Sunday, 31 August 2014

Final hours of the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarfs Quest kickstarter!

Just some hours left now of this second best funded KS by Mantic (so far) and is nearing the 1 Million mark. I just added like $100 more into my pledge because there's so much stuff I want. I you haven't already, go and check this Kickstarter out as there's still time.

Here's the latest update from Mantic, hopefully we will see some more in the final hours of this KS.

The Tyrant Rises!

A-mazing. What a result!!!
That is the third and probably final expansion locked in and nailed down.
So, what does that mean?
Well, it means the Tyrant of Halpi has taken flight, ready to do battle with your mighty crop of heroes! There are an array of new missions that’ll see your heroes explore the Dwarven Mine and the cave network beneath the mountains, whilst you’ll break out into the open and fight the tyrannical Karrathor in the brand new open world tiles…
The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion Pack is now available to add-on to your pledge!
But we’re not done yet – we’re going to just keep peppering your pledge with cool freebies that take us as far as we need to go. Let us know in the comments what you want to see between now and the end!
In the mean time, let's get some more stuff for your Dungeon Master pledge shall we?
New Stretch Goals
$940,000 BONUS The Black Fortress Campaign Pack
When we hit this stretch goal, we will produce a narrative campaign set in the depths of the Black Fortress!
Overrun by all manner of dungeon critters, goblins and undead gribblies, this campaign will strongly focus on Orlaf and the party of adventurer's he assembles as he seeks to rescue a damsel in distress – and princess of his tribe - from the clutches of the dark forces that reside in the Fort!
When we break this stretch goal, we will include the scenarios free in your Kickstarter-exclusive Dungeon Journal, giving you a new campaign that you can play and more game for your money!
$965,000 BONUS Dungeon Tile Clips
Stopping the tiles from moving has been a concern for a few people, and we’ve created a solution that is both elegant and that won’t damage your tiles.
The tiles simply slot into our simple connector system, which grips them softly, but prevents the tiles from moving around. This means that if you knock the board (and believe me, we’ve tested this) the tiles stay firmly together but when you take them apart, they do so without any damage. This means no frayed edges like you get with a jigsaw system too.
If we hit this stretch goal, we will include a set of Dungeon Tile Clips free in:
- Dungeon Master pledge level ($100 and Early Bird)
- The Halls of Dolgarth tile pack ($25)
- The Black Fortress tile pack ($25)
This’ll mean that when you build your Dungeon, or play a campaign over the weekend, you can rest assured knowing that your specially designed map won't be destroyed when you return in the morning.
There's nothing we can do if the cat knocks over your figures though, that's just unfortunate.
We're building up to a big seven-digit number - utterly incredible. Let's see how far we can take this rollercoaster ride!
Oh go on, then one more - a new backer goal!
5,500 Backers Winter’s Knight, a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook by Matt Gilbert
The last game book went down so well, Matt Gilbert has agreed to write new one – so if you can’t wait until August to get your Dungeon Saga goodies, now you’ll have a second adventure to delve into!
"Deep in the frozen North, rumours are spreading that the green skins are gathering in the mountains and preparing for invasion. Goblin tribes are flocking to the range known as the Jagged Teeth. Orc krudgers have been seen goading their war bands and slaves through the treacherous passes night and day and lumbering trolls are brazenly patrolling the heights. Even bandits and outlaws, the most desperate of folk, have fled before the swelling horde, becoming the messengers of doom. They claim that something has stirred in the ancient ruins of the fortress known as Elfsbane, a stronghold with a dark past. Something is gathering an army.
Something, or someone must be stopped.
Winter's Knight is a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook in which YOU are the hero!
Dare you take on the challenge? Many of us found our way into this hobby via Adventure Gamebooks like this and so this makes Winter’s Knight an ideal accompaniment to the Dwarf King’s Quest board game: classic dungeon crawling and adventuring in two great formats!
So find those 2 dice and an eraser, sharpen that pencil and get ready to take on the might of the Shadow King."
If we break 5,500 backers, we will include a digital copy of this book in every copy of theDungeon Master pledge level ($100 and Early Bird).
We will also print a run on demand and make them available to add-on to your pledge for $5 if you would like a physical cop :)
There we go - have at it folks! Plenty of goodies still to come - less than 5 hours to go!!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Last days of Dungeon Saga: The Dwarfs Kings Quest

So Mantic's latest Kickstarter project is soon about to end and it is so far looking very promising indeed. I made a post about this 19 days ago and thought it was a quite a good deal by then. Well it has been upgraded somewhat since and you also have some really good add-ons like the Warlord of Galahir and Infernal Crypts. I have pledged a total of $283 so far, and will probably put some more money into this project as I think it looks really fun and promising.

