Saturday 30 March 2013

WARZONE: Capitol Infantry Renders

So looks like there aren't much free time over at Prodos even on Easter, because we just got an new KS update and now they are showing 3D renders of the new Capitol Infantry. I have always liked Capitol (I like all the factions) but it's not my favourite faction, but these I must say are one of the best looking basic troops so far and that's in a damn good competition. Will be really interesting to see what more they will do for the Capitol MegaCorporation, like the Vehicle we will get if we reach the £ 95k pledge goal. So go and make a pledge now! The Kickstarter can be found here.

WARZONE: Bauhaus Venusian Rangers

The final renders for the Venusian Rangers is here and they look really cool! Venusian Rangers is one of my favourites from the Mutant Chronicles universe, now I also want to see the hero Max Steiner who is also a Venusian Ranger. Will probably buy two boxes of these in my pledge which may be increased soon from the Cartel lvl, just so much stuff I want.

Thursday 28 March 2013

WARZONE: £90k pledge lvl reached!

This morning I think it was we reached the 90k stretch goal which means we will get new unit for each of the five factions, down below they are with the newest one. The Cybertronic Scorpion.

We have also got some more cool pictures of upcoming models, and this time two new for the Dark Legion. The Tank variant called Black widow and the hero Golgotha, both is looking really good in my opinion even though the Widow should have eight legs because of it's name :P

Prodos have also done another really great update in this Kickstarter and that was increasing the value of the different pledges, especially the higher tiers as to get people to pledge more of course. Well I was at the Cartel level before and after this change I got another starter and a hero for free! This is freaking awesome and makes this pack totally worth it (well I thought it was even before). So from the Cartel I get all this for the sum of £ 249. 

5 Starters of my choice, 4 heroes ( 1 extra for being for international pledger) and the Mishima character, 8 troops/monster packs, the special ed and signed rulebook, extra 30 cards, t-shirt among with the other freebies like dice and extra weapons in the starters etc. Also I get 10 % of the sum to add extra worth of stuff so in my case here £ 24,9 extra worth of models, totally awesome. So now I must just decide to which I factions I want and what extra stuff I want for those armies, so really tough choices.

My Empire at White Dwarf Daily!

A little late (thanks to Deadspace1 for the heads up) but earlier this week a post over at White Dwarf Daily by Dan Harden actually showcased some of my miniatures. And this is actually the second time I'm on the daily, last time they showed my Chaos Warriors and now it was some of my Empire mini's. Always fun that people seem to like what I've done with my armies and wants to show them for even more people.

Now I'm just hoping to maybe have something showed in the actual White Dwarf magazine as well :D If someone is wondering Dan found the pictures of my miniatures via their Flickr group, and then contacted me and asked if I could take a little better photos of what I had and send them to him. And of course I did just that and also got some tips about how to take better quality photos (and I'm still learning this). So for anyone who also want to have their minis showcased either on the Daily or maybe even the proper WD magazine upload your photos to flickr and join the GW group.

Monday 25 March 2013

News: Lots of White Dwarf Tau Pics!

Got these via Faeit212. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me and curious what the WD team will do with the 400th issue of White Dwarf. Shame that the quality of most of the pics aren't that great.

WoC: Pink/Blue Horrors Unit filler

Even if my first Tzeentch Chaos Warriors unit of 18 models is quite small I couldn't resist making just a small unit filler for them. Just to add some flavour and colour to the unit, also I don't think anyone can misunderstand what mark they got.

I have also completed two new warriors so that makes the unit almost complete, just one more soldier and the unit is 18 man strong. Well the last one I will make into a painting tutorial I think. I have also made some changes to some of the command models but I will show you that next time.

WoC: 2400 pts Mixed marks Armylist

So many options when it comes to list building in the new WoC book and that is pretty awesome. I wrote up a Mono Tzeentch one last time but now I went with a mix of different marks, mostly Nurgle and Tzeench but also some Khorne with the Skullchrushers.

I also went with a Daemon Prince in this one, and he is also a level 4 so many eggs in one basket but hopefully he can stay alive from cannons long enough so he can get into combat. I will also make some variations on this list, you can for example go for two cheaper DP:s instead of this Overlord one. One option is also to go with Trolls either with or without Throgg instead of either chariots or one of the Warriors blocks. Trolls is nice to have in the list as they can protect the DP from cannonballs.

Anyhow, here's one version of the Mixed Mark list, please tell me what you think about it.

