Monday 18 July 2016

Miniature Monday: Kairic Acolytes Wip

So kind of doing a little of everything at the moment so no finsished model for this weeks Miniature Monday. But at least a photo of some of what I'm doing, the Kairic Acolytes for Silver Tower and my AoS Tzeentch army.

Really nice models, doing some tryouts with the Soulstone Blue technical color from Citadel, using it on armor etc. And I think I have achieved a quite nice effect even if it's not finished yet (been using it together with washes and glazes).

Also beginning on rebasing and some repainting on my Empire, and that is a huge task! But fun as well, anyway cheers guys!

Tuesday 12 July 2016

News: New Aos Mini Starter Set 'Storm of Sigmar' pic

GW is doing a new mini starter set for AoS called 'Storm of Sigmar'. Must say I like those cards, it would be awesome to have them for all of your warscrolls. If the price tag is right I might buy this, even if I really don't need the models.

Picture is from a Twitter post from @BigJimGiF

Monday 11 July 2016

Miniature Monday: Realmgate

I have finished the first of the realmgates you get in the box. Went with a glowing magical effect, did most of it with the airbrush and in these cases it really speeds things up and it's hard to get these effects like the osl without one.

Quick tutorial on the glowing effect then. Airbrushed on Vallejo Signal blue, then Vallejo French blue, I then went with Vallejo Sky Blue focusing on the middle and fading out. I then glazed the whole thing with Guilliman Blue. I then drybrushed with Sky Blue again focusing on the middle and the most raised areas.

The I went on the the airbrush again focusing mostly on the middle and where I wanted to smooth up transitions. I then airbrushed with Citadel Pallid Wych Flesh and only in the middle and some of the raised areas. For last I did some edge highlights pretty much in the middle and out with pure Pallid Wych Flesh.

I'm still new to these kind of effects but I really like how this turned out. Next one will be more evil looking though ^^.

Monday 4 July 2016

Miniature Monday: Chaos terrain

Finally put myself together and painted this old Chaos terrain piece up. Did a lot with the airbrush, and it really speeds up the process with these large terrain pieces.

I really like this terrain piece and have thought long about painting it up and use the airbrush to do some glowing effects. I might have gone over the top a little but I think it will look quite cool on the battlefield.

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