Wednesday, 27 January 2016

WIP Wednesday

I have soo many unfinished projects right now, but here's the stuff I hopefully will get finished really soon.

Continuing the Savage Orcs, but takes time now when I decided I have to work some more on their skin.

Also for for Tzeentch army, a Spawn which is nearly done and a Chaos Knight. Not great pictures, but that's what I'm doing right now. Will try to post more here, even if it's just short posts like this one.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Miniature Monday: Orruks and Grots!

Continuing on my work on converting my Orcs and Goblins into Orruks and Grots (ugh... hate calling them Grots... ) for Age of Sigmar.

This is not only a change of base from squares to rounds, I also repaint them quite extensively into the new colors I think I will go with for my Forces of Destruction. Mainly black and orange, also I redo their skins into real green skin even if it's paler to most Orc/Goblin skins.

Anyway, I quite like how they are shaping up. Please tell me what you think.

Orruk Shaman

  Gobli... Grot Wolf Rider

Monday, 11 January 2016

Miniature Monday: Savage Orcs.. Orruks or whatever...

Hey there, just a quick post.. Miniature Monday time, actually started to work a little on my Orcs and Goblins... Or Orruks and Grots! Anyway, new colorscheme, new type of basirng and doing some touch ups as well.

Here's the first finished ones, five Savage Orcs.. Savage Orruks... yeah you understand.. Tell me what you think.

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