Wednesday 30 May 2012

Got some Warhammer for my Birthday, sadly also Failcast

So I'm now 27 years old, how does it feel? Just like yesterday. Anyhow, I got some really neat things like Season 1 of Game of Thrones and Rome S1 and S2 on Blu-ray, some nice clothes, a book and some Warhammer of course. I got the awesomely huge Empire Griffon, and I must say it looks like a really nice kit. Besides the huge Griffon and the different configurations for it there's actually three different riders, Karl Franz, a General and a Amber Wizard. Will do some conversions and try to make use of all the three riders.

Yeah for you who got good eyesight, I'm having error 37 on Diablo 3 as well.

I also got my second Finecast Hellcannon (I bought one myself a couple of days ago). The first one was really nice, just some bubbles but otherwise really nice. But the one I got today was sadly a failcast version as you can see on the pics below. This dwarf was the the worst one I got in the kit, strangely I also got a second in the kit instead of one of the other three. The one on the comparison picture is the one from the good kit though. The cannon it self looked all right but not as good as the first one I got, but two of the same model, one really bad and one quite good and a third differently posed model was also not looking good makes me going to turn it in for a new one.

The one to the right is from my first purchase, and the second one is from my birthday present.

After I got the first one together with my Empire Witch hunter made me think that maybe GW has gotten better with their Finecast, apparently I was wrong. It isn't okey for a kit to look like that for the big price tag they have. I will be making a new review of Finecast really soon to make some more comparisons and see how my new second kit will look like, so stay tuned.

Monday 28 May 2012

Review: White dwarf 390

It's always fun to look into the postbox and see a new White Dwarf lying there, I have now read through most parts of the latest issue which arrived last week. And Games Workshop continues to deliver a nice and solid magazine.

New Releases
The major release this month is for 40k once again. And it's flyers this time, and there is three of them. First one is for Space Marines, Stormtalon as it is called is attack vehicle capable of flying fast or go into hover mode for easier targeting of enemy tanks and infantry. It can also transport stuff into battle. At first I didn't really like the model, I thought it looked bulky and a bit odd. But as I look at it more I now quite like it and thinks it's a fitting for any Space Marine army. Next up we have the Nightscythe/Doomscythe for the Necrons. A new cool looking shiny toy for the Necrons who have been really spoiled with nice looking models lately. I really like the look of this model as It reminds me a little of a Batman Batwing, although I think it would have looked even cooler with an canopy for the pilot even If I know he don't need one. But the coolest looking as of now in my opinion is the WW2 inspired Ork Boomer which can be made into three different configurations, Dakka Jet, Burna-Boomer and the Blitza-Boomer. Really funny and nice rules for them as well.

But there isn't just 40k stuff, there is also a little something for Fantasy and Orcs and Goblins. Two new plastic character kits for Savage Orc Big Boss and a Goblins shaman. And I must say, I love these plastic character kits. It may not have as much details (which most of the time are more or less unnecessary) as metal/finecast models but they look good, have sculpted bases and are cheaper. And do I have to mention that there is no bubbles or other misscasts. So far I love all of the plastic character kits, and these new ones is no exception. Great looking and I will surely incorporate them into my army in the future.

Painting and Modelling

GW continues to give us all the little painting tutorials we need to getting started to paint with the new Citadel Paints and this time it's how to paint White Scars and their SM weapons, a Red Dakkajet including it's crazy pilot and the Stormtalon in smurf..ehh.. I mean Ultramarines colours. We also get to see how to paint the Savage Orc Big boss which of course can be applied to all Savage Orcs.

There are no really modelling tips in this issue but there is a Scenery Showcase showing a Witchfate Tor and Gardern of Morr turned into a Reiksguard Chapter House, looks really cool and I am actually thinking about doing something similar for my Knights of Morr.

Rules and Fluff
Not that much actually, but there is some really usefull stuff. Like the rules for each of the new 40k flyers. There are also focus on the three armies, White Scars, Orks and Necrons with a new scenario which of course incorporates the new aircraft's. The scenario is called The battle for Cardrim and there is plenty of pre-this scenario history and fluff.

Not much gaming at all in this issue. No battle report at all this time which is a shame, I want my Empire Battle Report!

