Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: White Dwarf 384

So another WD arrived on Friday last week, have gotten a good read through now and I like this issue more than the last one.

First of all, no major release of any army and such this month which means there's more variety this time. A pretty good mix of Fantasy and 40k and some Lotr, but with most focus on WHFB as the new releases are for the Beastmen army and Orcs and Goblins and some other stuff, and this is the new stuff you can read about in this months issue.


New model dual kit for Cygor and Ghorgon, seen a lot on the web that don't like it but I don't agree with this. I really like both of the models and especially the Cygor which I think looks really nice and is painted really nice. Then there's another Beastmen model which also didn't have a official model before, the Jabberslythe. A quite grotesque sculpt but I like it more and more, this one is in Finecast and the Doom Bull is now also in Finecast.

Orcs And Goblins

A official model for the Manger Squigs! This one is also in Finecast and therefore expensive as hell as it its quite a large model, I don't really know what to think about it actually. The Squigs looks alright but they are to big for my taste and because they are so big they can't fit the on base next to each other and therefore the sculptor made an unusual pose with one squig on top of the other. And I don't really like this pose and the fact that for LOS reasons it gets to big of a target and for what I can imagine brake very easily. Some people on web suggests to make into two Mangler squigs with one squig on each base or make one into a Warboss/Big boss ridning a Giant cave Squig. And I think I might do this as well.

Other realeses where for LOTR with the Dragon and the Witch king of Angmar getting Finecasted.

Other than that there's the usual stuff, a Battle Report this time Storm of Chaos with Warriors of chaos and Deamon facing off against Orcs and Goblins and Ogres, a really nice Battle with a lot of stuff going on and different units such as the new Cygor, Ghorgon and Jabberslythe with rules for them to be used in Storm of Chaos games. There's also a Battle Report with Dwarfs VS Goblins but this time in LOTR.

There's also some stuff about making scenarios and bigger campaigns and rules for Siege games, this is pretty much taken a new book which will arrive in December, Blood in the Badlands. This will be a Campaign book showing staff members armies clashing in the Badlands, with extended rules for Campaign making and as I wrote Sieges. This book looks like a really nice addition to the book collection and will probably buy it in the near future.

Then there's some painting tips for different things one is the brand new Tower, Skullvane Manse and for the Ogre Thundertusk. That was pretty much all, but you also got a little book/magazine alongside the WD called Into the mealstrom. Its fifteen pages and is about a Dreadfleet campaign played by the GW staff, with Battle Reports and how the they did in the campaign. A nice read and good addition to the original magazine.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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