Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Painting: AoW Berserker finished

Okay this model has been finished for a while, haven't showed it here just yet. Was going for an Empire update today but there's been much going on IRL so I went for something I already had taken photos of.

And this is the first AoW model I ever painted, and it was indeed quite fun to paint. Partly because I haven't painted a slayer (or in this case a 'Berserker') in years but also because it is a really nice model. I will post a review of what I think about the Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers kit soon I hope, but until then you can at least look how I painted the first of them.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch and some Chaos WIP photos

As promised a little update today. I choose to show you guys some of my Warriors of Chaos stuff that I'm currently working on. First row of Chaos Warriors are done with a matching movement tray, going for a unit of eighteen warriors with hand weapons and shields. I will mostly have Tzeentch stuff in the army and the burning eye of Tzeentch is a thing that will show show up here and there.

And that leads to the next thing, a Warshrine of Tzeentch with a burning eye on top of a disc of Tzeentch made of greenstuff, plasticard and a lid from a Swedish tobacco product called snus. The whole thing will be dragged by an old Dragon ogre miniature. It's almost done, will paint the rest up and and add a chain and maybe put a little Pink horror on there somewhere.

Next up is some early WIP:s of two Chaos sorcerers, I will keep of of them as it is without any converting but I couldn't resist on the other one. Took a skull instead of the normal head for the miniature and tried to make flames in green stuff. Don't know if I like how the flames turned out but think it will look better when painted up.

That's all for know, I will continue making these posts of what my current projects are with my different armies. So expect more of this and probably some Empire stuff next time.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Painting: Unitfiller and Savage Orcs finished!

Haven't posted anything new for a while, but today I'm home alone with my baby so when she as sleep I can do some warhammer stuff. Anyway, yesterday I finished five new Savage Orcs and one for the Unitfiller which is now officially finished!

Must say they are really fun to paint, which is lucky because I have some more to paint. With the Ogre unitfiller I got nineteen painted Savage Orcs and I want a unit of at least thirty and later forty in horde formation. So here they are, next time I got some WIP shots of some Empire and Chaos Warrior stuff.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Current Projects: WIP Mangler Squig, Savage Orcs and a new Forest troll

I wanted to show you the current progress of my Orcs and Goblins projects at the moment. Continuing with the Mangler squig next step there is to make the second squig. As you can see on the Savage Orcs they need some more paint and a little shower in the Quickshade. Here's also the first WIP photo of the third Forest Troll, this time made from an old River troll so I needed a little more green stuff here. Still some more GS work to do with him so he doesn't look to diffenent from the other two.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Getting motivated to paint your miniatures

The hobby of war gaming is very time consuming, and the painting/converting part can take a lot of time. So sometimes it can be hard to keep up being motivated to paint your miniatures. Especially when the pile of unpainted miniatures keeps getting higher and higher, but despair not! Here's some little hints that have helped me.

The left dwarf is the first citadel miniature I ever painted, the right one was not so long ago
  • Goals and stay focused! I actually suck at this, but I at least try to focus on one project (or three, four) at a time and try to finish them. Creating objectives is a great way of staying focused, for example finish painting an army for a tournament. And/or making weekly or monthly objectives like painting 500 pts of miniatures each month.
  • Do something else when you paint! Not any advanced stuff though, you still need your hands free to actually paint. But it really helps if you paint in company with others or listen to music. Or do as I do I usually do, watch tv-shows on your computer while you paint. Don't loose your focus on the painting part though.Some of my favourites are Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Batman the animated series, Firefly, X-files, Weeds, How I met your mother, Family guy, Big bang theory (comedy shows can be dangerous while you paint though). Currently watching Smallville as I'm a Super Hero nerd atm. If your want to get into a fantasy mood I recommend Game of Thrones, awesome show but you will be hooked in front of the screen so you can't paint in the meantime.
  • Share your work with the world! A blog like this or on a forum, facebook etc.. Take some photos of your painted minis and upload them to somewhere where people can see it. Hopefully you get comments and suggestions about your work, that may make you a better painter and helping you to get motivated to paint more and show more of the stuff you paint. All the nice comments I get here and on forums sure helps me a lot.
  • Don't get discouraged and hone your painting skills! Even at if you aren't great at painting miniatures, do it anyway. We have all been beginners as you can see on the pictures above, but you have to start somewhere and continue to paint and train your skills is the best and only method of getting better. And don't be afraid of testing out new techniques, paints, brushes and so on. 
  • Good and organized painting place! Try to have a nice place to paint your miniatures and to keep all your paints, bitz, brushes, basing materials and other stuff you need. If you have all things organized it's easier put all your time into actually paint the miniatures, instead of looking for that painting pot you just must have right now for half an hour. I suck at this to I'm afraid, but I do sometimes get the I need to try clean up and organize all the things again.
Well it works with an disorganized desk when you paint as well.

Well that's all I can come up with at the moment, I think most of you know these things already but it can be a good thing to be reminded sometimes.

