Tuesday 29 November 2011

Review: White Dwarf 384

So another WD arrived on Friday last week, have gotten a good read through now and I like this issue more than the last one.

First of all, no major release of any army and such this month which means there's more variety this time. A pretty good mix of Fantasy and 40k and some Lotr, but with most focus on WHFB as the new releases are for the Beastmen army and Orcs and Goblins and some other stuff, and this is the new stuff you can read about in this months issue.


New model dual kit for Cygor and Ghorgon, seen a lot on the web that don't like it but I don't agree with this. I really like both of the models and especially the Cygor which I think looks really nice and is painted really nice. Then there's another Beastmen model which also didn't have a official model before, the Jabberslythe. A quite grotesque sculpt but I like it more and more, this one is in Finecast and the Doom Bull is now also in Finecast.

Orcs And Goblins

A official model for the Manger Squigs! This one is also in Finecast and therefore expensive as hell as it its quite a large model, I don't really know what to think about it actually. The Squigs looks alright but they are to big for my taste and because they are so big they can't fit the on base next to each other and therefore the sculptor made an unusual pose with one squig on top of the other. And I don't really like this pose and the fact that for LOS reasons it gets to big of a target and for what I can imagine brake very easily. Some people on web suggests to make into two Mangler squigs with one squig on each base or make one into a Warboss/Big boss ridning a Giant cave Squig. And I think I might do this as well.

Other realeses where for LOTR with the Dragon and the Witch king of Angmar getting Finecasted.

Other than that there's the usual stuff, a Battle Report this time Storm of Chaos with Warriors of chaos and Deamon facing off against Orcs and Goblins and Ogres, a really nice Battle with a lot of stuff going on and different units such as the new Cygor, Ghorgon and Jabberslythe with rules for them to be used in Storm of Chaos games. There's also a Battle Report with Dwarfs VS Goblins but this time in LOTR.

There's also some stuff about making scenarios and bigger campaigns and rules for Siege games, this is pretty much taken a new book which will arrive in December, Blood in the Badlands. This will be a Campaign book showing staff members armies clashing in the Badlands, with extended rules for Campaign making and as I wrote Sieges. This book looks like a really nice addition to the book collection and will probably buy it in the near future.

Then there's some painting tips for different things one is the brand new Tower, Skullvane Manse and for the Ogre Thundertusk. That was pretty much all, but you also got a little book/magazine alongside the WD called Into the mealstrom. Its fifteen pages and is about a Dreadfleet campaign played by the GW staff, with Battle Reports and how the they did in the campaign. A nice read and good addition to the original magazine.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Friday 25 November 2011

News: Rumour Roundup, WoC, VC and Empire

Some rumours regarding the next three armies that apperas to be Vampire counts in Jan, then Empire and then in Q4 2012 Warriors of Chaos, the last one according to 75hastings69 over at Warseer which is one of the best and most reliable rumour sources on the forum. Sadly he also says this will be his final rumour post.

Here's his post, the original post and the rest of the thread can be found here.

Looks like there won't come a new Warrior kit in the near future, I would have liked to see a upgrade sprue of some sorts as the models looks good, but it need more weapons options like Halberds.

Warriors of Chaos

Post by 75hastings69:

Well you'll be seeing these guys sooner than a lot of people think

So I thought I'd give you a heads up on what to expect and when to expect them.

plastic chariot/warshrine
plastic forsaken
plastic Dragon Ogres
a Large plastic kit (that I'll leave as a surprise )
Finecrap Characters

At the moment WoC are due toward Q4 2012 (after VC, Empire and some random WFB models & waves).

This is my final rumour post as I'm hanging up my rumouring gloves/boots/other equipment. So please enjoy discussing WoC and the above kits.

Comment: Awesome stuff! Would had really liked to see a new kit for Marauders and Chaos Trolls as well and Plastic Hell Cannon and New warriors kit/upgrade kit and... well we can't get all it seems but nothing says it won't come other stuff in a wave later on. Really excited of what kind of model the Large Platic kit is, and plastic Dragon Ogres is great!

