Saturday 24 July 2010

New Mantic Stuff

Yesterday I got some of the missing stuff from my Malak's Army Deal, I got the Vampire lord and the wraiths, so just the knights left now. I took some pictures of them, they are really nice sculpts but there's one thing I don't like, especially with the vampire and his pegasus.

They are really small, I mean really small. That's the thin I have found that I don't like with some of Mantic's figures, some are really small like the Vampire Lord and his Pegasus and Morgoth the Faceless, and some are really huge like the male necromancer. This creates some problems and it really looks weird on the battlefield. I haven't seen this kind of problems with the other two armies and I hope that they sort this problem out so it wont show up in any future armies.

As you can see on this picture the vampire kinda looks like he was a hobbit or a child when he was turned into a vampire in comparison to the necromancer behind him.

Here's a comparison photo with the vampire lord and my pegasus riding empire captain, quite a large difference in sizes. So I don't really think I will use the Vampire and his undead pegasus in my army, it will just look strange. But I will paint him, don't get me wrong he is a really cool looking model it's just in comparison to the other models he looks really small. I will post some more pictures of my Mantic stuff later today so stay tuned and check that out as well.

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