Saturday 31 July 2010


Today I was going to show you a little tutorial of how I paint one of my ghouls, pictures with all the few easy steps where ready and boom, the last thing I had to do before I did the base was to give it a quick spraying with the Purity Seal.

I was a little stressed out and it was raining a little outside where I had to spray my miniature. And what happens, I got a little over the top with the spraying because I thought it looked to shiny. Didn't see much then, it looked all right but when I came in I saw the miniature started to to look really "unshiny" tried to save it with ordinary washes and I tried to paint over it but it looked awful. So now I have scrubbed of all of the paint, dip and purity seal and I must start from scratch.

Have never seen this before, but I now I sprayed one or two times to much and the reason the model looked so shiny outside was probably because it was so moist. Oh well, lesson learned and I was lucky it was just this model, normally I spray a lot of miniatures at a time.

Here's a picture of the little disaster.

Friday 30 July 2010

News: Kings of War ruleset!

If you like me are a fan of Mantic Games and their miniatures in Kings of War I think you will be pleased to hear that they will release a ruleset for their minatures. And what makes it even better is that Alessio Cavatore is making the rules for it. Beasts of War is having a Kings of War week where the head of Mantic Ronnie Renton actually announces this, there's videos with an interview with Alessio, they talk with Ronnie and they show some more Dwarf stuff. So if you haven't checked it out go to Beasts of War.

I found this picture of a painted Zombie at the Mantic Blog, I think he looks really nice. Really looking forward seeing more of these zombies and now they are up for advance order as well. I will buy them for sure, the only question is what kind of box I should get. Check them out, as well as the new Battlesets which looks really interesting as well at Mantic's webpage.

Thursday 29 July 2010

News: Zombies!!!

Hey there, I saw this yesterday so bare with me if you think this is old news. Anyway, I've seen several pictures and a movie at the Mantic Blog about the new Zombies! I think they look great and it's even better that they decided to go with the same style as the ghouls (you glue together the legs with the torso) so you can kit bash as much as you want with the Ghoul sprues. This is just great as there wasn't much bits on the Ghoul sprue. Anyway check them out at the Mantic Blog.

Here's the latest picture, great stuff. Remember that this is WIP photos, for more info go to the Mantic Blog.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

My current projects

As you may now I can't really keep my mind set on just one project, for example finish an army before I start or buy a new one. I think I need the diversity of models so I don't get bored. So this post is for showing what I do at the moment (even if I do this at the moment I will probably finish a lot of other models before I'm finished with this ones).

The first thing I've been talking about before and that's my third Raven Knight, I have painted most of the base colours on him and I think I will finish him quite soon.

Next thing is my Von Zeppel Steamtank, Im not in a hurry to finish this as I already have one painted and I think it is a little overkill to field two f them in my battles, even if they are really great now with Toughness 10!! First things I needed to to where to get rid of all the greenstuff which where everywhere on this model from the previous owner. Hopefully I don't need to strip off all the paint.

Lastly I got an urge to do some greenstuff work Nurglestyle! So here's my Possessed and one Mutant from my Possessed Warband, I want them to have an Nurgle theme because you get so much modelling opportunities.

For you guys who want to see more of my Undead force, I am also in progress of painting them as well. Look here for pictures soon.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Happy days!

Okey haven't been painting much today since I got my hands on my Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition from the mail. The game is just awesome, even if I played the Beta before I didn't have such high hopes on the campaign but is was amazing. Really recommend it. I have completed my Swordsmen Horde Unit though, with shields and everything. Will post some pictures of this tomorrow, now my gf just wants me to come to bed. But a load of pictures will come up tomorrow. In the meantime here's a little picture of the box with my starcraft 2 game and a bunch of other stuff.

Also got my White Dwarf yesterday, not the best magazine I've read but if you like Daemons your in for a treat.

Monday 26 July 2010

Beasts Wizard

I took a picture yesterday of my Beasts Wizard, I probably painted it two years ago and not totally happy with the result. So I painted the eyes which I haven't done previously and added some text to the parchments around his staff and done. Not that great looking but decent enough I think. Here's a picture.

Later today or tomorrow I will post some pictures of my current projects. Haven't started to paint the shields for my Empire swordsmen and I have still a lot of work to do on my Raven Knight, I also want to paint more revenants and ghouls as well as a unit of goblin archers so much to do and so little time. One other thing I have done today was to glue my old GW grassboard into four MDF boards to make four smaller boards which you can just put together to get a large gaming table. Have some more work to do with that and I will try to take some pictures as I progress.

If you want a really nice tutorial for for a large and truly spectacular gaming table check out the first two episodes of it at Beasts of War.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Greenskins that are not green!

Sunday, raining outside, a perfect painting day. Unfortunately, have some other stuff to do today so I will instead show some of the stuff I already painted. This is some pictures of my orcs from my O & G army which I am in the process of repainting. And I wont paint the greenskins green! I am inspired of some of Paul Bonners artwork from the Swedish roleplaying game of Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Deamons), if you want to check out some of his great work look at his homepage.