And next is VC, which got a nice summary on the first post in this thread at Warseer. The summary and some of the rumours is from one most reliable rumour posters, Harry. This post is just copy/pasted from the first post.

Will it be Skeletons or Ghouls (or both?!) as the main Core choice in the next Army Book? Here's some of my Mantic minis.

Vampire Counts

Originally Posted by Harry
I said : I had VC, Empire and Dwarves in the frame.

Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis
And VC come in January. Believe it or not.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
The WD VC article should be viewed as a stop gap between books, terrorgheist will be in proper print much quicker than some people may imagine

Hastings also mentioned new Krell mini coming:

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
Wait till you see the other new vc stuff new krell anyone?

some time ago flesh golems and black coach appeared in the rumour-mill:

Originally Posted by Harry
Yeah but you wouldn't say no to a plastic black coach and some flesh Golems would you.

Originally Posted by Tonny
Ah yes, I think Hastings mentioned the Flesh Golems.
I am quite exited about a new VC book

Originally Posted by Harry
He did. The concept art for them is very cool. Half way between a big zombie and a ghoul with lots of stitching,

Originally Posted by Harry (in reply to Huan Qu'itt post ... 'unless I am reading to much into Harry post about a new black coach kit')
Nope, you are reading fine.

Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis
It seems that the Black Coach will be a dual kit.

Originally Posted by ihavetoomuchminis
About the Monstruous infantry unit, i've been told that they are more of Big ghouls than big zombies. Oh, and the models can have something no MI in the game have yet..... maybe something like the terrorgheist, but smaller? Don't know, just guessing.

Originally posted by Frgt/10
Heard about this a while ago but wasn't sure what to make of it. Seems there might be something to it though:

The next army to go on stock rundown in GW stores is Vampires.

This is before things like Empire which some people have been whispering about as well; so my money would be on the toothy ones being released first.

A summary of the rumours so far:

- VC are next army book to be released (Harry, 75hastings69 Frgt/10), in january (ihavetoomuchminis)
- new unit "flesh golems" - something like a mix of large ghoul and zombie with a lot of stitches (Harry, 75hastings69, ihavetoomuchminis) with something no monsterous infantry has had before (ihavetoomuchminis)
- new plastic black coach mini (Harry), dual kit (ihavetoomuchminis, Harry)
- new krell and female vampire minis (75hastings69)
- and some old rumour concerning new plastic black knights - (Riders confirmed by Harry but not "black knights").

Thanks to Huan Qu'itts for pulling all this together.

Some bits from me. The 'black coach kit' is not a straight replacement (like say the steam tank was for the Empire) and it is a dual kit. Also, we do get riders ... but they are not straight replacement for the black knights either.

Some more stuff from this thread from me:

Harry, can you confirm these riders are not surfers?
Yes ... They are not surfing.

There is a black coach that isn't exactly a black coach and it makes something else thats defo not a black coach.
There are riders that are not black knights thats another thing.
Obviously the Terrorgeist will be in.
Hastings said there is a new mini for Krell so he will be in ... so at least one new character.
The female Vampire could be seen as a return to the book of the Lahmian Bloodline.
So Yes I would say there are plenty of rumours for new stuff.
My understanding is the book has five new units + Lords/Heroes.
That is alot of exciting new options/builds.

Posted by NatTreehouse

What I know:
New Black Knights/Some other mounted stuff kit
New Dual Kit makes two war machine things, NEITHER is a Black Coach
Monstrous Infantry Dual Kit
Ghouls up to 10pts
Current Black Coach kit stays and goes finecost
February release.

But opinions vary ....

Posted by frgt/10

What I know:
New Dual Kit makes two war machine things, NEITHER is a Black Coach
Current Black Coach kit stays and goes finecost
February release.
this is all incorrect from what im hearing

Backed up by ihavetoomuchminis:

Frgt 10 is right, that info is all wrong from what i've been told.

