Tuesday 25 June 2013

Warzone: PDF Rules released! And some bad news

Yay at last we got our beloved Rules PDF for Warzone: Ressurection. Have just made glimpse through so far but it is looking really promising. The PDF is for backers only I'm afraid so If your not you have to wait to see it, also we got some bad news as well.

We got some info about this in episode 3 of Doomtrooper Radio, that Prodos has having some problems with a 3D guy who made stuff they couldn't manufacture, flooding in the designated book manufacturer in Czech Republic and the 3D Printer braking down, all of course causing delays. Well that's life, and a June delivery of the first wave where too good to be true and I rather wait to get a nice and finished product than a speedy put together one.

Of course we all want our miniatures and all the other stuff as soon as we can but until then we can at least test out the rules (we will be getting full Unit Rules for each faction this week starting with Cybertronic) so we can have proxy miniatures and play games of WZR really soon, which is something I'm planning to do.

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