Wednesday 23 April 2014

News: More Wood Elves pictures!

Iv'e collected pictures and what not from different sources, see it below:

From an Auction on Ebay

From Bell of Lost souls

Stag Riders in the background!

And Larry Vela wrote this in the same thread as the link above:

Initial word for week 2 was:
-Giant hawk based triple unit-combo kit
-Mounted unit (stags)
Todays batch of gamer magnifying glass examination reveals:
The various pictures going around have shown what appears to be 2 distinct types of mounted deer/stags of some type, so it seems a safe bet we can pencil those in (almost certainly a combo-kit).
A new character with two axes
The Eternal Guard box looks to be are a dual-kit with Waywatchers.

+++Possible Wood Elf Hoax Alert+++

Some notes on these Italian pages:
Purported Italian Wood Elves Pages

1) The uploader account to imgur is named "salty"
2) The art is very inconsistent with known GW artists and styles. Some is old GW art, while some seems very out of character for GW . At least one has an obvious artist signature on the piece which GW tends to disallow. If its a fan-made set, there are probably lifted pieces of art from places like Deviantart.
3) The pagenumbers are odd. Most WFB armybooks do not get into the unit description pages until the mid 30s. The earlier pages are the introduction and army background.

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  1. The Italian book is fan made and has been around for a while. Nothing to see there


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