Wednesday 5 February 2014

News: Dwarf second wave pics leaked

Pictures of wave two for the Dwarfs, pics via Bugmans Brewery.

Also here's some info from Faet212.

via an anonymous source with the White Dwarf in Hand on Faeit 212 *****
Runelord -Plastic
Model options
2 ornate hammers
Metal bound tomb or a blazing rune held by tongs
Two bearded faces

Drops Bombs on the enemy or boils them with a steam gun
The model in the magazine is painted green and looks like captain nemo and the nautilus with a helicopter blades stuck to the top of it.

drops dwarf forged bombs on the enemy
The model is painted and white in the magazine. Very odd look to it in my opinion, looking like an amusement park kiddy ride.

Grimm Burlocksson-plastic
Wears a monocle for computing artillery ranges
Black mounted furnace to power his gauntlet
Armoured glove and prosthetic arm from his father (Burlock Damminson)
Two gauntlets to choose from for Grimms Grudge-Raker Rifle
Armed with a Cog Axe or pointing out at the enemy arm


  1. I was just thinking how wrong it looks. GW seem to have lost the knack of making centrepiece models that fit with the rest of the range (see dinobots). It looks like the Russian helicopters from Dust with some bits of Dwarven decoration stuck clumsily too it, like a bad conversion. I would expect a Dwarven war machine to look utilitarian with lots of exposed mechanical parts, not like part of a fairground ride.

  2. That's true but I dunno I just like it. I think in metallics rather than garish colour that will make a big difference.


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