Friday, 24 June 2011

A new little wargamer perhaps?

As I wrote on Twitter I got a my first child in the beginning of this week. A little daughter who needs a lot of attention from me and her mother right now. And as cute as she is we can't refuse to give her all the attention we can. When she gets older I'll try to lure into the hobby, there can never be to much women in this hobby :P.

But each day gets easier and easier and we can blend the new life with our daughter together with our old lives. And a lot is happening in the War game industry right now, got a new WD yesterday with a lot of info, history, rules and pictures of the next big thing in Warhammer fantasy, Storm of Magic is here!

And I must say I like what I'm seeing a lot of new monsters along with some long forgotten ones in the the new Citadel Finecast. New wizards, for example two new Tzeentch Sorcerers which looks really good. Also a nice large book with history and rules for the expansion.

There's also some new really nice looking scenery which gives opportunities to cast some really large spells.

These pictures is taken from the July issue of White Dwarf, and I got links for these from this topic on the Warseer forums. For more pictures and info check out the thread or buy White Dwarf there's a lot of it in there.

As you can understand I haven't had much time for painting these last couple of days, but the Arachnarok is coming along nicely and I will try to get WIP photos as soon as I can. The same can be said for my Savage Orcs which I think will look really nice in a big regiment of 30 savages.

My Wayland Games order is at last sent as well, there where some troubles of getting my Wh40k Ork for a Savage/ Orc warboss conversion and a painting set with a spray can which can't be shipped by plane. So It have to go without. At least I get the rest, 10 more S Orcs, the Orc Warboss/BSB kit, 20 Night Gobbos, Quick Shade and some converting and basing materials.

I'm really keen on making a new order of some of the new Storm of Magic stuff as well as getting that Boss Snikrot Orc. Next time I'll have some pictures.

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