Thursday 2 June 2011

Orcs and Goblins - Ungreen tide

Been quite busy with birthdays and stuff lately so the update took a bit longer. Anyway, I have been continued painting my ungreenskins and currently working on my savage orcs. I know not everyone like the new kit but I'm quite fond of it. I really liked the old ones as well but these looks more like the frenzied savages that they really are. And I for one really like that they show that much skin to make more room for warpaint!

So on to some pictures. First up are two fanatics or Whirling deaths as they are called on the GW website. They look a bit larger than the ordinary Night Gobbos but they do have a lot of character. Also some pictures on my Doom Diver with a custom built base.

And for last two pictures of my first and so far only one finished of the Savage Orcs, waiting for a new can of Quickshade for the others. Really liked how he turned out even if the dry outed quickshade gave him a little bit darker tone which I needed to repaint a little.

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