Monday, 8 July 2013

Miniature Monday Weekly Update

I continue with the stuff I painted last week and the first batch of models was finished a couple of days ago with the finished Archer unit. I'm also slowly shifting focus a little more to my WoC again with some Warzone models thrown into the mix as well.

Well on to the list of things Iv'e done then

Apart from the finished Archer unit I have been starting to finish up the painting on eight Flagellants, these are not front rank material but will be mixed in the unit I already have, they still need some more Highlights and proper bases though.

I have also dipped two Greatswords which is on their way to completion as well as two Halfing crew for my Hot Pot (Helstorm Rocket Battery count as) also more Halfings are on the way.That's all for Empire atm, my idea is to finish all these before I start to work on any new or other Empire models, including the Hurricanum which is on hold at the moment.

Warriors of Chaos
After the Archers where completed I have been working hard to finish painting my BSB and my Gorebeast Chariot. There are still lot of work to do but I think that the BSB will be the next model I finish painting, and I also find it really fun to paint up the Gorebeast, which I have decided to do in my blue Nurgle colours.

Soon finished with one more Ducal Militia with and HMG hopefully this will be the colourscheme I'm going with.

I only have one pic to show you today I'm afraid. The battery for the camera died on me and I don't have any spare :/ So a pic of the Gorebeast will have to do for now.

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