But Harry throws his lot in with Nattreehouse:

I think most of what Nattreehouse says sounds about right.
The duel Black Coach kit in which neither is exactly a black coach Check.
The current black coach staying and going finecast. Check ... which along with the plague cart gives you a fair few 'wagon type war machines' to go at.
Duel Monsterous infantry. Check
I hadn't considered a duel cavalry kit.
I know about new cavalry ... so assumed no Black Riders ... but a duel kit is doable.

Hastings has posted to say the dual monsterous Infantry kit has the option to make winged mostrosities.

Exciting isn't it?


Comment: Some new info other than the stuff I wrote in the last Roundup. And some really neat things as well, Flesh golems, Warmachines, a new type of cavalry (some rumours say wraith cav, much like the LOTR ringwraiths, ethereal etc. ) Some rumours also says that Bloodlines will get an return and not function as it does today, I personally hope this is right and I also want to see the return of Necromancer Lords and generally better Necromancers.

And for last some rumours about Empire, not much new and I didn't find a great sum up but here's one from Darnok over at Warseer, look at the original thread here.

Will there be a War Altar kit and rules for other deities as well in the next AB? According to rumours there is.


It seems that even though winter is fast approaching, birds are still singing:

Originally Posted by Birdy
So i understand empire will get 4 kits. Knights obviously. 2 character ones (cant properly remember which ones but if you notice the priest of morr rules i would guess WP's will get a kit). And a new war atlar. The Altar kit will be a dual kit. The second option will be a Nuln seige cannon. Massive cannon used to defend the walls of nuln.
I can't comment on how solid these are. But it's not the first - and probably not the last - I've heard over the last few weeks. It seems to me like the Empire is not too far away, meaning somewhere in the next six months.

Something more: the knight mentioned are supposedly not replacements of the current knights, but demi-gryph knights. See Warhammer Forge for reference.

Something more from 75hastings69, thanks too:

Originally Posted by 75hastings69 View Post
Empire are not getting updates of current knights, there are different cav coming though. The old crappy horses/knights remain. War altar makes something else, but afaik it's not a cannon of any kind.
And another birdy sings:

Originally Posted by Birdy #2
Plastic War alter kit which only makes a war altar, but a war altar that can be either of Morr, Sigmar or Ulric.

New Monstrous Cavalry, possibly Demigriffons, which comes with separate saddles and harnesses, so they can also be used as bound monsters in SOM without conversion.
 Comment: Yeah pretty much the stuff from the last Roundup, but there's some new stuff as well. One character kit looks to be a plastic griffon with a generic lord and Karl Franz himself! That's all I'm afraid, there's much OT and wishlisting in the thread right now and hopefully new rumours will show up soon.

Edit:  Later I saw this post as well on the Empire thread on Warseer;

Originally Posted by NatTreehouse
I just got told in this release:
Dual kit makes Warshrine/College of Magic Wizardlordmobile.
Comment: Sounds really promising, can't wait for more rumours about the Empire.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Warshrine of Tzeentch Finished!

Hey there, so at last the the Warshine is finished. The last pretty easy steps took some time as I went with other projects instead. I'm quite satisfied with the result, but I somehow feel that's something missing. Maybe a pink horror or two somewhere on the disc or something. But don't have any pink horrors atm so this have to do. At least it's looks like it belongs to Tzeentch and it's was cheap to make as well as I got the really old Dragon Ogre from a friend many years ago.

Now it comes to good use, all that it needed was some greenstuff, a snus jar, a small chain and some left over mantic ghoul hands and some plasticard. Please tell me what you think and if you have done a Warshrine or seen a really cool Warshrine let me know, always fun to see what others do with these kind of models which don't have any official model yet.

