Tuesday 11 March 2014

Tutorial: New Dwarf Hammerers

This is my second Dwarf painting tutorial (first is how to paint a Dwarf Warrior and can be found here) and on this new Hammerer model I went with a colour scheme that is a little unusual on Dwarfs, but seen more and more in the latest Army Book for example. And that is coloured armour plates, usually Dwarfs have different kind of metals on their armour, like, steel, bronze, copper, silver, gold etc. On this model that is still there but I also added quite a bit of red armour to give this unit a more special look.

I even came up with an little explanation for it, or fluff even. And that is that this hammerer unit is the royal guard of Belagar Ironhammer and is called the Red Guard. They colour their armour because of all the blood their ancestors have spilt during all the battles and wars fought in Karak Eight Peaks. Or something like that, writing fluff isn't my cup of tea, so if anyone will help me with that feel free to do a comment below. 

Anyway enough of this and on to the actual tutorial.

Step 1: Undercoating

Colours used: Army Painters Gun Metal Primer

I used Army Painters Gun Metal and sprayed it on, really easy and nice result. Be careful though as AP s Spray Primers don't work like GWs for example. Read the instructions closely!

Step 2: Base Colours

Colours used: (All is the new Citadel paints) Balor Brown, Balthasar  Gold, Warplock Bronze, Scorpion Brass, Mephiston Red, Bugmans Glow, Mournfang Brown

Here I paint on all the main colours on the model, I think the picture shows where all the colours go, but I use Warplock Bronze for the scale mail and Balthasar Gold for the details that will be in gold. Bugmans glow is the base colour for the skin parts in the models face and parts of the arms, and Balor Brown is for the beard. Here you can use pretty much any other (that works for beards of course) colour if you want, but I will go for a dark blonde look here (Other colours I often use for beards are Skrag Brown for a reddish brown look, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Rakarth Flesh for a white beard etc.).

A final thing to do in this step before shading is to paint the scale mail with Brass Scorpion, I did this by carefullt drybrush it so I leave a little of Warplock Bronze in some of the recesses. Sorry that I don't show this in the picture above, but you will see the result after shading in the next step.

Step 3: Shading

Colours used: Army Painter (Warpaints) Dark Tone and Strong Tone. 

I first wash all the metal parts with Dark Tone, but not the gold and bronze. When the first ink is dry I wash the hammer handle, beard and red parts of the armour and the bronze parts with Strong Tone. The skin you can leave if you want to or wash with the Strong Tone ink, in this case this was easier. 

Step 4: Repaint base colours and first Highlight

Colours used: Citadel colours; Balor brown, Brass Scorpion, Mephiston Red, Bugmans Glow, Mournfang Brown. Warpaint colours; Plate Mail Metal, Greedy Gold

In this step you re apply the base colours again but you leave the shading where it should be, like in the recesses. There are some exceptions here though, the metal parts is highlighted with a lighter metal colour in this case Plate Mail Metal. The gold is highlighted with WP Greedy Gold

Step 5: Second Highlight

Colours used: Citadel Colours; Balor Brown, Rakarth Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade, Cadian Fleshtone. Warpaint colours; Pure Red

I make one more HL, Pure red on the edges of the red parts as well as the lower quarter of the ruby's. The flesh is highlighted with Cadian fleshtone and the beard are highlighted with Balor Brown with a little Rakarth Flesh mixed in (something like 75/25 mix). I also do the last wash in this step and that is Riekland Fleshshade on the gold areas, this makes it a little more red. When dry you can HL with Gold again before the next step but it isn't necessary (I didn't in this tutorial).

Step 6: Final Highlights and details

Colours used: Citadel colours, Troll Slayer Orange, Ceramite White, Kislev Flesh Warpaint colours; Shining Silver, Matt Black,

Now I do the final Highlights, Orange on the edges of the red armour and in the bottom of the ruby's, in the opposite corner of the ruby I first paint it black and then a white dot on the top of the stone in the black area. On all metal parts, bronze parts and gold I now do a fine edge highlight with Shining Silver. For last I paint the eyes and makes the base and the miniature is completed.


  1. That is the first model from the new range that I've actually liked! Its a solids paint scheme, applied with a very simple method and it looks very well done. I cant wait to see a unit and then the army!

    1. Thank you. Yeah it's a really simple painting method and something I do for pretty much all the miniatures I paint. I hope to finish a squad of 20 hammerers in the coming months, have so many diffrerent projects going on at the moment.

  2. I love the look of these guys. I'm going to try and use this as the basis of my Dwarven Blood Bowl team that uses the Hammers/Longbeards kit.

    1. Glad you think so, red dwarf(s) is looking rather awesome in my opinion. Hope it goes well with your BB team, would love to see pics of that btw ;)

  3. I realise this is a pretty old post, but I'm really struggling with the eyes. Do you have a technique for it, or is it just question of having a steady hand?


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