Tuesday 29 October 2013

Warzone: The Rulebook is finished!

We have waited and the Rulebook was delayed because of flooding at the printers and what not but now it's here, and it looks beautiful. Can't wait until I have mine.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Warzone: Latest KS update and photos!

We got a new big KS update today from Prodos where they say how it is going shipping out all the KS orders and some other stuff. We also get to see some new photos of several redone models and some we haven't seen before like the Mirrormen. If you want to see the whole Kickstarter update, go here.

Mirrorman Squad Commander Upgrade (Web Exclusive Model) Pieter Diamond and Archangel Special Character Roberto Feltordo (Convention Exclusive Model)

Cybertronic Mirrormen

Brotherhood Inquisitors

Brotherhood Sacred Warriors

Brotherhood Mortificators

A little portion of the Cards that will be sent out

Sample pages before book is pressed

And for last some info about what to come for Warzone: Ressurection in the near future, looking forward all of these but Imperial in April the most, can't wait. 

Friday 25 October 2013

WoC: Mutalith Vortex Beast is finished!

What an awesome model and it really was a joy to paint up despite taking quite a lot of time to finish it up. In the beginning I actually thought that it probably won't take to long to paint up. that was wrong! Well I think that you can get a really nice result even if you paint it up rather fast, I however went over all the details over and over and made several highlight steps.

This time I actually pretty much followed the digital Warriors of Chaos Painting Guide which you can buy at iBook Store. I liked how it looked in there and I almost did the exact same steps and the "right" colours. Nice and easy to follow and I am really happy with how the end result is.

Hope you like it as well, and feel free to comment below.

Painting Challenge: August - September

I have missed to do post about this the past months. Mostly because I have been busy and the little spare time I have had I wanted to use on painting as much as I could. So did I get anything done these months? Check it out further down.


Warriors of Chaos
7 Nurgle Chaos Warriors - 140 Pts
1 Gorebeast Chariot - 140 Pts

Total: 280 Pts

Comment: I finally managed to finish up the Gorebeast Chariot, it felt like it took forever to paint that model up. I also painted up some more Nurgle Warriors and which makes that unit almost complete, just need three more warriors there. A quite productive month Pts wise as well so I'm happy with this what I achieved in August.

I was most happy with how these turned out this period


Warriors of Chaos
3 Skullchrushers - 234 Pts

1 Halfling Hot Pot (count as a Helstorm Rocket Launcher)  - 120 Pts

Total: 354 Pts

Comment: A even better month Points wise and for being me I painted up the Skullchrushers quite fast when I finally got around and started to paint them. These are probably my my favourites for this period and  I'm really happy with how they turned out. Also finished some Empire models and even Halflings. Awesome model, I may need to some more Highlights on them but other than that I'm happy with how they turned out as well.

So far this year?

Jan - 461 Pts
Feb - 132 Pts
March - 424 Pts
April - 403 Pts
May - 98 Pts
June - 116 Pts
July - 437 Pts
August - 280 Pts

September - 354 Pts

Total so far: 2705 Pts

I painted 3390 Pts last year so I have to step it up to beat it, it's at least 685 Pts left on three months! I can do it!.... I think :D

Monday 21 October 2013

Miniature Monday: Work in Progress

Another Monday and a lot of painting to be done, but many of the things is nearing completion like the Vortex Beast, Nurgle Ogre, Empire Halberdiers and Spawn and then I can concentrate on some other things. One thing I will do a little more in the near future is converting stuff, as you will see further down I have start to build and paint up a Tzeentch Chariot using the Daemons Tzeentch kit (love this kit and will do an article on just how much you can do with it).

I will also try and finish building up my Disc for my Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord a Nurgle DP and convert two Rat Ogres into Chaos Trolls :) A lot of fun and hopefully they will turn out nice as well. In the mean time you can check out WIP photos of the Tzeentch Chariot and a test model for Chaos Warhounds, I wanted them to be different from the ones I already have painted and use these new ones as vanguarding dogs and the ones as vanilla.

That's all for now.

