Here's a page where I put up whatever I think is good to have for the community, be it for Warzone, Warhammer or whatever. I will only upload stuff that is free to distribute though so don't expect any 40k Codexes or anything. If you have any tips of anything that is nice to have here (army builder file, pdf:s) for any Wargame system (not just the ones I use) just comment below or write it in a mail to me at:

Warzone: Resurrection
Game Rules PDF v.1.1
Heroes of the Solar System PDF v. Beta
Heroes of the Solar System v.1.0

Faction PDF:s
Bauhaus v.1.0
Brotherhood v.1.0
Capitol v.1.0
Cybertronic v.1.0
Dark Legion v.1.0
Mishima v.1.0
Imperial v.1.0

Rulebook Pt.1 Rules PDF
Rulebook Pt.2 Warbands PDF

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