital releases like the 'Wh:Battlefields Underway' which is a scenario pack for battles underground. We get some pictures and some text explaining the new releases and all looks nice and all that.

Phil Kelly
A while ago was a guest columnist in the old style White Dwarf and this time he continues with the subject of dusting of your old models and armies and bring them up to speed and keep having inspiration to do so. Quite nice read.

Carved from Stone
Here's we get more info about what Dwarf army book author Jeremy Vetock tried to accomplish with the new Dwarf book and what he likes about the Dwarfs. Could be more in-depth on actual rules and such but otherwise quite a nice read.

Sprues and Glue
Last time there was a focus on the glue this time it's on the sprue and how should think when doing sub-assemblies of certain models to paint and glue the together easier. The pictures and text is both easy to look at/read and is really informative actually.

Paint Splatter
Mini tutorials like we are used to is this time for different parts of the Gyrobomber. Many like the Brass, Metals etc. we already know probably and have even seen many times before in WD. But this magazine is for beginners as well so that we will see repeating painting tutorials is something we probably should get used too.

We get the full rules (even normal equipment) for Grimm Burloksson and the Gyrobomber, and a little hint on how to best use them in your army. Nice, nothing special but I like to have some sneak peak rules before the armybook arrives.

Designers Notes
The model designers talk about the Gyrocopter/Gyrobomber kit, Grimm and the Runelord kit. Nice read.

The other stuff
We get some more info about the rules, Bit of the week, Readers model of the Week, a talk about different Dwarf axes etc. Really nice with many mini articles in last couple of pages, all in all a nice read.

Digital Edition
I bought the Digital ed. for the first time because I cant get to my nearest Games Workshop every Saturday. So I bought it for my iPad instead and here's what I think about it, and remember I don't have the physical copy so I can't compare the same issue.

It's looks okey but not near optimized for the iPad. Tha pages are much smaller (about half size) so we get two pages from one in the physical copy. This makes some pages less interesting to look at because normally there will be a picture to go along with text for example. Here's instead we first see a picture and then on the next page the text to go with it (in some cases). Sometimes we get a page with nothing on it all or just two sentences in the top and nothing more.

So I must say I much prefer the physical copy but for there's no possibility to buy that every time so I have to settle with the Digital, which works but it's not optimized.

Nice read this time as well, compared to the old White Dwarf it feels like you actually read everything in the magazine. Sure it's much smaller, but I also think the content is more interesting as well. So thumbs up for this issue as well.

Rating: 3.5

(Picture is © Games Workshop Limited 2000-2014, used without permission )

Sunday 9 February 2014

Dwarfs: Warriors of Karak Eight Peaks

A while ago I posted that I was going with an Karak Norn Dwarf army, well it so happens that I changed my mind. Was really tired of painting blue so I went with an idea I had before of painting them red and black instead. And from what I understand these are the colours of Karak Eight Peaks, the fallen hold!

That is prefect though as with the new Dwarf book we get a model for their King, Belegar. Also there's seems to a lot of focus on him and his army reclaiming more and more of their ancestral home. So nice story and it's fitting with the quite grim and dark looking colour scheme.

I have a lot of Dwarf models already needing some paint but I will of course also buy most of the new stuff when it's all released. Really looking forward putting those new models. But that being said many dislike the Warrior and Quarreller/Thunderers kits. I don't think they are the best kits out there, but with an decent paint job I quite like the look of them. Especially if they are many in the unit.

Hope you like this unit thus far, I'm working on some warriors and the command right now and will post these up soon.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Warzone: First Bauhaus Hussar finished!

Okey so my first Warzone: Ressurection miniature ever is finished! And it's the first test mini for my Bauhaus army. My idea is that most troops like the Hussars, Juggernoughts, Etoiles Mortant etc will go with this scheme, and my Venusian Rangers will go with the classic white armour instead. I think this will look rather nice and is looking classic Bauhaus.

I had some issues with this model, first of all the helmet should have a spike on top. But they are so tiny so just one out of ten made when I opened the bag with the Hussars. Need to find something to replace these as it looks much better. Also the details on the Panzerknacker rifle where very poor on this particular weapon, just this one though and I had spares but I didn't noticed it until all was glued together and I started painting. So it have to stay (and it's not that bad but all the others look much better).

Any ideas, comments or concerns is welcome so do please share them below, and hope you like how my first ever WZ:R miniature turned out.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

News: More Dwarfs pics from White Dwarf

There's even more pics of the second wave of Dwarfs, more pics of the Gyrocopters (still unsure about the look on these but they are growing on me) rules, Rune Lord, Ironbreakers and more. Really cool stuff. 

News: Dwarf second wave pics leaked

Pictures of wave two for the Dwarfs, pics via Bugmans Brewery.

Also here's some info from Faet212.

via an anonymous source with the White Dwarf in Hand on Faeit 212 *****
Runelord -Plastic
Model options
2 ornate hammers
Metal bound tomb or a blazing rune held by tongs
Two bearded faces

Drops Bombs on the enemy or boils them with a steam gun
The model in the magazine is painted green and looks like captain nemo and the nautilus with a helicopter blades stuck to the top of it.

drops dwarf forged bombs on the enemy
The model is painted and white in the magazine. Very odd look to it in my opinion, looking like an amusement park kiddy ride.

Grimm Burlocksson-plastic
Wears a monocle for computing artillery ranges
Black mounted furnace to power his gauntlet
Armoured glove and prosthetic arm from his father (Burlock Damminson)
Two gauntlets to choose from for Grimms Grudge-Raker Rifle
Armed with a Cog Axe or pointing out at the enemy arm
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