2400 Pts Mixed Marks list

Lords: 525 Pts (21%)

1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle @ 525.0 Pts
     Mark of Nurgle; General; Magic Level 4; Chaos Armour; Daemonic Flight
     Sword of Striking
     Soul Feeder
     Scaled Skin
     Flaming Breath
     Charmed Shield

Heroes: 239 Pts (9%)

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch @ 239.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch; Halberd; Chaos Armour; Shield; Battle Standard
     Talisman of Preservation, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch

Core: 836 Pts (34%)

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch @ 336.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch; Shields; Full Command

18 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 390.0 Pts
     Mark of Nurgle; Halberds; Shields; Full Command

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30.0 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 40.0 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 40.0 Pts

Special: 555 Pts (23%)

1 Chimera @ 275.0 Pts
     Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh

1 Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle @ 140.0 Pts
     Mark of Nurgle

1 Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle @ 140.0 Pts
     Mark of Nurgle

Rare: 244 Pts (10%)

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne @ 244.0 Pts
     Ensorcelled Weapons, Musician

 Models in Army: 59

Total Army Cost: 2399

Sunday 24 March 2013

WARZONE: Inquisitors at £ 90k pledge level

The second unit was revealed earlier today and it's a Brotherhood unit, the Inquisitors! The pack will include three of these badass cool looking soldiers and they will be on the bigger 40mm bases. Wondering what we will see next and I hope we will see some more 3D renders or real models soon as well.

For more info about the Kickstarter click the banner below.

Saturday 23 March 2013

WARZONE: Martian Banshees and more at £ 90k pledge level

Awesomesouce! can't wait for what more units we will get at the £90 k pledge level, damn this kickstarter will be expensive!

For more info about this Kickstarter hit the banner below!

Friday 22 March 2013

WARZONE: Worthy Painting video showing Undead Legionnaires

Really nicely painted and really shows how cool looking these models are, can't wait until I get my hands on them.  

Thursday 21 March 2013

WARZONE: Video review of the Cybertronic Everassur

Just watched this video from the TheVoodooOrk where he makes a great little review of the Everassur model for the Cybertronic faction. He have painted it as well and it really looks great and makes you sense how the model looks and compares to Space Marine. Great stuff, check it out!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: February

Yeah quite late for the Feb evaluation I know but batter late than never. Well, I painted quite a lot last month but not much got finished though, especially not when it came to points. So these where the miniatures that I finished last month.

Guardians of the Covenant

1 Deathwing Knight 47 Pts


1 IC Knight 25 Pts

Warriors of Chaos

10 Warhounds 60 Pts (Those cheap bastards :P )

Total: 132 Pts

Not much points painted this month as you can see, the biggest reason for this is that I also started to paint up quite a lot of new miniatures which I wasn't able to finish last month, like the Daemon Prince, ten more Chaos Warriors, along with some more stuff. So expect a lot of more points painted this month instead :).

WARZONE: Capitol unlocked!

Wow that went really fast all of the sudden, from £ 75k to the £ 80k took just two days, which is great because that unlocked the Capitol faction! We also got an announcement of what to expect at £ 85k and that's no other than Mitch Hunter. See the full mail below:

Project Update #32: £80k Stretch Goal Met! £85k Target Announcement

Posted by Prodos Games Ltd

Today we unlocked Capitol! Big Bob Watts and his forces from the starter set are being 3D rendered as I write! We should be able to share in a couple of days.

So now we can announce that Mitch Hunter will be our £85k Stretched Goal! He is a Warzone favourite and we are really looking forward to seeing him in action very soon! (he is the fellow at the bottom of the Capitol picture below).

And finally, please see the image of the Undead Legionnaires below. The new guns and shoulder pads will now come in the starter sets and their Add-on boxes. We hope you like them (the additions for the other starters will be announced later today...

That's great! We will all get some more stuff in our starter boxes now and that just made them even more attractive in my opinion. Also now when we have seen some more of Cybertronic I want to get a starter for them as well. Dammit, don't have that much money! But speaking of money the deal we got at the £ 70k probably helped the KS a lot as I think many people including me upped the pledges when they saw it. 10 % is quite a lot of more stuff you get if you buy a Dark Legion or more (which happened to be the pledge level I was at, now I have added £90 for some add ons as well, I will be needing it :P)

Follow the banner link below for more info about the Kickstarter for this awesome game!

Tuesday 19 March 2013

WoC: 2400 Mono Tzeentch Armylist

So since the new armybook came out I have been writing some lists that I think should be fun to try out, whenever I get to play a game. As I'm doing a mostly Tzeentch army some of those lists of course are mono Tzeentch. And even if I think that Mono Nurgle is probably the most competitive of the mono lists I think Tzeentch can do some quite cool and hard lists as well.

I will post up more in the near future and I hope I get some comments on these lists from more experienced players (that means probably most of my readers :p ) and what they think about them. I don't really do totally fluffy lists and I have big problems painting models I know are crap on the battlefield. These lists will therefore have effect on what I paint in the future and most lists will at least be semi competitive (in my opinion anyhow).