    Saturday, 13 August 2011

    Painting: Savage Ogre is finished

    Now I'm finished with the base and the Savage Ogre for my unit filler. Will just add a Savage Ogre to it as well and it's completed. I couldn't wait to show it so here it is! I think it turned out pretty cool, tell me what you think. Does anyone else just love making unit fillers?

    Sorry that the pics aren't that great.

    Tuesday, 9 August 2011

    Painting: Some of my Night Goblins is finished

    I've finished sixteen of my fifty Night Gobbos with Spears. So I have some of them left to paint but they are actually quite fun to paint so I'll think I manage to paint the rest up quite soon. My baby snotling awaits so I can't write that much this time. If ppl re interested I'll try to throw up a little painting guide for these little fellas.

    Wednesday, 3 August 2011

    Paint Tutorial: Chaos Warhound of Tzeentch

    Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I just wanted to try out a tzeentchy colour scheme for my Chaos Warhounds. I haven't seen any looking that Tzeenchy before so I just tried something I thought would look good and Tzeentchy but not to strange either.

    It was pretty simple actually, Dheneb Stone for the body except the fur which I painted with Adeptus Battle Grey. Then I washed the rashes, tip of the tail and ulcerated areas with Baal red a couple of times and the whole body, legs and face with Asurmen Blue. 

    Then I moved on to the smaller stuff. I painted Dheneb Stone on the horns, fangs and claws and an Ice blue highlight on the fur closest to the skin to make a smother transition between the colours. I also painted the inside of the mouth with a 70/30 mix of Machrite Red and Red Gore, the tongue with 25/50/25 mix of Machrite Red, Red Gore and Blood Red. And the gums with same as for the tongue except a additional highlight of 50/50 mix of blood red and Blazing Orange on the most raised areas.

    Then I painted the eyes, first with Blood red and then a little dot in the middle with Blazing Orange. After this I washed the whole are around the eyes with Baal Red to make a little gloving effect. Then I dipped the whole thing in Army Painters Quickshade Dark Tone. And for last, when all has dried like 24 hours, sprayed on Purity Seal Satin Varnish. Done! I'm really satisfied and  do think it looks like it belongs to Tzeentch, even if it rulewise can't have marks. Hope you like it as well.

    Sorry I have only photos of the finished product, this wasn't supposed to be a tutorial it just happened when I wrote. But as the model isn't that complicated I think people understand anyway, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Tuesday, 2 August 2011

    News: Ogre Kingdoms Pictures

    Okey, you have probably already seen them because they are all over the warhammer sites, forums and blogs right now. And I must say the stuff is awesome I recently got a couple of Ogres from my brother who don't have the time to paint them, haven't checked it all out but I think there's two boxes of bulls, one of ironguts and one with leadbelchers, one box of gnoblars, some trappers, a butcher and a Tyrant. So enough for quite a good start on an Ogre army actually, the question is: Do I need a sixth Fantasy army? no. Do I want one? yes. Do I have the time for painting one more army? no way.

    So even if I got real tempted by the new models, I'll pass at least for the moment. But I think pretty much everyone into Fantasy battles think these are awesome models and that Ogre Kingdoms really deserves some more good looking models and a new army book. I also like the new skintone the Eavy metal team has come up with for these models, really disliked the old grey greenish skintone in the previous book.

    Pictures are from the Ogre Rumouirs MK.II thread on Warseer.

    Review: White Dwarf 380

    I have for some time wanted to make reviews as a bigger part of the blog, and when the latest and beforehand much discussed issue of White Dwarf arrived yesterday I just felt the urge to write a little review.

    So what is so special about this issue then? First and foremost, there's actual usable content and additions for both Fantasy and Wh40k rules wise in this issue, and I cant even remember the last time that happened. So what's in it then? Here's some of it:

    Offical new rules to supplement the Vampire Counts Army Book, here's rules for the new monster/mount Terrorgheist and there is now rules to use Cairn Wraiths and Banshees as heroes in your undead armies. Last time I can remember seeing a supplement to an army book in a WD as extensive as this was when the Steam Tank was released in 6th ed.

    There's also a change for the Power Scroll magic item, a nerf that most felt was necessary. It now only halve the casting value for a spell and you can't boost that spell when using the Scroll.

    There's aslo part one of two for an updated Codex for Sisters of Battle, some fluff, the army special rules and rules with stats for the squads and vehicles.

    That's some of it, and there's a ton lot more, Painting Tutorals for the DE Black Dragon, some hints and tips using Sorcerous Pacts in Storm of Magic, a really nice and big SoM battle report with 3000 +750 pts battle between Vampire Counts and Empire. So a long story short, there's a lot of good reading in here and good looking pictures to back it up. This issue almost feels like the good old days when WD wasn't just a magazine filled ads for GW products. And it really makes WD more usefull and fun to read as well, this is definitely the right direction to go. 

    4 out of 5

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