Sunday 20 October 2013

The Empire: Ten Handgunners finished

Another unit for my Ostermark Empire army is finished, ten Handgunners. I got these a while ago painted up quite nicely but in the wrong colour scheme. So I re painted them and 'upgraded' some of the parts I wasn't as happy with. And here's the result, I'm especially fond with the actual conversions here. No model look the same and each one has his own character, so I'm glad I bought these models. The movement tray is magnetized as well so these fellas isn't going anyway I don't want them to go :) As always c & c is very welcome.

Full unit of ten

The back row which I just finished painting

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Rumours: The latest about Dwarfs and Wood Elves

These rumours showed up a couple of days ago but I missed them out, and if you did too here they are:

Found this rumour via librarium-online, who have translated a post by Ajota on the Spanish Eye of Terror forums.

Dwarfs are due in "early 2014"(other sources says March)
Dwarfs news, next army to make their appearance could include:
OrcCrusher / Tunneler (combo kit)
Runic Anvil / War Altar (combo box)
Gyrocopter Squadron Box
Thunderers / Crossbowmen / Dwarf Warriors Box (10)
Hammerers / Ironbreaker Box
Slayers  / Brotherhood of Grimmir Box
Longbeards / Rangers Box

Comment: Can be a solid rumour or a well educated guess. Sounds interesting though, but don't if they are interesting enough. The kit's themselves could be awesome and may get me start to paint up my Dwarfs again but then the rules has to follow that too. Really interested in how these kits will look though, damn I will be poor the month they are released.

GW has to do really nice Slayers to beat the Avatars of War ones
From the same guy Ajota on the Spanish Eye of Terror forum we also got these rumours about Wood Elves.

Hi Guys, new to the forum but a long time Wood Elves player.

The rumour is that the Wood Elves release is May 2014 and I have found some potential rules and releases translated from a Spanish forum, not sure about the accuracy but here goes:

Army wide ASF ( elves only )
- Hawkeye ( only elves , reroll one to hit, single shots)
- Spirit of the Forest ( unstable magical attacks, hatred , 5 + ward save , harmony with the forest )
- Elven Bow ( f4 , rapid fire , extra row )
- Saearath ( cc weapon , +1 Strength , + 1 SEspecial , spears )
- Explorers / Ambushers ( NDT : not what it is )

Forest Guard : Elvish Bow , Hawkeye
Eternal Guard : f4 , Saearath , L8
Light Knights : same
Driades : forms of combat .
Riders Halcon : Elven Bow , Hawk Eye , launches
Kournous Riders : Spirit of the forest, Saearath , L8 , F4 , A2 ( idk if directly go deer)
Arboreal : Spirit of the forest , as
Banshees : Spirit of the forest, Lamento ( breath attack ) , terror .
Eagle Claws : same
Wardancer : same , except for some changes that do not know .
Forest : Forest Spirit , Bow Elvish .
Men Tree: Like I
Millennial choleric : Hate Eternal , and nose to more

And releases

Man Megacaja Tree (Giant) / Durtu / Millennium cashflow
- Great Dragon Box Forest / Lord of the Forest / Sisters of Twilight
- Safety in Deer Forest Kournous
- Safety Kournous Riders (apparently nothing to do with the look of today, more fey and spiritual)
- Safety Wardancer / Forest
- Riders Box Falcon / Eagle Claws
- Safety Eternal Guard / Forest Banshees
- Blister Cantor of Trees
- Blister Lord of Forests
- Blister Skaw the Falconer

Comment: These rumours also seems plausible, especially the special army wide rules. Some strange names here's but I think that is because of the translation in some cases. Anyway can't wait to see Wood Elves back in action, it has always been a really nice looking army. 

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Core Troops

Warriors of Chaos has a really nice mix of Core units, of course Chaos Warriors but also great chaff units like Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen and even Chaos Chariots which are great! Anyhow I have painted some of the basic units I want to use, but also have quite a lot left to do here, mainly paint up Chariots, more Warriors/Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen but also those units I may not use as much, Marauders on foot and Forsaken.

Here's what I have completed so far though, comments is always welcome.