So on the the the list. As I said it's mono Tzeentch, still unsure if I will go with Metal of Tzeentch for Lore, will try both. I also went with Throgg and some Trolls as I think they both will look cool on the battlefield and be quite a paint for the enemy to handle, especially if I throw in the Bsb in there as well. This list is actually quite defensive for being WoC, with dual Hellcannons for some long range shooting hopefully backed up with some Magic as well. So.. please tell me what you think.

2400 Pts  -   Warriors of Chaos Army

Lords: 415 Pts (17%)

1 Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch @ 415.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch; General; Lore of Metal; Magic Level 4; Chaos Armour
     Enchanted Shield
     Talisman of Preservation
     Third Eye of Tzeentch
     Chaos Familiar
     Sword of Striking
     Disc of Tzeentch

Heroes: 446 Pts (18%)

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch @ 251.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch; Halberd; Barding; Chaos Armour; Battle Standard
     Talisman of Endurance
     Soul Feeder
     Daemonic Mount

1 Troll King Throgg @ 195.0 Pts
     Great Weapon
     #The Wintertooth Crown

Core: 702 Pts (29%)

17 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch @ 336.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch; Chaos Armour; Shield; Standard, Musician, Aspiring Champion

7 Trolls @ 266.0 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30.0 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30.0 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 40.0 Pts

Special: 415 Pts (17%)

1 Chimera @ 275.0 Pts
     Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh

1 Gorebeast Chariot of Tzeentch @ 140.0 Pts
     Mark of Tzeentch

Rare: 420 Pts (17%)

1 Hellcannon @ 210.0 Pts

1 Hellcannon @ 210.0 Pts

 Models in Army: 49

Total Army Cost: 2398 pts

Thursday 14 March 2013

WoC: Tzeentch/Nurgle Daemon Prince finished!

I has felt like this model has been almost finished for a while now, you now.. some minor things needs fixing there and one more highlight there. I still feel like that a little but I made up my mind and I now think that the Daemon Prince is finished.
As some of you may know already my Chaos force will be a mostly Tzeentch, and the main colours therefore is blue.... But... I also want to be able to field units and characters belong to the other gods so I tried to stick to the colour theme on this Prince but also add some greens to make it look like it could be a Nurgle prince as well... mostly for gaming purposes as it's hard to justify the Tzeentchy look in the fluff. But maybe he's a heretic Tzeentch prince which is under the influence of grandpa Nurgle or something similar. My favourite explanation so far though is that he is a Tzeentch prince but he discovered a sword (with a tainted green look as you can see) and when he first put it in his hands he got cursed and his Tzeentch powers and spells is changed to the ones of Nurgle. Now he can't drop the sword and he is getting consumed by Nurgle more every day despite the Daemon Princes iron will. 

Or something like that, making up fluff isn't my strong side even though I think it's important. So tell me what you think of him, do you think he can work as a Nurgle Daemon Prince as well or are I'm cheating trying to do this? :P

Tuesday 12 March 2013

WARZONE: £70k level unlocked and Capitol soon?

So the £70k pledge level was reached earlier today which is giving us plastic for all the core troops, may not sound that cool but I think it's good for the future of the game as they can produce cheaper main troops in plastic despite the higher costs of the moulds which are a one time purchase for Prodos Games. What is cooler though is the next 80k pledge goal where we will unlock the fifth faction, Capitol.

Looking forward seeing what they have in store for us regarding the new Capitol models, but until then we got some new concept 3D renders of the Cybertronic Machinators, looking really cool!

Any other who's as excited for this game as me? Please make comment below and tell me what you think about the game and the pictures we have gotten so far. For info about the KS and the game visit the banner below or Prodos webpage.

Warriors of Chaos: Conversion idea gone bad...

Long time since the last update, have not really been busy but I have been sick and stuff so haven't really managed to do anything hobby related lately. I have some stuff coming up as the Daemon Prince and some more WoC stuff but they aren't completely finished yet so you have to do with an failed attempt at making a Tzeentch Skullchrusher count as.

The idea was to have the knights mounted atop of big lions, and there is the problem really. The lions are to small! I haven't seen the Lions of Chrace from the HE Chariot in a long while and didn't remember how big they where. And suddenly there where two chariots up on eBay and I made a gamble and bought them.

Well they where tad to small I think, at least for Chaos Warriors :P As you can see on the pic above they don't look so bad compared to Demigryphs, when the lion is standing a top mountain and rock at least. The main problem though is the size of the rider and the short legs of the lion, is dosn't look menacing and big enough to look like a Skullcrusher count as. 

This looks really obvious when directly compared to a Skullchrusher of course. So I have to can this idea and come up with a new idea on what to do with two He Lion chariots, any suggestions?
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