Saturday, 8 February 2014

Warzone: First Bauhaus Hussar finished!

Okey so my first Warzone: Ressurection miniature ever is finished! And it's the first test mini for my Bauhaus army. My idea is that most troops like the Hussars, Juggernoughts, Etoiles Mortant etc will go with this scheme, and my Venusian Rangers will go with the classic white armour instead. I think this will look rather nice and is looking classic Bauhaus.

I had some issues with this model, first of all the helmet should have a spike on top. But they are so tiny so just one out of ten made when I opened the bag with the Hussars. Need to find something to replace these as it looks much better. Also the details on the Panzerknacker rifle where very poor on this particular weapon, just this one though and I had spares but I didn't noticed it until all was glued together and I started painting. So it have to stay (and it's not that bad but all the others look much better).

Any ideas, comments or concerns is welcome so do please share them below, and hope you like how my first ever WZ:R miniature turned out.

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