Monday, 5 November 2012

Tutorial: How I paint Deathwing Terminators

Many liked the Deathwing Terminator test model I painted a while back and some of you seemed interested in how I painted it. So here's my 'How I paint my Deathwing Terminators' painting tutorial.

First up is the primer, I actually didn't have one when I painted this one up. I just painted the base colour straight onto the plastic and worked fine. Normally I would have used a white primer, bone primer or the base colour using a Spray gun.

After I got an even coat with Rakarth Flesh which I used as the Base colour I then painted the whole model with a heavy coat of AP Warpaints Soft Tone Ink which is similar to the old Gryphonne Sepia or the new GW Seraphim Sepia.

When the ink has dried I do a heavy drybrush with Rakarth Flesh and then a highlight with Bleached Bone, I do some vertical strokes with the brush  on some areas first with Rakarth Flesh and then Bleached Bone to give it little of an aged and worn look.

Then there is the rest of the details, for the red parts I used Mephiston Red, much watered down Dark Angels Green for the green parts, screamer pink for the purple/pink parts, Codex Grey for the grey parts and black for all the details that will be metal in the next step, I also painted the shoulder wing black.

So now the model starts to look like something, here I have highlighted the parts that needed it before the washing/final highlights step. Also painted the metal parts, AP Gun Metal for the the Stormbolter, Chainfist chain etc. and AP Greedy Gold for the gold parts. Even though the new GW metal colors are much better than the older versions (I use a lot of the Brass and Copper colors  the Army Painter Warpaints metals are really great and covers really well, together with the Inks they are the best paints from the AP Warpaints range in my opinion.

I also highlighted some parts in several steps here, like the wing on his shoulder which where painted with Codex gray and then highlighted up with Astronomican Grey and added some white to the mix with final HL with pure White. I used the same method on both the Shoulder Pad, Knee pad and the purity seals except that I didn't start with a black base but instead Codex Grey.

I now begin the washing phase and it's quite simple really. I the three of AP Warpaints Inks for this. Soft (Seraphim Sepia in GW range) for some spots that needed some more shading on the bone white armor. Strong tone (Agrax Earthshade) I use on all the red, purple and gold parts. And for last I use Dark Tone (Nuln Oil) for the metal parts expect the gold.

When dried I need to do the final highlight, and here I first do the same color as I washed with the inks and then a lighter version. So for the metal parts first AP Gun metal and then AP Shining Silver, the green insignia on the chest I highlighted with Snot green and then Moot Green, purple parts with Warlock purple. Red parts with Mephiston Red and then Blood Red. And voila done.

So this is the final result, quite happy with how it turned out even if it took more time than expected. This method works better or at least faster when painting like three Terminators at a time as you have some dry time in between. Hope you liked this tutorial and please comment anything you like down below. 


  1. Very nice. it's a nice armor shade, not too warm - more ancient and dirty looking.

  2. Thanks dude. Glad you say that because that is the look I was aiming for :)

  3. I'm glad I found this post as I'd been starting to think about doing my DV deathwing termis and was trying to figure out how to go about the armor. I don't quite think I matched your output but I'm quite glad with the turnout, I may even adapt it on the bone parts of my blood ravens going forward.

  4. Glad you found the Tutorial usefull pboyle :) Will do more of them I think


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