Saturday 1 December 2012

Empire Update: Bechafen's Finest, Greatswords

Bechafen's Finest. Well, that's my working name for the unit anyway, if you have any other suggestion please tell me. Anyhow a little update on my Empire army, Iv'e finished some more Greatswords and it actually starts to look like a big nice unit now even if I have more or less half of them to do. The idea is to have the unit in Horde formation so I also need to do a new Horde movement tray, and that one must be magnetized because the musician falls of the tray all the time right now. And the goal is to have all of my trays magnetized  but I have the magnets so I just need to get around and make those trays as well.

These old metal Greatswords is actually quite hard to paint, at least some of the ones I have. You see miscasts could be seen even before Finecast, and the batch of models I ordered ten years ago or so had some miscasts in there. Most often it's solvable with a cutter and greenstuff but some other parts are trickier, like faces for example. As you can see on one of pics the right side from our perspective is a little malformed. I have tried to cut away most of it and also tried to cover it as much as I can with paint and I don't think it looks to ugly right now.

The paint job on these is a little bit sloppy maybe (like not painting the eyes) but I will have these in the back or middle of the unit that It won't show much anyway. Hopefully the full unit will look nice and I like the look of it even now.


  1. Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb - I love them.

    No criticism today. Sorry!

  2. Hehe thanks that's a really good sign then ;) And Rhubarb? You think I should add some Rhubarbs to the Greatswords, maybe holding them instead of swords. Would look kinda of neat :D


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