Wednesday 5 March 2014

Review: White Dwarf Weekly #4

This issue was much anticipated for all 40k fans and we had a lot of rumours going on about this weeks release. So on with the review:

New Releases
There's not many things out this week but one big and much anticipated kit, the Imperial Knight. These huge war machines are what this issue is all about and we get to see much about how the model looks in both Paladin and Errant versions and with different colour schemes and heraldry. Two pages is just to show you the transfers and some info what is what. It all looks nice and it really makes me wanting one more (not now though I have plenty to paint already)

 We also get some info about the latest book releases among them a printed version of Sentinels of Terra and a digital version of Legion of the Damned codex.

Imperial Knights
Jervis Johnson explains the history of the Imperial Knights and what they are. Jes Godwin also talks about the design progress and we get a little picture of the first concept art for them back in the late 1980s and modern one, really cool to see how it have evolved. We also get some bits of fluff about the Knightly houses who have these huge war machines.

Paint Splatter
We get some basic techniques used on the Knights shown like Gold Trim, Blue armour, red armour, green eye lenses etc. We also get a little bigger tutorial on how they painted the black/yellow/white chevrons on one of the Knights. Nothing advanced but helpful nonetheless.

Spues and Glue
We get some useful tips on how to build these quite large miniatures. Nice if you are going put one together one day.

The Rules
We get the rules for the Knight Paladin and the Knight Errant, we get the opinions from Dan Harden and Adam Troke about how to best use them in battle along with some tips. This is still an nice segment in the magazine and especially interesting for us who won't buy the Imperial Knights codex anytime soon but still want to know the rules for them.

This week in White Dwarf
Adam speaks to Dale Springer and Tom Walton who designed the new Imperial Knight kit, and we also get some words from Mat Ward about his Codex Supplemtent Sentinels of Terra. We also get all those nice little bits and bobs like Bit of the Week (Seagull from Lothern Skycutter), Readers model of the week (Shaun Davies Chimera) and more stuff. Nice, short and simple.

Hobby in the White Dwarf Bunker
This about what the team do hobby wise in the bunker of course, this time we see Dan's Ork Warbikes, Matt's Slayers and Adams Genestealers.

I liked it this week as well, short and simple but everything pretty much is worth a read even for me who normally are sickened tired of 40k at the moment (and it made me want a Imperial Knight even more! ). So all and all, nice.

Rating: 3,5

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