Monday 21 November 2011

News: And some pics of the new Mangler Squigs

As I thought there was pics of the new Mangler Squigs as well in the next issue of WD. Looks really good I think, a little to big for my taste. At least for the base but the sculptor solved this by putting one of the squigs on top of the other and wham much easier to target with LOS. And compared to my Manglers which may be a little to small to begin with will look like little squig babies compared to these monsters. The price for this Finecast kit will 50 € says posters on Warseer, a little expensive I think for a 65 pts model, but hey they are really big. Will probably be a purchase in the future.

Tell me what you think.

News: Ghorgon, Cygor and Jabberslythe pics

There are coming some new models in December after all it seems, the missing Rare choices from the Beastmen book will get new models the Ghorgon/Cygor Kit and the strange looking Jabberslythe. I really like the models, the Ghorgon/Cygor kit looks really nice, and the first that came up in my mind was if there's a chance on converting one into a Savage Giant :P, could look pretty cool. It seems like the Mangler Squigs will arrive in Dec as well but I haven't seen pics yet. Anyway here's the pics and for more info regarding this check out Warseer.


Thursday 17 November 2011

Army Lists: Orcs & Goblins 2400 pts 8th ed.

I really like doing army lists, I'm afraid I don't use them much on the field though. But it seems my friends are becoming interested in the game again so hopefully we will start playing soon as well. Currently I'm working most on my Orcs and Goblins so my first draft for a army list is dedicated to them. I'm trying to take stuff I already have, that's why there's pretty many different things in this army, this is also because I would try out as much as I can in the beginning. So here's the list.

No room for ordinary Orcs anymore! :.(

1 Orc Warboss @ 218.0 Pts
     General; Shield, Basha's Axe of Stunty Bashin, Armour of Destiny

1 Savage Orc Great Shaman @ 290 Pts
     Magic Level 4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencer's Blades

General got a 4+ 4+ save and a good weapon which may be to pricey but I like that he can make a good boost in combat, the shaman lord got the standard gear from what I've seen on forums and I really like the idea of a Battle Shaman. With the units I have there's not much places to go other than the big bunker with S orcs so I think I will see how this work out.


1 Black Orc Big Boss 165 @  Pts
     Battle Standard, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield

1 Night Goblin Shaman @ 75.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1, Dispel Scroll

Some protection for the Blorc BSB, and the little dude is a scroll caddy. BSB into the bunker and the shaman into the NG unit. Not much more to say, way have wanted one more NG shaman and upgrade this one and maybe take away the Blorc and make a NG Big boss bsb instead. So much choices in the O&G list.


30 Savage Big 'Uns @ 385 Pts
     Big Stabba, Second Choppa, FC

49 Night Goblins @ 247 Pts
     Netters, Shields, Spears, 2 Fanatics, FC

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 50.0 Pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 50.0 Pts

A big bunker and hammer unit in the Savage Orc unit, all chars go in here except the N Goblin Shaman. If I had the pts I would up the unit to even more orcs but as it is now it's a large point sink but I think it will deal with most things really well. The NG unit is the anvil unit and the the Wolf riders go as annoying little units on the flanks and as diverters. Have all models except seven orcs, also needs some painting to be done.


30 Squig Herd @ 270 Pts
     10 Night Goblin Herders

1 Spear Chukka @ 35.0 Pts

The other hammer unit, the Squig herd. Don't have that many squigs, but hopefully GW will make plastic squigs soon! Quite cheap unit that can really make some punch. Also a Spear Chukka that I need to invest in. When I modify the list in the future there will be most changes here I think, Black Orcs, Trolls and Chariots are some really possibly choices as well as maybe Savage Orc Boar riders.


1 Doom Diver @ 80.0 Pts

1 Rock Lobber @ 85.0 Pts

1 Arachnarok Spider @ 290.0 Pts
1 Mangler Squig @ 65.0 Pts

1 Mangler Squig @ 65.0 Pts

So much fun in the Rare section nowadays. Can make some real changes here as well and from what I've heard from others the Doom Diver, Rock Lobber and Manglers will probably stay as most seems to like them. Only need to convert a Rock Lobber and buy the official Mangler Squig when it arrives to have two Mangler Squigs. The Big spider on other hand it seems like it can be a real hit or miss in games, and some like it and some don't but as I will only play against friends and the model looks awesome, of course I need to use it! At least until I need the points for other stuff.

