Thursday, 25 October 2012

First look: Nov White Dwarf Pics

Got my White Dwarf today and it's packed with stuff. All the WoC stuff of course but also a lot of other stuff I haven't heard of before, including new paints called Edge paints (used to paint edges of course), a new mega paint set called Ultimate paint set,  new really cool basing kits like the Northen Wastes kit and Under-Empire Kit. Also new is the Imperial Defence Network for Wh40k with bunkers and the Wall of Martyrs.

So a lot of stuff and I must say that this issue continues with what Octobers issue started and WD is really fun to read nowadays.

Cool looking diorama picture.

A lot of cool bitz in this kit it seems. Not to much customization though so most will look pretty much the same. Will be buying one though. 

You get a Icon for each of the Chaos Gods.

I like the look of these guys and there's plenty of extra heads in the kit, eight in total.

Still don't like the concept of these guys but some quite nice bitz in this kit.

Nah not my cup of tea at all, although not as bad as most think.

Like these more and more, especially Valkia and the little details on Festus

Edge paints? Dunno if it's needed but the colours looks quite good.

Really cool new Basing kit, hoping for more of these. Will be buying the Northern Wastes for my WoC.

Wall of Martys with a lot of dead Imperial Guard, promising stuff.

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