Wednesday 4 June 2014

Poll: Should I paint my 'un'greenskinz green?

I haven't done anything with my Orcs & Goblins for a long time, and part of it is because I got tired of colorscheme and in this case mainly that they aren't green. In my opinion they do look good in the skin color I have, but they may look better if they are green, even if it's just a slight hint of green. Here's some comparioson pics I took of the old ungreenskinz and of old ungreenskinz with an wash of Warpaints Green Tone ink.

This means that if I go and repaint them green, this won't be a huge time consuming thing. But I will get a totally different look on the army. Please help me out here and additional comments are more than welcome. Thanks!

The poll widget in Blogger does seem to work correctly, Iv'e tried to redo it several times now but with the same result. So if you want to can instead make a vote in the comments section to this post instead.

Should I re paint my 'un'greenskinz green?


  1. Voting does not seem to work. Klicked "Yes" but says Votes: 0...
    Paint them Green!

  2. Nah, they look unique the way they are. Who ever heard of green orcs? :P

  3. I think your original colour scheme looks great. If it will reignite your interest in painting them, go ahead and make them greener, but I wouldn't change them.

  4. I voted yes, make them GREEEN!!!!!

  5. I'd go with your original scheme! They look much better and more "realistic". The gritty look that brownish skin gives the orcs really is very nice and does set them apart from the more cartoonish greenskins that nearly everyone seems to have.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys, and sorry for the poll not working. Something wrong with blogger somehow. Still unsure though even if I'm leaning towards making them green. While I do like the more realisitic look of them right now I don't think the wash make them look that much cartoonish, but a gritty realsitic looking green skin if that makes sense...... But I don't know.....

  7. Vote = No

    I like the skin look. IF you want to repaint, I would use washes or shades to tint skin tones. Could have different units tinted different colours to show different 'breeding'

  8. Your Orcs look great the way they are, but if you want to then go ahead and do it. They're your orcs. I like BdaGamer's idea of tinting different ones. Maybe even in the same unit to add variety. I've done something similar.

    I used your orcs as part of my inspiration to mix up my skin tones in the first place. Miniwargaming also had a video where they did different washes on some orks do get some variation in skin tones.


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