Monday, 4 August 2014

Miniature Monday: Cybertronic Exterminateur Attila MK.I

So here's the fourth faction I want to starter paint up for Warzone: Resurrection, Cybertronic! I have had a really hard time deciding what color scheme to choose and have tried many different things now but in the end I ended up with a classic inspired look. And I quite like it I must say. When I finally decided how to paint up I did the actual painting quite fast, airbrush, black undercoat, Citadel 'The Fang' and Vallejo Shadow Grey which is the main color I choose. I then painted the the rest of the details and metal and actually dipped it with Army Painter Dark Tone and it worked out fine I think. I then highlighted the eyes, the Cybertronic markings and the edges of the grey with Shadow Grey again and voila finished. I will try to to the Cyber army quite fast (will not focus on it yet though) so I decided to use AP Quick Shade again.

The thing I like with the Quck Shade is that it's also helps to protect your minis and the paintjob, so on metal minis I almost always go with. Anyway, that it for now. Hope you like it and do make a comment in the comments section below.


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