Friday 12 November 2010

News: Stormraven pictures leaked

I found this on Beasts of War, pictures of the the Storm Raven for the Blood Angels. We are not sure if this is the real deal but I think it is. The scenery looks like the ones GW uses as well as the the other Blood Angels on the picture. So what do you think? I don't know, it pretty much looked like I imagined it but if it looks good? Nah, to fat in the front in comparison to the tail I think, but I guess its because it can transport a dreadnought back there. Anyway, tell me what you guys think.

Saturday 6 November 2010

Angels of Redemption, painting some 40k stuff again

As always nowdays, I want to apologise for the poor updating. I have recently not been painting much. It's one of those periods when I don't really feel like it and I do other stuff like playing computer and video games. Also I'm a little fed up with the armies I have like I always get after a while and is for the moment not sure what I want to paint.

But I actually think it will be a little more 40k stuff. Continue with the Guardians of the Covenant and maybe paint some of my tyranids from the Space Hulk box. I also tried out to paint another unforgiven chapter, the Angels of Redemption. They are certainly not the fastest and easiest to paint up but they colour scheme looks damn nice in my opinion.

If I continue to paint these guys up it will just be a little force that will accompany my Guardians. Maybe a 1-2 TAC squads, a dreadnought, a rhino and something else.

Down below you can see my first unfinished AoR spacemarine, need some work with the base, shoulder markings and some minor tweaks here and there. The picture are not good at all, thats becouse I don't have any good light in the room where I take the pictures and It's already dark outside here in Sweden so can't use the daylight either. Will try too take some better pictures when he is finished. In the meantime tell me what you think.

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