If you haven't already check out the Kickstarter, go and do so... for any Fantasy Wargamer or RPG:er I think it's all worth it.

As you can see below we now have three stretch goals to get to, and I think all of them is quite manageable.

New Stretch Goal

4,500 Backers – Rise of the Shadow King, a Dungeon Saga Adventurer Gamebook by Matt Gilbert

Can’t possibly wait until your big box of Dungeon Saga goodness arrives? Well, now you start the adventure with Rise of the Shadow King!

"The shaky, animated bones of a pair of skeleton warriors emerge from the trees to your right. Adorned in ancient, elaborately detailed armour plates, the burning gaze of these Revenant warriors pierces the forest gloom as they shamble towards you…

Rise of the Shadow King is a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook in which YOU are the Hero. Set in the fantasy world of Mantica, you can immerse yourself in a quest to defeat the Shadow King, master of undeath. This is a classic adventure where you have plenty of opportunity to battle the undead denizens of Mantica, travel across plains, swamps, forests and an ancient fortress as you journey towards your ultimate goal. You might even stumble upon a Zombie Troll!

Many of us found our way into this hobby via Adventure Gamebooks like this and so this makes Rise of the Shadow King an ideal accompaniment to the Dwarf King’s Quest board game: classic dungeon crawling and adventuring in two great formats!

So find those 2 dice and an eraser, sharpen that pencil and get ready to take on the might of the Shadow King."

If we break 4,500 backers, we will include a digital copy of this book in every copy of theDungeon Master pledge level ($100 and Early Bird).

We will also print a run on demand and make them available to add-on to your pledge for $5 if you would like a physical copy.

New Stretch Goal

$666,666 – BONUS Unholy Crusades

If we hit this stretch goal, we will add the Unholy Crusades to your Kickstarter exclusive Dungeon journal!

This will form a new short story featuring the Abyssals, and include a set of 4 narratively linked scenarios for fighting the forces of the Abyss, prominently featuring our Paladin and Cleric.

This gives you a whole new set of missions to play through with your bonus Abyssal miniatures in the Dungeon Master pledge level.

The final mission of the set is pretty neat, as it will feature an alternate way to play. If you've got the Infernal Crypts expansion pack, you can combine them with your bonus Dungeon Master Abyssals and play them all at once!

That'll mean a dungeon overrun with demonic forces... surely only the brave and mighty can stem the tide?
And finally…

This has been an incredible journey, and we couldn’t go into the final weekend without something big and monstrous to aim for. I mean, what kind of Mantic Kickstarter wouldn’t save the biggest until the last weekend?

$700,000 – BONUS Big Undead Demon!

We wanted to add something that rewarded everyone for the fantastic support this campaign has received – and because you had gone through so many stretch goals we have made something new…

We thought a new, large Undead creature would be a blast as an end level encounter – and what could be more fun than if it is an Demon brought back from the dead?

So, please meet Ba’el – the Undead Demonlord – held in thrall only by the Necromancers most powerful binding spells!

Option 1

Option 2 -

Option 3:

Obviously this is not the final design but we had to give you a sneak peek. Once we have a finished design we’ll share it, but until then we’d love to hear your views in the comments on what you would love to see in an Undead Demon figure. We intend this to be an imposing undead creature so it is going to be a big impressive figure (certainly a step larger than the Troll, for example, and it will come assembled) so let your imaginations run wild and drop your thoughts below. It will stand tall in the dungeon setting - and on many a Kings of War table perhaps too.

When we hit this stretch goal, we will produce the Undead gribbly brought back to unlife by the insidious Necromancer Mortibris. This incredible Monstrous Beast is a mighty boss-level enemy for your heroes to face, one that will take all of your might and courage to defeat!

If we hit this stretch goal, we will produce it and include it free(!) in pledges of Dungeon Master ($100 and Early Bird) along with everything you need to play.

We will write and add a scenario to your Dungeon Master pledge where eight of your heroes (2 per player!) will take on the beast and a replenishable horde of Undead minions.

Prepare for the battle of your lives adventurers!

