Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Empire: Halberdiers Detachment finished

Twenty more Halberdiers to the army, luckily I did not have to paint these up from scratch as they where quite nicely painted when I bought them. Also I really dig how it's kit bashed with old haldberds, Great Swords bodies and heads from different Empire kits (not a single head is the same in this unit), and even 40k Catachan heads. But I have done some quite extensive repainting, they where Stirland and is now a part of my Ostermark army instead.

I had to repaint the yellow parts of the uniform as well as It was a little sloppy in my opinion. The only thing I haven't done much to is the heads and hands, just some touch ups here and there. All in all I'm very happy with how they turned out and is a great addition to the army, will probably never upgrade this unit to a full 40-50 men unit as I need so many more Great Swords bodies, but a command group would not be impossible to give to them and up them to 25 men. But until then I consider them finished, hope you like them.

Comments and suggestions is always welcome, and sorry for my poor photographing skills on these. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.


  1. These are amazing! Great color choice and execution. Just some sick stuff!

  2. Lulz! My old speed painted Halberdiers. You got these from Tradera no doubt.

    Nice repaint!

  3. Yeah I bought them on Tradera. Awesome that you discovered your old minis and glad you like the repaint. Great job on the conversions btw ;)

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