Saturday 30 July 2011

WIP: Mangler Squig and Savage Ogre?!

Have continued to work a little with the my first mangler squig, but now when I've got the fanatics for them I will try to get them done faster. Anyway the things on his back is like fungi like spores, just to get a little more detail into him and if I remember correctly squigs eat mushrooms and I imagine this one have eaten a little to much and now needs a more meaty diet.

The other little project I wanted to show you is for a unit filler for my Savage Orcs, an Savage Ogre! As you can see I have kit bashed a little with bits from the Savage Orc box and Ogre Bull box. Also some minor GS work and there's still some things to do with him but I think he will be ready for the brush quite soon. Also planning on having at least one Savage orc on that large base so the unit won't look to sparse.

On the horizon for the blog I'm planning a little review of the Storm of Magic book as well some new minis I just had to buy, and more will be in the future I promise you. In the meantime check out Fantasy Battle Roundup with Mikes thoughts and hints of other great blogs about Storm of Magic.

I will also write down my thoughts about the Avatars of War Berserkers or as in the WHFB terms Dwarf Slayers and of course show you some pictures of how they look, even got one painted. Now on to the pics.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Garden of Morr, Tzeentch Herald and some really cool VC stuff

Saw these pictures the other day over at Warseer. Really like the new approach from GW with smaller releases for different armies and some more terrain. And some really cool stuff as well. Really like the dragon and the Terrorgheist that can me made from the same kit. And the vampires, especially the the ghaulkin Strigoi looking vampire looks freaking awesome. Really like the wraith and Banshee as well. I don't play demons and I'm not as keen on the Tzeentch Herald, looks a little bit to much like a pimped up Horror of Tzeentch for my taste.

But the thing I will buy next from this stuff is probably the Garden of Morr as it pretty much fits perfect with the theme for my Empire army, also see a lot of potential bits and pieces for converting. Anyway here's the pics straight from warseer.

Monday 25 July 2011

Mantic Undead Wraiths

Another little update, and this time I wanna show you some Mantic stuff! Yeah it was some time ago I painted Mantic minis the last time. But I got really excited to paint my wraiths when I saw this awesome tutorial in nr 6 of The Invocation by SethDrallitoc (pages 13-17). Wasn't happy with my old one which I painted so I decided to try this method out and I think they look much better, quite fast to paint as well.

Been really busy IRL with the baby and all, so have been painting a little here and a little there this last couple of weeks. I currently paint my Night Goblins and building ten more Savage Orcs. I'm also in the slow ongoing process of painting the howda for the Arachnarok. As always much to do little time. Atleast I have some summer vaccation for two weeks now.

One thing I have forgotten to post is that I got my Avatars of War Berserkers last week. have built one and currently painting it, will give you a full review of the box in the coming week but I can give you a little hint, the box is awesome and there's some really nice bits.

Now pics with the wraiths:

Thursday 21 July 2011

Mixed bag of Guardians of the Covenant

As I said in the last post I had some pics I haven't showed here, here's some individual models from various squads, hope you like them.

Space Marine with a Plasma Cannon (really hope DA gets plasma heavy in the next codex like they used to be, to many CC oriented armies in 40k atm in my opinion)

Next up is a Sergeant or DA vet, a guy with a melta gun and one with a flamer.

That's all for now, but have some more stuff to show you. Also I may get give my GotC some love in the future and paint some more. Right now there's much going on in Warhammer World so this may have to wait.

Monday 18 July 2011

Guardians of the covenant - Land Rider

I looked through my older posts here and realised that I have some photos that is unpublished here on the blog. So first I wanted to show you some pictures of my GotC Land Rider, but the photos I had was really poor quality so took new ones. Sadly this new ones aren't great either, don´t know why but it seems my lighting reflects to much on the large flat surfaces of the tank or something. So this have to do, hope you like it took some time to paint. I also had some pictures of the interior before I assembled the hull, but have no idea where they are so that will have to wait until I find them again, if I ever do that.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

WIP Mangler Squig and Big Spider done!

As the title says, some new pictures of the Mangler Squig. Yeah I know not much since last time, haven't had much time for painting/converting at all right now as I began work again this week. And then take care of the baby when I get home. Hopefully I will get some more time and I have my summer vaccation quite soon as well.

I also feel I'm done with the Big Spider now and quite pleased how it turned out, just need that howda to get done soon as well, quite boring construction to paint. Other than that I has made a new order from Wayland Games, this time I will get the Storm of magic book, the magic cards, fanatics for my Manger conversion and Savage Orc boar boys. Delayed as the last time I'm afraid but it will hopefully get here soon enough.

Anyway here's some pictures of the spider and Mangler.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Mangler Squigs - Early WIP:s

So I'm trying to do some Mangler squigs for my O&G army. Seen some really great ones on the net and that really inspired me to try myself. I've never done something similar before, to build an entire model, well at least the squigs themselves. For the gobbo riders I'll use fanatics.

I'm just in the start up phase on this one, and made the basis for one of the squigs. I used a cheap clay which is air hardening. As you now green stuff is expensive and I wanted most of the model to made of something cheaper, and then I make the details in GS. So I it will work out and here is the basis for the first squig, will try to make legs today.

Do I need another unfinished project? Hell no. Will this project be finished before GW makes official Manglers? Probably not. Do I like to start new modelling and painting projects all the time? Oh yeah.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Warpath Beta

Actually quite excited for the upcoming Sci-fi game from Mantic. Have just read the beta rules briefly and it seems like a nice game, and it gets a lot of feedback from people. But what I'm most excited about is for what they can do for a human faction, so far there have just been some concept sketches mainly from the two starter races: Marauders (Space Orcs like 40k's orks) and Forgefathers (Space Dwarfs like 40k's squats). They look from the looks of the concept arts like sci-fi versions of the Kings of War races, but as there isn't any human army from Mantic yet, it's exciting to see what it would look like. Myself I'm hoping for a Helghast looking theme, as I want this kind look on a Imperial Guard army.

For pictures and  more info and of course free beta rules for Warpath head over too Beasts of War and Mantic Games and sign up for their Newsletters.

So what's happening to my Kings of War Undead/Vampire Counts army? Not much at the moment I'm afraid. I paint mosty my O&G right now, and some WoC. But I'm starting to feel the urge to paint some more ghouls and zombies so if you like to see some more of these check out the blog in the future.

Friday 1 July 2011

Savage Orcs - Now Finished.. or atleast nine of them

So a fast little update with some photos of my finished Savage Orcs, the tenth from the first package remains but is soon finished as well. Then I have ten new ones waiting for assembly and being painted. I'm really satisfied with how these turned out and I hope you like them as well.

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