Wednesday 6 October 2010

Eleven ghouls sitting in a tree

Eleven ghouls finished, god knows how many more there will be. I've just finished three more ghouls and it actually starts to look like a unit which is always nice. The latest of the bunch have some minor greenstuff work done to them to make them look a little bit different from the rest. I am especially keen on the one with the long hair, just add a electric guitar and he would look like belonging in a Heavy Metal band. Cool to see how such small changes actually makes them really different from the rest of the bunch, which is needed as there only are three head options.

I won't convert everyone of them though, my order from Mantic with 60 Zombies and 30 Ghouls was dispatched yesterday, and when they arrive I will have plenty of options of kit bashing the two boxes and make more different looking ghouls as well as zombies, really looking forward for this.

I have also taken some pictures (although not very good ones) of the whole bunch of maniacs so far, and I must say I really like how the unit looks ranked up, really ragtag and crazy looking, decide for yourselves.

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