Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: April

Late as usual but you know the drill by now. Here's what I painted in April.

Warriors of Chaos

6 Warriors of Chaos 94 Pts
1 Chimera 275 Pts (This one is upgraded with both Regen and Breath wpn, because it will pretty much always be fielded that way)

WZR: Bauhaus

2 Ducal Militia 17 each = 34 Pts (in the Warzone 2 ed book If I recall it correctly)

Total this month: 403 Pts

Not much it seems but that Chimera eats up some points, so not that bad actually. Next month won't turn out as good though. But we will see by the end of the month (or next month :P). I will do some more Empire work again trying to paint up my Hurricanum also have an urge to paint up an Demigryph Knight in Black Rose colours and just need build another one up first. I have some more stuff to complete with my WoC as well, right now I will probably focus on my three Skullcrushers, one Gorebeast Chariot and my BSB on monstrous mount.

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