Saturday 9 May 2015

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Wolfbanes Starter Box

I have been waiting for this unboxing a long time now, it's time for the second Imperial Starter Box and now we finally get the other half of the iconic Imperial army, the Wolfbanes! These Clan warriors are some of the most unique and iconic of the Mutant Chronicles universe, and rightly so, who doesn't love celtic braveheart highlanders with guns in space? So... what's in the box? 

 The back is showing us the contents and some backstory, there's one miss here though as no model is having an Charger HMG as on the picture above. When you open the box you have everything neatly in bags and with plastic bubbles (don't know the right term for this) to protect your minis.

All the contents in all of it's glory, 2 Pathfinders, 10 Wolfbane Commandos and 1 Necromower. You also get 8 Resource cards, 7 stat cards (including Pathfinder and Master Pathfinder for both of them) 2 D20 and 2 40mm bases and 12 30mm bases.

Here's the Wolfbane Commandos, really nice details with some celtic inspired patters on some cloaks and fur with wolf heads on others. You only get the option for the Bastard Swords, and the you get two of each on these two sprues. 

You have some flash but no moldlines at all, you need to take your knife to even out some places where you have to vut out the models from the sprue. 

You get two pathfinders, really cool looking and two options for the swords for both of them. The cross-guard was broken on two of them but I found at least one in the bag so I could glue it on again. 

The main chassis of the Necromower

Tires and the and the front spikes.

The cool flag and the two weapon options you have, Ultracharger HMG and the Brainbuster Greande Launcher.
Your Resaurce Cards, I needed more of these so that was great.
Here's all the stat cards as you can see, a similar but new design compared to the other MoW Imperial forces cards. These looks more leathery, which is fitting and I like the new design. Really nice art work as well with new arts for the Pathfinders and Necromower but the old classic Bonner art for the Wolfbane Commandos.

I actually have this one in this unboxing as well. I bought the Add-on pack for the Wolfbanes so I could build five of them with Agressor Pistol and Hand Rippers as well as an Charger HMG. So this is not actually in the Starter Box, you have to buy the Add-on to get these. Of course having all options in the box from the start would be nicer but I know they need to cut costs somewhere so I don't mind much.

 So on to the assembled models then, all of them is pretty much straight forward to put together, one body and two arms normally and Super Glue bonds the resin in place rock hard.

First Pathfinder which can be used as an Master Pathfinder or an normal Pathfinder which is an Squad Leader upgrade for the Wolfbanes Commandos. 

Detail is nice as you can expect and you don't get a lot of unnecessary details just for the sake of it like some models can have in this business. 

Second Pathfinder/Master Pathfinder

First unit of five Wolfbane Commandos, here with the Bastard Swords that came in the box. These where actually a little fiddly to put on, I broke some trying to match arms with bodies because there where no instructions on how to build them. There is letters in the arm pits on both body and arms to make this easier but many times you could not see any letter. 

As you can see I haven't completely fitted the arms in, and I have glued them on as I want to paint them first. This makes it easier to reach every part of the model. Some swords need straightening as well (haven't done it on these pics) which you easily do with some hot water and just bend it how you like and then cool it down in cold water. 

Here you see them with the Add-on pack weapons, these where a lot easier to put on actually.

And here you have the Necromower, it looks like it has come directly out of a Mad Max movie (which is fitting as that film is coming out next week or so). Much steam punk going on here and a really cool version of the design for the Hedgehog Necromower.

Here's it is with the Ultracharger HMG

No problems at all putting this together.

Here you have it with the other weapon option, the Brainbuster Grenade Launcher, I'm planning on magnetizing these which should be really easy. 

And for last a picture of all the models assembled. All in all I like the box really much, there's some really nice details, no problems with the models accept that it was harder than normal to put the sword wielding arms. You get great value out of the box and you can just put them together and start to play.  


  1. These are a great upgrade to the original designs. Lovely crisp detail per the rest of the range and I especially love the Pathfinders (My fav sculpt from the 90's game).

    One thing I will say though, is I wouldn't fancy being the Necromower driver with at rotary cannon right next to his head. It even looks like the casing ejection port is facing his head.

    1. Totally agree with you, and now when you mention it I wouldn't fancy being that driver either, at least not without earplugs or better a helmet :P And you are probably right about the casing ejection, maybe he collects shells.

    2. I call it a hot brass bukkake :P


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