You can also add-on Ba'el as an Optional Add-on that you can get by raising your pledge $15 if you want an extra one.

And finally…

This is a huge stretch goal that offers even more value for your pledge level.

We want everyone to know about this so please, if you haven’t already, please tell your friends, tell your family – spread the news and spread the noise!

Over 4,000 backers have joined us on the journey, and we want more people to enjoy Dungeon Saga and get themselves a great new game.

We’ve got demonic invasions, huge Undead monster and an epic fantasy yarn that you can involve yourself in – it’s the final weekend of the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter folks. Tell everybody!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WIP Wednesday: Bauhaus Vorreiters and more

Got a model that is almost done and some others where I have plenty of stuff left to do. First up is my two Vorreiters for Bauhaus. I have these based and airbrushed for quite some time now and finally I got around to finish these up.

Not my favorite models in the Bauhaus range but when painted up I'm liking them more and more.

Here's two other models I want to finish painting as soon as I can, Max Steiner and Brigadier Rist.

That is all for today, hopefully all of them will be finished soon!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Vulcan Battlesuit (new version)

This time I will do an unboxing of the new version of the Vulcan Battlesuit for Bauhaus, I got this one as an replacement for my second wave (kickstarter version) Vulcan which had some defects. So big thanks to Prodos for handling this in such a good manner.

So this is not the normal retail version, well you get the same miniature but I don't have a box and the cards are from the Bauhaus starter set (I'm pretty sure they are the same though so don't matter), just so you know that it may differ from your normal retail version (though I doubt it) Well on to the unboxing then....

You get a sprue with the different arms, legs and feet. 

The main body, nicely detailed. The head design which isn't my personal favorite is the same as the new Juggernauts.

A lot more steam punk in this design compared to the old KS version. 

You get six cards, not great in my opinion. Also based on the old design. 

It was quite easy to assemble, a little tricky with the legs if you will try to achieve some movement like I did here. But other than that lovely to put together and hardly any moldlines and no bubbles at all.  

The guns are bigger and looks much better than the previous version. 

There's no question what corporation this walker belongs to. 

I magnetized the arms so I can switch between the two arm configurations. It was relatively easy to do but if you want both configurations to look okey you need to angle them like I did. If you don't want to do some more extensive conversion work. This is because how the hands/weapons fit into the arms.

Also here's a comparison to the old KS version and the new, quite a change don't you think?

In this pic you really see the difference in detail on the two versions. 
At first I was really sceptical to the new version. It is much more influenced on the old 2ed Vulcans and those aren't my favorite models in the old range. But this is a really nice model, I still like the old version as well. But If I had to choose I probably go with the new one, just because the details are so much better. Longer legs for the new version would have made it the ultimate version I think (and a change on the helmet) but I still really like this new version.

Ruleswise the Vulcans are really good in the game, so if you are going to roll with Bauhaus as your corporation, you will probably get a couple of these. And you will not be sorry.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Miniature Monday: Nurgle Gorebeast Chariot

I painted this like a year ago but now it is repainted in my new Nurgle colors, a much more grim, dark and.... well black color scheme.

I dunno but it was a pain in the ass to even get this poor photos of this thing. So sorry this will have to do for now, at least you see hoe the color scheme looks now. 

That's it for today, if you want to compare to the old scheme follow this link. Please tell me what you think.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nagash and the 'End Times for Warhammer Fantasy?'

There will be some major big changes in Warhammer Fantasy according to rumors and even GW themselves as told in the latest White Dwarf. Well Nagash is back and the End Times is a here, and what could this mean?

First off, we have heard the rumours and seen the pictures and when White Dwarf hit this weekend we also got chance to pre order all the new Nagash stuff and get some more info about what's to come for WH Fantasy.

The new stuff is of course the model of Nagash, a limited ed of the two Nagash books and the standard books. There's also the limited Battle Magic: Lore of Undeath, which disappeared really quick (why have these in so limited numbers is beyond me). I wanted these as they work with every army with wizards and I was going to do a pre order on the GW site on Saturday morning but they where already gone. So no money from me and the Nagash books I will probably buy cheaper somewhere else like Wayland Games instead.

So what do I think about all this? I like the model, won't be buying it (yet at least) but according to rumors we will get some other heroes and villains soon (Valten, Crom and Archaon) which I will most probably buy.

