Thursday 14 June 2012

Review: Finecast Blasted Standard & Banner of Rage

The other day I got something in my mailbox, and among those things two quite expensive banner sets for Chaos armies (£12.00, $19.75, 15,50 € for each 3 banner set). These are GW Direct Only items I think, at least I haven't seen them on the usual places where I otherwise buy my GW stuff. I don't know how usual they are in peoples armies as they are quite pricy, so I thought to write a little review down and tell you what I think about it and if it's worth it. So first off, what  do we get?

I haven't trimmed or cleaned these banners except some of the bigger things. Other than that all of these are straight out of the box.

There's one set for your Blasted Standards and you get three of them in the box. Blasted Standard is an Tzeentchian standard so of course you get the Tzeentch markings and it's because of this I got them. The detail on them was really nice, was quite worried because of some of my earlier experiences with Finecast and I felt minor miscasts could be troublesome to fix when on things as standards. But luckily I could not see any miscasts at all, some minor baubles but nothing liquid greenstuff won't easily fix.

And I really like the details and overall quality of the banners. This is a type of product that is much easier to handle when being made in Finecast, a metal version would have been so much heavier and made it much harder to put on a plastic miniature and maintain balance. So awesome stuff, despise the hefty price I really recommend this product to spice up your Chaos armies. I will use one of these for my Exalted BSB with the Mark of Tzeentch, and maybe one as an actual Blasted Standard as well.

The Banner of Rage kit is awesome as well, and there is two different kits but I choose this because I thought the banner looked cooler. These are of course Khorne Banners and look as 'Khorny' as they should. Just as good in details and quality and I'm really pleased with how both kits looks and feels. I will use one of these for my yet to do Khorne Warriors and maybe my Marauders as well. As you may know I'm really into making and painting banners and feel that they add much character to the unit if done well, and this is an easy way of doing that. Another thing I tried out is how they fit on the banner poles, and they fit really well onto the ones I tried (Warriors, Marauders) May be a bit more fiddly with some other bannerpoles with the banners already attached etc. But I think most people can work this out as well.

One of the Banner of Rage is quite similar to the old metal Khorngors Banner, and nothing wrong with that as I think it looks really cool. Also some added effect with the skeleton on the top.
I really like both kits, they look good and the Finecast quality was really good on the ones I got. They are quite pricey, but you do get three really nice looking banners which will spice up your units a lot. So I really recommend them for you who can afford them and want some easy things do update the look of your army. Can't wait to paint them and the next one is for my BSB which I will show you WIP photos of as soon as I've started to convert him.

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