Sunday 27 October 2013

Warzone: Latest KS update and photos!

We got a new big KS update today from Prodos where they say how it is going shipping out all the KS orders and some other stuff. We also get to see some new photos of several redone models and some we haven't seen before like the Mirrormen. If you want to see the whole Kickstarter update, go here.

Mirrorman Squad Commander Upgrade (Web Exclusive Model) Pieter Diamond and Archangel Special Character Roberto Feltordo (Convention Exclusive Model)

Cybertronic Mirrormen

Brotherhood Inquisitors

Brotherhood Sacred Warriors

Brotherhood Mortificators

A little portion of the Cards that will be sent out

Sample pages before book is pressed

And for last some info about what to come for Warzone: Ressurection in the near future, looking forward all of these but Imperial in April the most, can't wait. 

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