Monday, 26 July 2010

Beasts Wizard

I took a picture yesterday of my Beasts Wizard, I probably painted it two years ago and not totally happy with the result. So I painted the eyes which I haven't done previously and added some text to the parchments around his staff and done. Not that great looking but decent enough I think. Here's a picture.

Later today or tomorrow I will post some pictures of my current projects. Haven't started to paint the shields for my Empire swordsmen and I have still a lot of work to do on my Raven Knight, I also want to paint more revenants and ghouls as well as a unit of goblin archers so much to do and so little time. One other thing I have done today was to glue my old GW grassboard into four MDF boards to make four smaller boards which you can just put together to get a large gaming table. Have some more work to do with that and I will try to take some pictures as I progress.

If you want a really nice tutorial for for a large and truly spectacular gaming table check out the first two episodes of it at Beasts of War.

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