Thursday, 1 December 2011

More Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch finished

I know most blogs wait to post pictures until they can show off maybe five or ten men at the time but as my painting is slow going at the moment you have to do with three this time. So it's three new Warriors done, I think I really get the hang on how I want them now and I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out. They have similar but new Shield designs, no shield looks exactly as the others so far. And that's because I want it that way but also because it's easier, I really suck at painting two exactly the same motif, at least free hand. And it's so much more fun to try out different designs, I like two of the new designs but the third don't look like I wanted it to look. So I tried to paint some battle damage on the shield but quickly decided that I won't have battle damage on this unit. I'm not really good at painting damage and I think this particular unit looks better without. So he will be lonely little fellow with an old damaged armour when all the other kids got shiny new ones.

When it comes to the Orcs  I'm now done with the last four of the unit, upping the size to twenty-three only need to buy ten more and paint them to pretty much be done with that unit. Only need to make proper bases for these before I take pics of them, but expect to see them tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Look so Amazing, I was just wondering how do you paint the blues?

    need help as im trying to make a small force for a league


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