Only need to finish the Howdah!

So that's all I think it looks like a quite nice list, a lot of different things that I need to try out and I'm sure there needs some tweaking. But as I said, this list is only for friendly games but It should of course be somewhat competitive as well. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Saturday 12 November 2011

Mangler Squigs Finished!

It seems I actually made it! Fulfilled my goal by actually finish this project before we see any pictures of the official model that will put this one to shame. But I'm actually more and more satisfied with how it turned out in the end, and as the rumours say the new Mangler kit will be in resin, I at least have one unique Mangler Squig model. The one thing I wasn't as satisfied with are that the size of the Squigs differ quite a lot. But as I look at it more and more I don't think it's that much of an issue, the little one actually have long pointy horns on his back to make up for his lack in size.

Anyway, I'm really happy I'm finally done with it. It took some time to finish but it's largest model I've built by myself from scratch in green stuff (all except the gobbos) and I think it's a really good model to try out your green stuff skills as Squigs a relatively easy to sculpt. Hope you like it as much I do, and I hope it will look nice together with the official model when it arrives. (for more rumours regarding this, visit this thread over at Warseer) Until next time.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Last Mangler Squigs WIP photos

I had one goal, and that was to complete the mangler squigs conversion before the official models was released. Two weeks ago I read some rumours regarding Mangler Sguigs, and it looks like the official models are on it's way and some say this December some in the beginning of next year. Anyway, I have been a little bit lazy with this conversion which I started constructing in July. But when the rumours began I suddenly had to finish it soon if I was going to reach my goal.

So, here's the last WIP photos before I make the final touches like dipping the squigs and goblins in Quickshade, then it needs some drying and highlights and then it's completed. So in a couple of days I hope. In the meantime you can check out these photos.

Sunday 6 November 2011

Review: White Dwarf 383

This will be a quite short review as there isn't that much to say. We all know GW likes to promote their latest army release a lot in White Dwarf. And that's fine for me, as long as there's at least some other stuff (or an army I'm really interested in). Often this isn't the case though. And not with this issue either, of 119 pages 63 have something to do with this issues army, the Necrons.

So not much other stuff this month, but the Necrons looks really awesome and as always GW have made a really good job updating an army that really needed some reinforcements. I wasn't overwhelmed by all of though, and even if the painting quality is great as always I didn't really liked the ordinary colours they where painted with. But there is a lot of examples on different colour schemes I hope people will follow.

When it comes to other releases, there's a great looking but costly new empire tower called Skullvane manse, lair of the astromancer. A great looking tower with the typical Empire architecture, love it. Then there's of course the new Mega Paint Set, Paint Station +, a new Book with some of the best Eavy metal Masterclass articles from WD and a Brush tin with two Kolinsky Sable brushes (yeah Eavy metal don't use the normal Citadel brushes!?) and a clear matt wash called 'Eavy metal medium' used for glacing instead of water.

There's also something they call Grass Tufts, one called Mordheim Tuft and one Middenland Tuft. These looks like the Grass Tufts I have from Army Painter, and I think they are great and I like that Gw makes more and more stuff to use for basing. They are also showing the new version of the miniature White Dwarf, this time as a pirate. I have several versions already and I think I might need to try to get this one as well.

So to sum it up:

+ Great pictures showing the Necron Army
+ I like the new Tower, even if I would like to see some buildings for the other races. I want Orc huts!
- To much focus on the Necrons
- Not much Fantasy at all, there was some Ogre stuff though
- Not much usefull stuff, mostly showing of new stuff

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (if you love Necrons you probably won't agree)
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