Sunday, 30 December 2012

News: Dark Angel Codex + new WD pics

Saw these pictures over at the spanish blog LA TABERNA DE LAURANA, much more pictures than before and also better quality. The first batch is from the new Codex from what I can tell and then there are more pictures from the latest WD (which I haven't got yet!!) Really interesting stuff, even some Guardians of the Covenant artwork! :D

Pictures from the Dark Angels Codex?

Next is from latest White Dwarf?


  1. I know terminator armour is bulky and heavy but what is with all the static poses coming out of GW lately? I love the 1st legion but I'm a bit upset at these pics. Oh, I'll reserve final judgement 'til i see them in person, but my first reaction lately to new releases has be more meh than wow. Am i too picky?

  2. Thank you for quoting our blog!

  3. Zab - Yeah I tend to agree. I quite like the look of the Deathwing Knights but as you said a little bit too static poses, and the new Belial model we should not speak of. All in all not that impressed by the latest releases, but I also reserve final judgement when I see them for myself. Hopefully the Deathwing Knights will look cool in Guardians of the Covenant colours.

    Wolfen - No problem, thank you for sharing the pictures with the community.


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