Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Empire Update: First five Ostermark Halberdiers and more

I'm been working quite hard now with my Empire, I've started to repaint my Swordsmen, Cannon Crew and building some Halberdiers. And as I've shown in an earlier post I have also finished the BSB for my Ostermark army. I feel I really needed this change for my Empire army as my interest was fading quite hard, but with a new theme and colour scheme my interest have gone up considerably. And I want to have as much as possible painted before the rumoured new army book arrives. So I will continue to repaint the army and paint new units. First up is one cannon, two mortars, one Helstorm Rocket Battery and one Helblaster. As well as finish up an unit of forty or fifty Halberdiers. Will try to actually finish up my old General on a barded Griffon as well. So look below for some of the first pictures of my new Ostermark army.


  1. Love the paint job looking good :)

  2. Really well done, this is a top notch table quality paint job. Is that a unit filler on the large base? Probably the best way to fill a big unit and the creative possibilities are huge. Yours looks great.

  3. Glad you liked them ^^

    Matthew - Yes you can say that, there are no less models on it though. Made it mostly to get some more terrain and height variations in the unit.


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