A nice read filled with quite usefull stuff actually, still like the Painting guides, new rules etc. So all in all a solid issue this time. There are many things I miss from the old days like more modelling tips, displays of other than Eavy Metal armies (Eavy metal armies looks really nice but you have seen then a million times now, the white scars in this issue was nice though) and more and better Battle Reports. Well time will tell if we get more of these things in the future or not, but until then you can buy this issue and still have a good time reading it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Empire Update: Demigryph Knights finished!

Yep, the first unit of three Demigryph Knights are finally finished. They do take some time to paint as I really want them to look good. I'm really satisfied with how the unit turned out and will now focus on some other projects for a while and finish up the next three Demigyphs later on. Great kit to work with and I really like how they look, and even if it may look a bit odd with the enormous bases it's nice to have some space to work with when doing the basing.

Don't know what I want to do next, have many different projects going on. Still painting the War Altar and have decided to go with (morr)flaggies dragging the wagon instead of horses, but the thing is not fun to paint at least not the main chassi. Also painting some Halberdiers, Greatswords and need to paint some wizards and start on the Hurricanum. Meanwhile I also want to start to paint up some WoC again and will probably do a command group for the Khorne Marauders soon, as well as painting up some more Tzeentch Warriors. Much to do and so little time :/ So sorry for the lack of updates lately, been totally focused on getting these babies done and also been playing a little of D3 Hopefully it won't take to long for the next update.

Friday 18 May 2012

WoC Update: Big reinforcements incoming! And new GW paints

A mini update this time but wanted to show you the latest big purchase I made on Tradera (Swedish eBay). Haven't counted the pts but I feel it's quite much, many characters and Warriors of Chaos.

48 new Warriors, will doing some converting on them and change some weapons and stuff (to halberds) dunno how to paint them all yet but I'm leaning on making one unit Nurgle with halberds (the green ones on the right) and one Khorne and maybe one more Tzeentch or Slaneesh. Also 20 more Hounds. 

20 Chosen (I have just assembled 10 of them here), 10 Knights, 1 Khorne Lord on Juggernought. Khorne Lord on foot, Sayl the faithless (from Tamurkhan), 1 Nurgle Sorc, and 1 Lord on Deamonic Steed and all the last three I got duplicates of (including Sayl), so need some ideas and maybe suggestions of what to do with them.

Some more bitz and stuff.

The rest of the stuff I haven't assermbled yet, 10 chosen and all the duplicates of the heroes. Also 2 Wulrik and 1 Sigwald.

Also got this "little" beauty. Khorne Daemon Prince, need some more assembling, a base and some more colour (he was already painted like this when I got him, a bit unsure if I shall continue painting him this way or more Khorn'y' )

Yes I got two Sayl the faithless, thinking of making one of them into an Empire Wizard! :O

Also got some new GW paints today a little of everything except the the washes... I mean shades, which I got all of (I like washes/shades) also all four glazes which will be really intresting to test out and some other stuff. Have tried out some of the shades and glazes already which you can see on the more green warriors in the first picture. Will try them out more and make a post of what I think about them.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Painting Break? Diablo III is here!

Twelve years of waiting for this little goodie. I know this post isn't really war gaming related but I just had to make a little post about a game that just arrived, Diablo III. I have waited for this title since I played D2: Lord of Destruction back in the day and most of the time I felt that it won't probably be a new game (even though this would have been a real stupid move financially from Blizzard). But now the day is here, and I can't start to play until the evening. Well I guess I have to wait just a little longer.

My Diablo III Collectors Edition, a lot of nice stuff in the box

So what does this mean for my lovely little figurines that need some paint so badly, I may paint a little bit less as I also want to spend my preciously small amount of free time playing D3. But most of this time I will take from my Ps3 gaming time so I won't abandon my painting sessions and this blog. Actually have two smaller updates coming quite soon so stay tuned, and go play some D3 in the meantime.

