Monday, 30 March 2015

Miniature Monday: Imperial Blood Berets

Monday again and finally I have these guys finished. It's five more Blood Berets for my Imperial force in Warzone: Resurrection, this time with Chain Rippers. Fun to paint but they do take some time for sure. I'm really happy with how they turned out though and work nice together with my first five guys, both boxes where bought almost exactly one year ago at Gothcon. Hopefully there's some more nice stuff to buy this year ^^.

Anyway here's the pictures, I also tried a new background for the pics, don't know If I'm all to keen on the result though, might be the lighting though. Please let me know in the comments. Which is better?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Unboxing: Mantic Games Crazy Box (Sci fi/Fantasy 20014 edition)

Hi there, this video unboxing has been long overdue because of several things, mainly problems transferring the movie clips from my camera which is isn't working as it should right now.

But... even if this is kind of late, and you can't purchase the 2014 ed version anymore, it's still a hint on how this years Crazy Box could look. As I said, I did a video unboxing of this one. So hope you enjoy and over too.... myself!

If you also purchased one of these boxes, either this one or the sci fi only one, please share what you got in it. Always interesting too hear how random they are.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Robotech RPG Tactics is here!

I know you in the States have had this for some time now, but finally we European backers get our Wave 1 stuff too. I will do a proper unboxing of it soon, but I can say now already that it looks like a really nice box. And with millions (almost anyway) parts in it for assembling your miniatures, it will take some time to build these up that's for sure.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Kickstarter: Last 24 hours of Blood Rage!

Haven't mentioned this game I'm currently backing over at Kickstarter, it's called Blood Rage. You might however have seen it on many other wargaming sites becasue even if this is a tabletop game, it has a lot of awesome looking miniatures. Not only that, but the game looks like really fun to play you also get a lot of value from the boxed game with 'rewards' unlocked so far.

Miniatures is made by the famous Mike McVey and is looking stunning and the best of it all, it's vikings! You also get som really nice artwork in the game, made by no other than Adrian Smith. The game itself is produced by Guillotine Games, most famous for their Zombicide games, and gameplay comes from the game designer Eric M. Lang with many different games under his belt, among them Chaos in the Old World, Wh 40k Conquest, Warhammer: Invasion XCOM, Star Wars: The Card Game and more.

So why won't you go and look for yourself if it looks interesting, Kickstarter page is here. And below you will see what you get right now.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

News: Snotling Fling - Official Trailer

The crazy things people come up with, ever wanted to play Angry Birds in 3D? And shoot snotlings and goblin doomdivers instead? Well this is your kind of game. Looks like fun, but these kind of games (angry birds and the like) aren't my cup tea really. What do you think?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Miniature Monday: Space Marine with airbrushed Power Sword

Hey there, missed last Miniature Monday but now I have model to show you. It's actually an model I painted several years ago, but I wanted to try and do a power sword effect that you commonly see now days. You pretty much need to do this with an airbrush, so I wanted to try it out. In the same process I also updated the paint work on the rest of the model to better match how my Guardians of the Covenant looks now.

Took some hurriedly pictures of this guy so first photo the airbrushed power sword is in focus.

And on this one you get better focus on the actual Marine. 

I know the middle isn't actually in the middle. Did a mistake on both sides with the masking tape, not getting in the middle. Well it's my first one and I have to be more careful, you learn by your mistakes. 
All in all, the technique does not take long to do at all, I did this fast when my little daughter took a nap. For my first try I'm happy with how it turned out. I know I can make smother transitions because the airbrush where not in perfect shape when I did this.

Oh, and here's the recipe. White undercoat (I didn't have that luxury on this one though as it was painted red before), Model Color Sky Blue from Vallejo, then Vallejo Model Air French Blue, and for last Vallejo Model Air Signal Blue. I followed this guy's tutorial pretty much which you can find here. I also recommend the rest of his channel BuyPainted, he has some really nice tutorials there.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Baron Leopold von Jaeger III

Jaeger considers himself a hunter more than a military man; he spent his childhood honing the art of the hunt in the jungles of House Piquarde, near Helmutsport on Venus. The skills he developed while hunting Devilcat, Venusian Python and alike on his ancestral home, have placed him in good stead within the Bauhaus Military and specifically the Bauhaus Artillery Korps (BAK), where he has excelled for 40 or so years. He is a strange sight to behold upon the battlefield, decked in the finery of a Bauhaus Kapitan, over which he wears his tatty fifty year old heavy leather hunting jacket. Perched upon his arm is his faithful hunting hawk ‘Hans’.

He wears a monocle and has the most magnificent of mustaches. Jaeger’s talents have afforded him the leniency of his superiors in regards to his less than standard tactics and appearance. When an enemy needs to be hunted in a brash show of Bauhaus military force, Jaeger is the man for the job. His befuddled appearance abelies a shrewd and tactical mind, a mind that sees a battle as something beneath him; much rather would he be hunting down a stealthy and intelligent foe in a series of precise attacks and feints, finally finishing the worthy opponent in a large, precise and devastating bombardment, obliterating them from existence. He scorns any mission given to him that does not spark his hunter’s interest, giving it the least of his attention. This has led to no end of disciplinaries, but his exemplary record elsewhere has ensured his current batch of superiors utilize the ‘old Baron’ where he is at his best.

Jaeger will always be found amongst the howitzers and cannons of his korps, surrounded by tables filled with maps and antiquated instruments of cartography and survey, reams of ink and guava splattered plans billow in the wind, detailing his target and the intricacies of the particular hunt. He will often go beyond his station, taking control of the larger army, ignoring the counter of his field superiors, wielding their men as if his own. Placing them, repositioning them and distributing them ready so that they will funnel the prey. Constantly muttering to himself as he discusses his plans with Hans, often getting into loud argument with the tempestuous bird as it’s ‘suggestions’ infuriate the Baron. Eventually, the moment will come when he has positioned, or funnelled, his prey. ‘Check mate’ he will mutter under his breath as Hans squawks and flaps in excitement. ‘FIRE!’ he screams before his guns reply.

Text taken from Prodos Shop

The Baron is an new addition to the MC universe, and a really cool one as well. Ingame he can do some nice things making your Artillery more effective. So on to what we get in the box then.

Here's all the things you get in the box, one 30 mm round lipped base, the model an one stat card.

On the backside you see how to assemble him.

The model comes in three parts, details are excellent and I didn't find any mold lines or air bubbles at all. 

The stat card with all the necessary information you need to use him in your games. Love the art here as well.
A great addition to your artillery. 
Many nice little details, like his shoulderpads, medals and the monocle. Oh and the shell he is standing on. 

I might have put his right arm a little wrong but that is easily solved with greenstuff. 

Here he is assembled, really easy to put together with super glue. The details is really crisp just check out the markings on his shoulderpads, lovely! The model oozes character and I can't wait to get him painted and put him on the battlefield.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

News: End Times Archaon, Wrathmongers and Skullreapers from next WD

Pictures from the next issue of White Dwarf showing us the fifth End Times book Archaon, and also some new Khorne choices for Warriors of Chaos armies and Legions of Chaos armies. Khorne variants of the Blight Kings pretty much, I like them but would have rather seen something more different, and preferably something Tzeentch!!! Anyway here's the pics, and they are from the Plastic Krak blog

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