Warriors of Tzeentch

First unit I started to paint for this army army and the colour scheme I later based all of my on. They are now 22 men strong but will be 24 men strong when finished, Most of the unit is just bits from the warriors kit but there are also banner, weapons and heads from Chaos Knights kit and a head from the new Chariot kit. As you can see there's also two Pink Horrors in there, really like those 6th ed models and will probably add some more of them. If you want to now how I painted these, there's a Painting Tutorial here

Warriors of Nurgle 

I wanted a Nurgle unit as well, with halberds, but I wanted them to be in blue like rest of the army and still look like they belong Nurgle. This is the result, and I'm quite pleased with it. I added a lot of Nurgle bits like heads from the Forsaken kit and Chariot Kit and a old banner from Beastmen Pestigors. All Halberds is from the metal GW kit where you buy ten Halberds which fits perfectly into the sockets on the arms of the models. I also used the metal Nurgle icons on some of the Shields here. I also added some Daemons to this unit with some old 6th ed metal Plaguebearers.


Among the first models I painted for this army was two of the Warhounds and then for some reason it took more than a year before I actually finished these two units. I'm quite happy with how they look, but I will go with something different on the next ones. These will then count as normal Warhounds and new ones as Vanguarding dogs.

Chaos Chariot of Tzeentch
Probably the most popular choice now a days is the Chariot, why? Well it's Core and they are awesome! I haven't painted many yet, just one ordinary chariot and one Gorebeast which you will see in the Special section. The first of the Core chariots is an Tzeentch chariot, which is probably the most uncommon of the marks accept Undivided. I wanted to do this conversion since I first saw the DoC Tzeentch Chariot, and down below is the the result. More pics here.

Saturday 12 October 2013

News: Latest Warzone Resurrection pics

Via the latest KS update we got to see some more pictures of stuff we haven't seen as actual models before. Also I have kept quite quiet about Warzone lately but now people are starting to get their models. For example you can check out my WZ buddies blogs and see some unboxings and what not.




All who have received their models so far says the quality is top notch and I can't wait until I get my stuff as well. 

Here's the latest pics as well, awesome models!

Monday 7 October 2013

Review: White Dwarf Oct 2013

Pictures where circulating long before (than usual at least) the magazine was out this time, but there where also quite a lot of rumours regarding this months Release. So did we get any useful information or did we get any clarifications about the rumours? See below.

This review is a little late because I got my subscription issue one week late, it seems like I have this problem each other month. Strange...

New Releases
This month it's Dark Elves who get a much needed facelift, and some new plastic kits as well. All are presented in a really nice way with a green backgrounds or with awesome terrain in the background. We get  nice and clear pictures of all the new models and I must say I like pretty much all of them, even the Hydra who many didn't like that much. We get a little preview of the book as well and it looks like nice book as always, and we also get some bits about other new releases like, Codex Supplement Tau: Farsight Enclaves, the computer game Blood Bowl: Star Coach, second Forgeworld HH book Massacre and a lovely painted version of the WH Forge Merwyrm.

The Best
Aside from the Dark Elves part which of course is a large part of the issue there is actually quite good mix in this issue. Of course we get mostly fantasy because of the DE but there's plenty of Wh40k stuff as well. Like an article explaining what we will get from the new FF Horus Heresy book 'Massacre' and another part about how sculptors Will Hayes and Mark Bedford thought when making the Mechanicum models.

We get the conclusion of the War Diary where we see all the completed Army Display's, all of them looks really nice and there is a nice mix of armies as well. My favourites are the Carl Dafforn's Ogres with some lovely snow and ice effects and Dan Harden's Ostermark Empire army.

In this month's Parade Ground we once again see some really nice models taken from this years Throne of Skulls as well as from 'The Fang Painting Comp' in Netherlands.

There are some things that I think is both good and not so good, so here's the good part about them.

The Battle Report have really nicely taken pictures in this issue and you can clearly see what happens on the battlefield, they also showed us Points costs in both armies so we can see that they are balanced (at least points wise). It is also nice to see some Orcs and Goblins in the bat rep.

The next thing that I did like but that I have some issues with are the Army of the Month which is from fellow blogger Garfy over at A Tale of Painters. And don't get me wrong, it's extremely well painted and it's one of the largest Wh40k armies Iv'e ever seen, and painted in that high standard is amazing. Also some of the pics taken here is extremely cool (see the one with the Thunderhawk).