The books looks very neat as well and I will be getting those for sure, but what about all of this? What does the End Times mean for WH Fantasy. Well first of all, GW loves to exaggerate these kind of things, so the End Times can just be the name of a big campaign which the Nagash book is the first. However, since 8th Ed hit we have all seen that the Storm of Chaos was removed from the timeline, so we know GW has had something big planned for quite some time. And this time we won't just have the Storm of Chaos when Archaon marches on to war, we now also have Nagash who wants to stop just that. Nagash have even resurrected Vlad von Carstein to help him out in his endeavors to make the whole Warhammer World into his realm of undead.

We can of course only speculate on what all of this will mean to Warhammer Fantasy, but I really like that it looks like GW is moving the timeline forward and new stuff will happen in the fluff. This makes it easier to introduce new things for the armies in WH Fantasy in the future. In the end even something cataclysmic might happen that will change all the armies and how they work.

This could be the thing that has been rumored in the past (all the army books becomes invalidated like the move from 5th to 6th). This will make 8th Ed the last edition of the "Old Warhammer" and 9th the first of the new edition ones. You can still play with your army with the 8th ed rules and all the old army books or go over to the new ones where your armies functions totally different from before.

All this is of course only me rambling and thinking about what the End Times could mean for Warhammer Fantasy, and maybe this is just another supplement that bring us some new models and nothing more. But we do know WH Fantasy is struggling with sales and the armies is getting bigger and bigger with more and more options which actually makes the game less accessible for new players.

I don't know what GW will do with all of this but I hope whatever they do, that they keep the spirit of the game and world as I do and always have loved Warhammer Fantasy.

What do you think about the Nagash coming back? And further more what do you think The End Times means for Warhammer Fantasy? Tell me in the comments below. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Warriors of Chaos: Another Chaos Troll finished!

I'm slowly painting this unit up and now my fourth chaos troll (apart from Throggh himself) is finished. Not as happy with this one actually. Might do some more highlights now when I looked on the pictures, and I'm not as fond of the conversion on him as the rest of the guys.

But not every model can be your best and I'm still happy with how he turned out. Have three more in the works right now but I might finish some other stuff before they are finished. But I really like how this unit is shaping up and I hope I will have finished it by the end of the year at least. Tell me what you think in the comments below, and any suggestions on bits to use for more River Troll conversions is greatly appreciated.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Warhammer Fantasy News: Pictures of Nagash leaked!

So finally we will get some Warhammer Fantasy in White Dwarf in form an new release of..... Nagash! Yeah the Lord of the Undead is back and looks bloody awesome.

Got these via Talk Wargaming:

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Unboxing X-Wing: Rebel GR-75 Medium Transport

So here's my first X-Wing unboxing. I know there's plenty of them out there already, and made by people who actually know stuff about the game (I have only played it a couple of times so far). But well I do my own anyway so you get an unboxing from a total n00b:s perspective.

So on to it then, the GR-75 Medium Transport, as seen in the good old movies.

Quite a lot of content in this box, apart from the GR-75 and all things tailored (cards, tokens etc.) for it you also get an X-Wing, which is always nice. 

You get a a lot of Tokens , both old and new as you can see. 

The ships looks really nice, don't know if the scale is right to be honest but it looks fine either way.

Love the details on the GR-75, and the paint job is actually really nice with different colors on the cargo containers and what not. Really impressed actually. 

The paint job of the new X-Wing in this box is also really nice. Not only does it offer you a alternative color scheme it's also much more well painted that the first edition ones (at least the ones I have) as you can see above. I'm even consider not doing any painting upgrades on this one.

As you can see, big difference. 

One Ion Token card, six W-Wing pilots where's the four named ones is new. And one Ship card for your GR-75.

You get 20 Damage Cards for your GR-75. 10 Fore and 10 Aft. as you can see on the bottom of the cards. 

You get a total of 24 Upgrade cards in the box, among them two upgrade cards for only the GR-75, you also get three titles for this ship. Some other interesting cards for games other than with Huge ships is the Flachette Torpedoes who you get three of (you only get them with the E-Wing otherwise)

You get four crew cards but these only work with Huge Ships, you also get four Astromechs which can only be found in the box so far. 
I like this box really much, I was impressed by the details of the GR-75 and the paint work on both of the ships. You also get a lot of nice stuff even if you aren't going to play a lot of games with Huge Ships. You get four new pilots for your X-wings, new Astromechs and other usefull cards as the Flachette Torpedoes. Nice mix of stuff and awesome looking ships, what more do you need?
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