Now on to some pictures, was going for forest theme for this Orcs & Goblins army, just think I need some more mushrooms on the bases to get that real forest feel.

Saturday 24 July 2010

One more Revenant done

As promised here's some more pictures. I have now based them, as well as I now have finished one more Revenant.

I also listened to Gaarew's advice on the blood on the Ghouls. I just painted on some Army Painter Dip to get a wet effect on the blood.

So what do you think? I'm really happy how they turned out, quite satisfied with the bases as well not very complicated to do either.

New Mantic Stuff

Yesterday I got some of the missing stuff from my Malak's Army Deal, I got the Vampire lord and the wraiths, so just the knights left now. I took some pictures of them, they are really nice sculpts but there's one thing I don't like, especially with the vampire and his pegasus.

They are really small, I mean really small. That's the thin I have found that I don't like with some of Mantic's figures, some are really small like the Vampire Lord and his Pegasus and Morgoth the Faceless, and some are really huge like the male necromancer. This creates some problems and it really looks weird on the battlefield. I haven't seen this kind of problems with the other two armies and I hope that they sort this problem out so it wont show up in any future armies.

As you can see on this picture the vampire kinda looks like he was a hobbit or a child when he was turned into a vampire in comparison to the necromancer behind him.

Here's a comparison photo with the vampire lord and my pegasus riding empire captain, quite a large difference in sizes. So I don't really think I will use the Vampire and his undead pegasus in my army, it will just look strange. But I will paint him, don't get me wrong he is a really cool looking model it's just in comparison to the other models he looks really small. I will post some more pictures of my Mantic stuff later today so stay tuned and check that out as well.

Thursday 22 July 2010

WHFB: Burn the Witch! Unitfiller

Just got hold of a better camera, a actual real camera instead of the shitty cellphone camera. So here's some better pictures of my unitfiller, also post some bad photos of some of the wip photos.

Also, take a look on the Mantic Blog if you like their miniatures. There's some new greens there of the Dwarf War Council, stunning looking miniatures. Check them out here:

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Reinforcements for the Empire!

A reinforcement has come to save the day for my Empire Army. Today my new Steam Tank arrived, I bought on Tradera (Swedish version of Ebay) for 350 Sek (35 €, 46 $, £ 30) which I think is a good price. What kind of Steam Tank was it then? It was the massive Von Zeppel version! Here's a picture of it.

I will repaint this one of course, and hopefully I don't need to remove the old paint first. I will also announce that the first of my army pages is up, and it's my main and largest army: The Empire. Haven't come that far with it yet though but I will try to update it as fast as I can.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Another Ghoul

Painted another Ghoul, the picture of the back looked good, but just couldn't get a decent picture of the front, properly because I use a crappy cellphone. So, the front pictures don't really make the miniature justice but at least you get the idea. Need to get a good camera, anyone have a good advice on good cameras for these kind of photos?

Also I have some other thoughts of the fluff and origins of the army, now I am thinking of an army led by Vorag (a Strigoi vampire) who seeks to establish the kingdom of Strigos (where in the badlands) once more. I have to think a little bit more about this, in the meantime here's bad pictures of my second ghoul.

Monday 19 July 2010

Warhammer 40k: GotC

Hello there, I took some more pictures of my Guardians of the Covenant. For you who don't know who this fellas are, its an successor chapter for the Dark Angels found in the DA Codex. You can also check them out at Lexicanum. Well here's some pictures of my take of them.

Here's my old metal venerable dreadnought, a lot of people don't like this model, but I kind of like it. Sure it's all metal and have a lot of details but I think it looks really good painted up. Now I just have four other dreadnoughts to paint. It looks a little to bright on the pictures though, hope I can sort all of this photo crap some day.

Here's my Terminator command squad. With my Belial count as called Duriel, you may have seen him somewhere else on the blog. Here's also one assault cannon terminator from the Space Hulk box. One Apothecary which I kitbashed with bitz from the Space Marine command sprue and terminator sprue and a head from one of the Dark Angel sprue's , fairly simple conversion. Also one sergeant with Power Sword and Stormbolter as well as one with the ordinary Stormbolter/Powerfist gear.

I don't paint a lot of 40 k at the moment but I have some figures painted so I will show them when I have taken decent pictures. Hope you like them.

Sunday 18 July 2010

News: Island of Blood Contents

Saw a couple of pictures of the contents of the new starter box with High Elves and Skaven on Warseer. And I must say lovely models, really stunning coming from a starter box. I don't have an HE or Skaven army but I will buy this box anyway and paint it up and maybe do 2 1000+ armies of it, also we get the small rulebook which will come in handy when playing your games. So here's some pictures:

For more information and discussions head over to Warseer.
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