The not as good
So what's wrong with it? Nothing really, it's pretty much up to my personal taste to be honest. But Ultra Marines no matter how good they are painted, converted or anything else don't excite me much. And that is because we have see them so many times in Codexes, White Dwarfs you name it so even if the paint job is amazing I still think they look boring. Also this is fourth Space Marine army of the month since the new format WD started (fifth if counting CSM), more diversity here please. This may have come out as a rant on Garfy's army, that is not my intention at all. His army as Army of the Month is well deserved, but still.... they are Ultra Marines!

So next one then, the Battle Report. The biggest problem I have with it is the imbalance between the armies in it. [SPOILER] The DE army looks quite solid and balanced, especially for a WD Bat rep with big blocks of troops and some really hard hitting units. The Orcs & Goblins on the other hand sucked quite badly, they do have the big Savage Orc big un block with Shaman and shrunken head but that pretty much on the only really competitive in here. A unit of fiften Orcs? A unit of 20 common goblins? Why? Sure I think this is a hard matchup for the Orcs and Gobbos anyway, but I think adding some War machines, Fanatics, Manglers and what not should have made the game more even at least.

According to the Bat rep itself you could read that the first game they had went even worse for the O&G player which lost all of his troops in Turn 2. Crazy. I totally understand that not all Bat reps will be tight games where we only see the winner in turn 6, but this fight was over just before it begun. I could see only looking at the lists that the O&G would loose hard. And this frankly made the report a quite boring read.

There where some segements missing this month as well, like the Armchair General and Kit Bash. Not a huge loss but those two have potential to be good articles.

Felt like I wrote a lot of negative stuff in this review, but I actually quite liked this issue. Good variety and much of it is interesting to read. Of course there is always room to improvement, more fluff and narrative for example. Also my biggest concern is the re readability, except for some minor things like painting tips and such there isn't much that makes you feel you want to read again in the near future. I guess this has much to do with all the 'useful' stuff GW puts in iBook store now, much of those articles would fit perfectly in WD, some already have and some would have been in it if it wasn't for the additional money GW can make by selling them individually instead, shame really.

Rating: 3

Sunday 6 October 2013

Review: Kromlech Weathering Powders

A while back I got my hands on four Weathering Powders from Kromlech, I have now tried them out a little and here's my thoughts. First of all I must say that these are the first Weathering Powders Iv'e tried so far so I can't really compare to any other company's products. They do look similar to the Forgeworld ones for example though.

Also as you will probably see in the coming picture examples below I've just tested these straight away, I'm a total newbie with weathering so bare with me that these examples probably isn't the best way to actually show how to use them for best effect. 

The idea behind this review is to do from a newbies perspective and compare it to use normal colours like I did before, so take it for what it is.

As I said I was given four of the Powders, and powders I felt I most likely would use a lot. First of all the Orange Rust which I have tried out quite much already and will probably use a lot more in the future. For example you can see how I have applied the rust on the Nurgle Warriors below with Orange Rust as the last "highlight" of the Rust. It was easy to apply and I did that both with and without a mixture with the powder and Lahmian Medium.

In the next example below I have used the Orange Rust, Soot Black and Concrete Grey to give the Rhino a more worn look, compare it to the other side of the Rhino where I have only used normal colours.

All was really easy to do and was easiest when mixed with a little Medium, I probably went a little over board with the rust and should have painted that a little better I feel. In the lower part of the chassi I first applied Soot Black and then Concrete grey over that, around the vents I used only Soot Black. 

In the example above you can also look on how I could make this effect on the barrel of a Cannon, I painted on Soot Black straight from the pot at first and then with Medium closest to the gun barrel. I then took some of it away with my finger to let some of the metal shine trough. This totally gives the cannon a new look and it looks like it has been used. You can do this with washes as well I guess but this was much easier and you don't have to wait for it to dry before you give it another coat. 

So last Powder then was the Dark Dirt, I applied this in the upper Razorback picture. If you compare it with the lower pic there isn't a huge difference but the Powder does make it more realistic and I really like the effect it gave the Razorback. Doing this to one side took me like a minute to do, so it's really easy to do and fast.

I know that there are plenty of more refined methods of using Weathering Powders, but as a beginner I thought they where really easy to use and you got a nice weathering effect straight away. You could probably use washes and normal paints to get similar effects but I don't think that it would look as good and foremost it would be much more time consuming. Because using Weather Powders is really fast and easy method to use so these Powders from Kromlech is much recommended. So if you are interested in them be sure to check them out over at their website

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