Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Assembling time! WoC and Empire WIP:s

With my birthday over and gone I now have additional models to assemble, so not much painting past week. As you may have seen in a previous post I got a lot of WoC models a while ago where I needed to assemble quite a lot of stuff. More to do there as I need a the large monster base for the Khorne Daemon prince before I assemble him, I have assembled some of the heroes and chosen though and god... I hate to glue together metal minis... it is a pain in the ass and is one of the reasons I prefer Finecast more and more (when they look as they should there is).

So on the subject of Finecast I bought a Finecast version of the Hellcannon like two weeks ago, and the kit looked really nice. Some bubbles and stuff but nothing I can't take care of. And I think the assembly of this kit is so much easier than the metal one. Unfortunately I also got one for my birthday (which is great as you almost need two of them if fielding them) and this kit didn't look good at all. The cannon and stuff looked okay I guess but the crew looked awful. Went to my local GW store to get a new one but the one and only they had left was bad as well so I have to wait a couple of days. I must say though, when Finecast is as it should, the details is very nice as you can see below.

I also got something nice for my Empire on my Birthday, the Karl Franz on Deathclaw kit. And damn the thing is huge. First time I saw it among the first photos of WD in late Mars I didn't know If I liked it or not. Well now I really do, it's huge and it looks badass. Really nice kit and I will put the General on him and try to make something else with the rest of the characters you get in the box.

Not much more to report at this time, I'm doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that at the moment. But I think I will paint up the Hellcannon next as I'm really eager to see how the model looks fully painted. As for the Griffon, it has to wait for a while until I paint it up. Have more pressing matters at hand on both my Empire and WoC army.


  1. Wow, good job well and this looks pretty Finecast an invite about my blog:


  2. Thx Arbal, like your blog very much. I have now added it to my blog roll ^^


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