Thursday 7 February 2013

Guardians of the Covenant: Deathwing Knight finished

So at last a new post on here, been a while since the last but I promise you I have been painting, building and converting a lot lately so I will increase the pace of posts in the future. First up is the first of my Deathwing Knights in GotC colours, or whatever they should be called as they aren't the actual Deathwing. Quite pleased with how he turned out and I think the full unit painted and finished will look really nice. As always C & C is very welcome, as are suggestions on what to call GotC version of Deathwing Knights.


  1. Great paint job! I'd call them Knights of The Truth, Guardians of Knowledge, The Archivists, The Iron Bound, The Indelible, Illuminated Knights...anything to do with knowledge and war that sounds tough.

  2. Really nice finish on these guys bro, I think if you do red robes right they can look stunning. As far as names go I reckon something as simple as "Covenant Knights" would work although "Iron Bound" does sound pretty bad ass!


  3. Thanks for the name suggestions, I like pretty much all of them, have to think a little bit more on this ^^

    Deadspeace1 - You don't think the red looks like it should? Should it look darker you think?

    1. That's not what I meant at all mate, just the opposite actually. I think you've totally nailed the robes hence the "look stunning" comment! Really vibrant and not too much orange, perfect!

      Great work man!

      I would love to see a group shot of what you have so far...


  4. Great job! I like the shading on the robe, beautiful transition from dark to fiery red.


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