Monday, 28 April 2014

Miniature Monday: Dark Legion Golgotha WIP

Not a super exciting Miniature Monday today I'm afraid. Just didn't have enough time today... I do have two almost finished models that I could either post today or wait until tomorrow when I have finished them up properly. So I instead went with a bad picture on Golgotha, a female Nepharite Warlord in the Dark Legion.

Made some minor changes to the model to make her look a little more like the old version of her. I made a loincloth and clothes for her upper body. Of course I also increased the size of her breasts as well. Might do some more GS work on her before I paint her up, but this is it for now. Take care guys.

A little teaser on one of the two new Necromutants I'm working on which are almost finished.
Old artwork

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Imperial: First Blood Beret is finished!

First one finished, nine to go. I have been painting on this little dude for quite some time now because I actually didn't know If I would like the final result. I was unsure about the colour scheme, the green tones and so on. In the end I must say I really like the look of him, and I think a full unit of them will look even better.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the light blue effect I did on the Plasma Carbine. The camo is time consuming to paint up but is fully worth it I think, please tell me what you think in the comments below.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Unboxing: Warzone Imperial Golden Lions

Golden Lions are a classic Imperial unit that has gone through some major changes both in looks and fluff in the latest version. But more about that in the summery further down. 

Really cool front cover on the box, shame we don't get an head with this gas mask though.

Manual on how to build them, two sprues and three 40 mm round lipped bases.

Six cards, one for the unit description with all the stats, equipment and special rules. Two Strategy Cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear cards for your deck building.

Here's the assembled team of three Golden Lions, looking all menacing and brutal. I know understand that the new look with heavier armour and more close combat orientated weapons isn't approved by all. And yeah they do look different but I must say I really like the new look. And what's better is that they now aren't just Blood Beret's in red camo armour but something different.

The models all have great details as expected from Prodos and where very easy to assemble. They did have some minor flash and like two mold lines in total but that was it, pretty much non existent.

If I would say something that is negative it's the fact that they aren't so customisable, also I would have liked to see at least one different head (like the one on the front cover for example) to give them a more varied look. But other than that I'm really happy with the models and I'm eager to paint them up. Still unsure if I will go with classic red armour or not though. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Unboxing: Warzone Imperial Brigadier Rist

Or Brigadier Sir P.D. 'Righteous' Rist to be more precise is the only named Warlord choice for Imperial so far. Rist is a new character and is made from the so called "Fourth Battlebrother" (a big pledge lvl in the WZ:R Kickstarter which meant you could design (with Prodos) your own character). So lets take look on what we get in to box then shall we?

Sprue with the miniature, how to build manual and an 40 mm round lipped base
You also get six cards, one for the profile of Rist and his special abilities. And you get two strategy cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear card for you deck building needs.

I must say I really like how this miniature looks, not to much fiddly details but the ones that are there are really nice and crisp. The model and facial expression holding a phone like that is really nice and brings a lot of character to the model and there are some nice little touches like the gas mask hanging from his belt for example. 

Almost no cleaning was needed and there where no problems at all gluing him together. Looking forward getting him paint and see him kick some ass on the battlefield with his ‘The Blessed’ Interceptor SMG.

News: More Wood Elves pictures!

Iv'e collected pictures and what not from different sources, see it below:

From an Auction on Ebay

From Bell of Lost souls

Stag Riders in the background!

And Larry Vela wrote this in the same thread as the link above:

Initial word for week 2 was:
-Giant hawk based triple unit-combo kit
-Mounted unit (stags)
Todays batch of gamer magnifying glass examination reveals:
The various pictures going around have shown what appears to be 2 distinct types of mounted deer/stags of some type, so it seems a safe bet we can pencil those in (almost certainly a combo-kit).
A new character with two axes
The Eternal Guard box looks to be are a dual-kit with Waywatchers.

+++Possible Wood Elf Hoax Alert+++

Some notes on these Italian pages:
Purported Italian Wood Elves Pages

1) The uploader account to imgur is named "salty"
2) The art is very inconsistent with known GW artists and styles. Some is old GW art, while some seems very out of character for GW . At least one has an obvious artist signature on the piece which GW tends to disallow. If its a fan-made set, there are probably lifted pieces of art from places like Deviantart.
3) The pagenumbers are odd. Most WFB armybooks do not get into the unit description pages until the mid 30s. The earlier pages are the introduction and army background.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Blood Berets

I was really lucky I actually got two boxes of these on the Saturday during Gothcon, the Imperial stuff sold like crazy! Anyway, here's my second unboxing of the new Warzone: Resurrection stuff and now it's time for the pride of the Imperial corporation, the Blood Berets.

All the contents in the Blood Berets box, five miniatures with Plasma Carbines, backpacks, five round lipped bases and six cards.
No front cover on this box yet I'm afraid
Awesome poses and details

Backpacks is a must if you aren't up for some serious green stuffin
The Plasma Carbines an backpacks sprue

This sprue don't come in the box but as an add on which you have to buy separate. The Heavy Chain Rippers looks really cool though. 

Nice layout on the cards as always
And now some pictures showing the assembled models. I haven't glued the models holding their weapons with both hands so to make it easier to paint. The CC wielding models aren't glued at all because I want magnetize them. Which should be quite easy on these models.

Overall the models looks really nice and detailed. There's hardly any cleaning of the models either and they are easy to assemble. The only thing I think could be improved is to have the CC weapons pack in the actual box from the beginning (this is no biggie though). Also because the head, torso, legs are all in one there are of course limitations on how diverse they look, so separate heads and legs in future would be nice to get some more variety in the squads. Other than that lovely models and a great kit, can't wait to have them painted. 
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