Sunday, 25 March 2012

First five Greatswords, incl. command finished!

My first five Greatswords are finished at last. As you may have seen before I went with a little bit different color scheme. Ostermark is usually purple and yellow but also purple and white, so I went with this and painted their feathers different, and I think this turquoise color looks nice and fits with the rest of the models. These first five took some time to finish actually, but the command group usually does, and the standard bearer especially. 

And this particular standard bearer took some extra time because of an mishap. After the quickshade had dried and I was about to spray him with Anti-Shine, and I gave the banner one coat to much. The banner now looked terrible and the surface looked warped. I was so angry and tried to fix it as soon as I could and therefore I have no pics of how it looked. I needed to scrape the anti-shine off as good as I could and repaint some parts. You can still see some irregularities on the surface but at least I could save most of it, and it looks good again in my opinion. That's all for now, next time there's Black Orcs!


  1. The turquoise feathers look great!
    It's a wonderful spot color that adds some life to the overall scheme. The banner looks amazing too!
    Ron, FTW

  2. Glad you think that about the feathers, I like it very much my self. Thank you for the input Ron.

  3. They look wonderful. The banner looks fantastic, so I'd day your repair job worked very well. I had my own recent banner mishap, so I feel you pain.


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