Sunday 13 May 2012

WoC Update: Marauders, Warhounds and Lord

No Empire update? No, I actually got an little injection of interest in my WoC so I decided to finish some miniatures that have stood on the shelf for some time just half finished. So why this sudden interest then? You who follow me on twitter may have seen that I got a quite nice deal on Tradera (swedish eBay) with a lot of WoC miniatures. Haven't got them yet but some of the stuff I will get is 48 warriors (omg I will have many Warriors), ten knights (need these as the 10 I already had was converted into Empire knights), 20 warhounds (so I will have 30 of them), 20 Chosen and a lot of characters including Wulfric, Sigwald, Nurgle sorc, Khorne lord on juggernaught and more. But the ,ost awesome stuff is the forgeworld stuff, Sayl the faithless with his spawn from Tamurkhan and the Khorne Deamon Prince, all for a really reasonable price in my opinion. I also needed a little break from my Empire but I'm now painting my Demigryph Knights again.

So expect more WoC stuff in the future, will get my new toys next week and I think I can't hold my painting hands from them to long. Until then you can look at what I've finished for now, 4 new Warhounds (tzeentch looking) 2 more Khorne Marauders with GWs (have more on the way) and a WIP of my Tzeentch Lord/Sorcerer Lord with magnetized torso so I can change between this, Manticore mount or horse and Disc. Hope you like them.

Together with the rest of the gang, hopefully a lot more will join their ranks.

One of the inspirations for the war paint (yeah I know, I love to paint war paint on my minis) was from Kratos in God of War

The back with war paint and snowy bases.
Four new Warhounds painted a little bluer this time
And together with their friends, just three more to complete the unit.

And some photos of my Tzeentch Lord/Sorc Lord from different angles. Will be making more options for him as I have magnetized him like Disc, Horse etc.

 And for last a little pic of all the painted stuff for my WoC army, it's really slowly building up but I will paint more and faster as soon as I finish some more Empire projects.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Empire Update: Four Greatswords and a Helblaster Finished

Another Empire update now with some more Greatswords that ups the unit to ten strong. Just twenty or so more to paint. I've also finished the Helblaster Volley Gun, the cannon itself was a pain to paint actually. And that's because I totally failed to dip it when I was a beginner with dipping models, don't even now why I did it because I should have known that the dip would fill all the gaps between the barrels. Anyway, I needed to strip it from paint and dip which was a pretty big task in itself. But I didn't manage to remove everything so some details don't look that great. It looks okay as it is know I reckon, and I have a new one I need to paint as well and I won't even try to dip that one.

That's all for know, I'm working hard on a lot of Empire things at the moment and hopefully I will finish painting two more Demigryph Knights and the War Altar soon.

Friday 4 May 2012

WIP: War Altar of Morr Progress

I'm taking it slow with this conversion as I still haven't figured it all out how I'm going to Morr:ify the War Altar. Now I think I have some decent ideas and I've started the assembling and painting of the model. I actually paint most of the parts individually as the interior and stuff is much harder to paint once the whole model is assembled and there is so much details so I recommend going with this route.

Accept from the Statue I haven't done any real conversions yet. I will paint most of it and assemble most of it before I do most of the conversions. I plan on fill the windows with plasti card and have some Morr:y stuff there like more candles (which we get plenty of in the kit), more skulls, hourglass etc. I will also cover the chassi in black roses which I'm currently making with roses from the Garden of Morr and I'm in the process of copying them with Instant Mold.

The statue is from the Garden of Morr but thought it looked a bit skinny on top of that altar so I took the wings from my old War Altar :-o chopped the and glued them to this statue. As you can see on the pic the whole thing is tinted on the altar and that because I haven't glued on the altar yet as you can understand from what I've mentioned earlier. And as it is right now it can't stand upright by it self.

I have also found my Morr High Priest I think. Was going for the Arch Lector found in the War Altar Kit but I went another route instead. I found the this 40k Sisters of Battle Confessor and thought that may be good looking High Priest and I think the pose is excellent for the altar (sorry I couldn't show this on the pic, the whole model will tip if I put him there now when its unglued). I also found it fitting with him holding the icon in his hands, so I will do some green stuff work on this guy. I will use the Death Wizard scythe as his weapon and I will green stuff a robe (and the top of his head of course) and change the necklace. Think it will look rather nice.

So what do you think? Any more suggestions and ideas on how to Morr:ify the War Altar. Is it something you think I should change? All comments are very welcome.
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