Sunday 28 October 2012

Review: White Dwarf November 2012

The second issue in the new format and it continues in the same style. But there are some minor changes, continue reading to find out more.

A lot of focus on this in the last review of course and there is the same design in this issue. Nice and robust format and the layout with pictures and stuff is the same. And I still like this more minimalistic design even if I still want more and bigger pictures for their Battle Reports. One design change they have made though is the background and lighting for the New Release photos. They where red and black back in the last issue for the CSM releases, this time around though we get light blue backgrounds which gives us the feeling of snowy barren landscapes. Suiting for the tribes from the north. It will be interesting to see if they will change the backgrounds each month depending on what the new releases are, I think this approach is great.

New Releases
I don't think anyone have missed all the new WoC stuff coming out, no new book but a smaller release similar to the previous VC and DoC releases. So what do we get? Two new unit entries to the army in the form of Skullchrushers of Khorne and Hellstriders of Slaanesh. I like the look of the Skullchrushers even if they aren't that exciting, but cool models non the less. The Hellstriders I like more and more but I still don't like the idea of Marauders on steeds of Slaanesh. Hopefully we will get uniqe units for Tzeentch and Nurgle as well in the next wave of models for WoC.

We also get a new plastic kit for the Chaos Warshrine, I don't know what I think of it actually. I kind of like it but I also think the whole model looks a little bit to busy for my taste. May have to do with the paint job as well and I see a lot of potential for converting the whole thing and grab bitz for other things. There are also some new Finecast sculpts for Valkia, Festus and Scyla, I like the first two but Scyla not so much. We also get a lot of the older WoC models remade in Finecast like the Tzeentch Lord on Disc, Be'Lakor and Chosen. We also get so see the new White Dwarf model looking like an Director and Wh40k Cultists in boxes of five to enlarge your Dark Vengenace Chaos Cultists hordes, so no new Cultists sculpts for now. Other new releases includes the new Ultimate Paint Set with a cardboard storage system. Strangely we don't get the newest additions to the Citadel colour range called Edge colours. If all these things weren't enough we also get a red paint station +, four new cool but expensive Basing kits and the Imperial Defence Network for Wh40k. The last on is a big bunker system, also called Wall of Martyrs because of  all the the dead Guardsmen around the entrenchments. It's really cool looking but expensive and comes at prize of £100, $ 160 € 130. Lastly we also get four Mega Forces for Empire, Space Marines, Vampire Counts and Necrons and all seems to be good value deals.

Painting and Modelling 
 Like last month we also get an Army of the month article, this time it's Rich Packer's Empire army, some really cool conversions and paintjobs in there. Also like last month we get the segment called Blanchitsu with John Blanch:es heavily converted Inquisitor Warband, toghether with Johns characterful painting we get some truly unique looking models, really nice. We also get Parade Ground featuring tanks this time and 'Kitbash' focusing on Wh40 k Warlords, really nice segments both of them that I hope WD will keep in the future and develop even more. In Parade ground this month we get to see a big Whfb board with an really tall Tower in the middle, truly inspiring and something I want to try out some time in the future. For the Painting part we have the Paint Splatter segment, this time showing how to paint Chaos Warriors, skulls, horns etc. Also Juggernought armour and how to do salt weathering on tanks so some good reading here even if there would have been nice with some more in depth tutorials as well.

Rules and Fluff
 Not much in the fluff department more than the little text accompanying the rules for the new unit entires for WoC, which we get in a little two page booklet together with the magazine. I would have hoped for more rules changes but hopefully this means we won't have to wait long for the WoC Army book.

A nice Battlereport with WoC versus Ogre Kingdoms testing out the new units for WoC. Nicely written but as the last issue I think it's a little bit short and we need more overview pictures of the battle and the pictures should also be bigger as it's hard to see everything as it is now. After the Battle Report we also get a post -battle review from the army book authors and Adam Troke which is an fun and interesting read.

Sadly we didn't get The Rivals segment this time, I really liked that and hope it shows up again in the next issue.

WD contiues what it started last month and I's really fun and interesting to read with something for everyone, not just the current released army owners. The 'This month in' articles is also nice showing what is currently going on in the Design studio, White Dwarf, Forgeworld and Black Library. Other than that this issue is actually shorter than the last one with both the Rivals segment and the Horus Heresy stuff missing with nothing instead. So this month we just get 136 pages instead of 152 like the last one, with the same price tag of course. It's a shame and I would have liked to see them filling out those missing pages with something instead. Other than that it's still a great Magazine nowadays and I hope it will continue in this fashion.

Rating: 4 out of 5


  1. Great review totally agree the missing pages.

    ....Also CONGRATULATIONS on White Dwarf Daily!

  2. Thank you for the tip about the White Dwarf Daily Minitrol, may have missed it otherwise, really came as a surprise :)

    Yeah. I hope they bring us the missing pages back in the next issue.


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